December 2011Vol 1, Issue 4
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I'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.  


A Look Back at 2011

It is amazing how much I've enjoyed becoming an entrepreneur.  It has been gratifying to create a unique business operation that reflects my personality. 


Imagine making a trip to Boston's North End and developing an important new business relationship while roaming through a Little Italy street festival honoring Saint Aggripina. (And yes, the food was fantastic!)


Little Italy

Or finding the best new restaurants in Palo Alto and getting schooled in writing hi tech programming code.


This spirit of 2011 is best captured by my last blog of the year which commented on a Washington Post column aptly entitled "The Case for Old Entrepreneurs."  Typical of Silicon Valley attitudes, the author doesn't think of himself as one-dimensional, but uses a personal tagline of "Academic, Researcher, Writer and Entrepreneur." 


This type of thinking is contagious and I encourage you to find out what you really love to do and build your professional life around it.  In 2011, I've been "Marty Russo:  Business Advisor, Strategic Counselor, Pundit, and Entrepreneur."  


Who knows what 2012 will bring?


Our Government At Work

I wish I had better news about how Congress has progressed in dealing with our country's economic and fiscal crises.  


Russo Speakers LobbyThis year I appeared over a dozen times on Fox News 5, mostly with my good friend Robert Walker who served for 20 years in the House of Representatives as a conservative Republican from Pennsylvania.   In each segment, despite our idealogical differences, we both stressed the need for Congress to move forward toward solutions. Sadly, gridlock has been the primary game in town.


I've written countless blogs this year about fiscal issues, but one of the most eye opening is entitled "If Congress Does Nothing"  which shows that Congressional inaction would actually lead to over $8 trillion in deficit reduction.   Unfortunately, it would be like using a chain saw instead of a scalpel and could ruin our economic recovery.   


Recently, I added my voice to the steering committee for the Coalition for a Fiscally Sound America, a bi-partisan group of former Members of Congress who want Congress to "GO BIG" for a deficit and budget deal.  My role is to help get the word out through radio shows, TV appearances and other media. 

Looking Forward to 2012

Russo Capitol Strategies has several new ventures in the works for 2012 so stay tuned! 

Send me your business ideas and always let me know how I can help you.  
And don't forget, we need more people to speak up for the spirit of compromise and add their input and opinions to the legislative process.  Let your voice be heard!

In closing, I am incredibly grateful for many things, but especially my family, friends and all of you wonderful business colleagues.  Please stay in close touch and have a safe and prosperous new year!

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