April 2011Vol 1, Issue 1
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I am writing to update you on the next chapter in my professional life -- the launching of Russo Capitol Strategies, LLC (RCS).

Starting a new business venture has been a stimulating experience and I'm excited to be tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that is the backbone of what makes America great.  

I'm looking forward to having fun with a diversified portfolio that draws upon a lifetime of lessons learned in Congress and the private sector.  A RCS website and blog are in the works.  Please add my new contact information to your records.
Out of the Gate

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Russo Capitol Strategies has gotten off to a great start in 2011 through my continued role with Cassidy & Associates.  I am privileged to be providing strategic counsel to a number of my own policy clients.  

You will see me happily roaming the halls of Congress connecting with friends, both new and old.  Nothing is more satisfying than solving problems and making things happen for clients.



I am seeking to expand RCS by partnering with other lobbying shops and law firms to help clients that need my unique brand of strategic counsel.  I've enjoyed initiating several joint pitches already for potential clients who need help in Washington.


Speaking Out
As all of you know, I feel very strongly about the role that Congress plays in helping America to be the best.  

I hope to be active in speaking to groups about what happens in Washington and how it impacts each and every one of us.  

It is critical for the business community and citizens to proactively take a place at the table and bring public officials the information they need to make good decisions.
Bringing People Together
Lastly, I am very interested in how organizations can expand and encourage collaboration among key players.  During my 18 years in Congress, finding ways to work together across party and issue lines was critical to advancing the agenda of the American people.

As such, I will be looking for ways to promote collaboration in government, business and non-profit organizations.  
Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and areas of interest.   I will be sending out periodic newsletters with commentary on what's happening in Washington and the business community and would enjoy incorporating some of your feedback.    

I treasure the many friends and business colleagues that have been so supportive over the years.  Stay in touch!

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Marty Russo
United States Congressman, Retired
Chief Executive Officer
Russo Capitol Strategies, LLC
2111 Elliott Avenue
McLean, Virginia  22101