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I hope that 2012 has already been a great year for you!  Here in the DC area we are enjoying Springtime and the start of the baseball season.  Of course, the political campaign season is also off to a roaring start and will keep us very busy through November.


I love to hear from all my friends and colleagues, so please drop me a note when you have time!


2012:  The Journey Continues


One of the interesting experiences of being an entrepreneur is that you never know what new adventure lies around the corner...or on the other side of the globe.


I am honored to be joining the Board of Directors of  a wonderful group that has been enhancing American-Australian bilateral relations for two decades: The American Australian Education & Leadership Foundation.


This July we will hold the 20th annual American-Australian Leadership Dialogue which brings together thought leaders from both countries.  Next year, the event moves to Australia. This is an important bilateral relationship to keep strong.


Our Government At Work

With the campaign season heating up, we will be seeing a lot of talk about important issues, but I fear there will not be much progress in enacting legislation.


I've continued to speak out on Fox 5 Morning News on the political headlines of the day. Top stories have included the Presidential campaign, federal fiscal policies and my perennial favorite -- how Congress can work together to help the American People. Frequent viewers will notice that for the first time ever I sat to the RIGHT of conservative Republican Bob Walker -- we had a lot of fun on that one. 

Fox 4-5-12


It was also good to see my friend, Chris Matthews, at a taping of his show.  We had a great time talking about the old days when he was Speaker Tip O'Neill's right hand man.

Check out the Media Gallery for more.  


You may not realize that today's Health Care Reform law actually originated in Republican policy studies.  Check out "The Path to Single Payer Health Care."


As a Democrat, I believe strongly that there is a role for the free market in helping to solve problems in the world.  Government can't do it alone. Check out my blog: Positive Capitalism.

The Art of Sports 

As you know, I love the world of sports.  It was fun to go to the Final Four in New Orleans and play golf at Pebble Beach for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. I continue to approach my golf game with "Beginner Mind' and take lessons from the pros.  Let me know if you need any tips or referrals -- I've been to them all!

Umbrellas for PeaceBut even more than sports, I've learned that "Art Can Change The World."  This is the message of the Matt Lamb Umbrellas For Peace program which is run by my good friend Sheila Lamb.  We were saddened by the recent death of Sheila's father, Matt Lamb, a world renowned artist and peacemaker.  But if you want to feel inspired, check out my interview,  "Ambassador for Peace," about Sheila who carries on Matt's great work.  
In closing, I am incredibly grateful for many things, but especially my family, friends, and all of you wonderful business colleagues.  Please stay in close touch and enjoy Spring!

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