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Greetings!  I hope that you had a wonderful summer and are enjoying Fall.


Summer was a good mix of business, client work, international diplomacy, U.S. politics and golf.


I love to hear from all my friends and colleagues, so please drop me a note when you have time.


International Diplomacy


When I was in Congress, I was fortunate to travel to Australia and New Zealand as part of a Congressional Delegation led by Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill.  We visited the Australian cities of Sidney, Melbourne, and Canberra as well as Christ Church in New Zealand.

It was a fascinating, exciting and educational trip to see Australia, one of our greatest allies both then and now, and meet with government leaders. 

Little did I know that in 2012 I would be a member of the Board of the American-Australian Leadership Dialogue which held its 20th anniversary series of meetings this July.

During the high level discussions among thought leaders and government officials from both countries, I was amazed to hear that the Australians have an unemployment rate of 5%, a growth rate of 5%, a budget surplus and have gone 21 years without a recession.  As I joked in the political portion of the meetings, any US candidate would love to run on that record.

I look forward to our high tech summit in Palo Alto this January and next August's full event in Sidney, Australia.   Check out my blog for more
Our Government At Work

Now that we are past the political conventions, there will be a serious and substantive race until Election Day in November.


Fox 4-5-12

I've continued to provide political and election 

commentary on Fox 5 Morning News and to write about the importance of fiscal responsibility.   


Like many former Members of Congress, I am extremely concerned about the "fiscal cliff" that faces us at year end. A good description, complete with charts, is found on this blog.



The Art of Sports 

It was fun to be part of two big golf events this summer.

In June, I joined in a friendly, international golf competition arranged by my good friend,  Ambassador Erlan Idrissov of Kazakhstan and Victor Shiblie, Publisher of the Washington Diplomat.
The outing included dignitaries from all over the world as well as American diplomats.  It was a pleasure to connect with international colleagues from Kazakhstan, South Korea, Taiwan, Finland, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, and Palau.

To read more, check out the blog.

In August, I was part of a weeklong golf event hosted by another good friend, the legendary Coach Bob Knight.  

Imagine 20 golfers, all of us connected to Coach Knight in some way, battling for the top score in the beautiful courses surrounding Park City, Utah.

In truth, it was more about good friends, good stories and good times than the scores at the end of the day.  The clean mountain air was a nice break from our Virginia heat wave.  Check out my blog, The Coach Holds Court, for more.
In closing, I am incredibly grateful for many things, but especially my family, friends, and all of you wonderful business colleagues.  Please stay in close touch and enjoy this Fall!

You can now reach me on an additional email that is easy to remember:  

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