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October 2005

Every bride and I mean all make some declaration to loose weight for the wedding. Some succeed with flying colors while others surrender in bitter defeat of the bulge. In the end every bride goes down the aisle light as a feather ready to meet her Prince Charming at the other end.

Many don’t realize there is up to 5 pounds that’s lost in the week of the big day. You can sum that up to nervous and anxious energy that kicks in gear at the end. However you cannot count on that as a plan. The next few months’ of colder climates move in, along with the Holidays. You are more likely to be less active and drawn to higher choleric foods. Your vision of a slim trim you, will go right out the window. So it is best to begin a plan that you can live with and get you the best results. Read ahead, Let’s Get Married! has got some ideas.

Down The Aisle On A Treadmill
  • Are You Nappy?
  • Another Way To Exercise
  • We’re Walking We’re Walking
  • A Lavish Makeover For Your Man
  • Cultural Wedding Show

  • Another Way To Exercise

    Pilates which is a technique founded by Joseph Pilates. It is a system based in deep breathing that stretches and strengthens muscles without stressing the joints and ligaments. Yoga is the original mind-body workout. The postures, or asanas, help align your muscles and bones, which promotes a sense of unity and balance. And when your body feels balanced, so does your mind. Both of these forms of exercises are very popular and along with a great diet you will be fitting in your wedding dress magnificantly. Find out more from your local gym.

    Another form of exercise you may not have considered is Belly Dancing. Belly Dance, also known as Raks Sharki (Arabic for “Oriental dance”) or danse du ventre (French for “belly dance”), erotic solo dance of North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkish- influenced Balkan areas. The dance is characterized by undulating movements of the abdomen and hips and by graceful arm movements (this definition from the Encarta Encyclopedia). So not only do you get that waist is shape you get to learn so suductive moves.

    The Belly dancers of Color Association (BOCA) was formed to celebrate the sister/brotherhood, strength and beauty of people of color in relation to belly dance and other traditional forms of dance. They offer many classes that will not only enhance your figure, but your mind. This can be fun for everyone. Have the whole bridal party take classes. Then at the rehearsal dinner or even at the wedding reception you can show everyone what you have learned. I knew a Sudanese woman and at her parties they would throw on some Arab music, tie scarves around their hips and just start dancing. It was like a Soul Train line from North Africa. Or you could save all that sensuality for the wedding night. Just try it and you will see it’s just so much fun it won’t feel like exercise at all.

    We’re Walking We’re Walking

    Sunday October 9th, I walked and walked, at the Bedford Styvesant Restoration Plaza 10th Annual 10k Run/Walk. Now my intention was to cheer for my friends. They were walking in honor of their uncle, Joe Haynes and our good friend Lenny Gettins (read more about their contributions)

    Well, the next thing I knew, I was at the starting line waiting for the horn. My walking partners, Beverly walks 4 miles after work in Prospect Park and Patricia has qualified for the 2006 marathon. Show offs! I was pretty impressed and even inspired. Funny, I kept smelling bacon, as we moved along the route. The neighborhood wished us well as we passed by. The Police stopped traffic and I would claim I was moving so fast they couldn’t see me.

    Walking is an excellent form of exercise but you must take the proper steps (no pun intended) to get started. First, CHECK WITH A DOCTOR, before starting any serious exercise program. You may have been a track star in High School but that fantasy of the Olympics is long gone. Get the proper sneakers, not all sneakers are best to walk in. Believe me, I found out the hard way. Stretching before and after help keep your legs from cramping up. Most of all start out slow, with short distances and build up. Walking alone is fine, but this is an exercise that you and your honey can do together. He’ll be delighted you can talk about wedding stuff!

    P.S. Sherri of Beauloni Style won in her age category in 2003, #1. I won’t tell you her age but she has a trophy and I don’t (blaaaaah). OK, I’m just a little envious!

    A Lavish Makeover For Your Man

    With the help of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They are looking for guys who want to get in SHAPE! Are you up for the Queer Eye Boot camp challenge? LET THE FAB 5 GIVE YOUR MAN THE LAVISH MAKEOVER HE DESERVES!

    Queer Eye is currently looking for great straight guys and couples who want to loose weight When applying please keep in mind:

    • This is the chance of a lifetime.
    • You MUST live in the New York City Metropolitan area
    • You MUST be a straight male between the ages of 25-39.
    • You MUST have an outgoing and dynamic personality

    We are having an open casting call on October 19, 20, 21, 24 and 25th at our downtown office! So if you or someone you know fits the bill CONTACT NICOLE IMMEDIATELY AT (212) 500-6327 or Email: nford@thequeereye.com or see below.

    Cultural Wedding Show

    Here is something altogether different, The Cultural Wedding Show. Sigma Logic Inc. is also the publisher of 'Canada's First South Asian Wedding Planner' now going onto it's 4th Edition and The Cultural Wedding Planner ~ A North American First. This is definetly an event that will inspire you to new look in wedding customs. The colors, sounds, food, everything will be different and exciting. Mix your own ideas or get some new ones.

    Keep Posted For The Bridal Spectacular in Bermuda!

    Are You Nappy?

    Above couple, Djanna and Nic opt for a natural looks. The dress, by Cassandra Bromfield, tied in perfectly with her Cultural style. See more photos by Macintosh Smith.

    Some of you will answer yes. On the wedding day those naps can be the bane of your existence. Not many of the wedding books highlight what to do with locks, braids, and that 21st century afro. Now, technology has narrowed that problem. The internet highway can get everyone to their right destinations through cyber space.

    If you are looking for new ideas for your natural hair and wedding looks click on to Khamit Kinks. Be sure and sign up for their newsletter filled with hair care tips, product info and upcoming events.

    Nappturality.com is the place to find photographs, Black natural hair journals, websites, forums, information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair. Natural napptural hair. Here you will find photos of all natural styles, comb coils, two-strand twists, afro puffs, afros dredlocks (dreadlocks), locs and many other natural styles. Styled by napptural-haired women on their own hair. Join the community and meet some new friends!

    More Natural Hair Care Salons:

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