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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
VIDEO - Choosing a Water Heater
Do-it-Yourself: Remove Your Old Water Heater
Do-it-Yourself: Install a New Water Heater
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There's no shortage of valid reasons as to "what makes and why are" Southern California in general, and Orange County in particular, such great places to live, work and play in. Lots of great reasons, but they pale in comparison to the #1 reason we all love SoCal: Our amazing weather and pleasant year round climate. If you'd like further confirmation, just ask a neighbor who's moved here from Buffalo or Minneapolis and they'll be happy to share their thoughts on the subject.


Our seasonal changes aren't as dramatic as North Dakota, but the changes in temperature, humidity and exposure to sunlight definitely affect the interior and exterior of our homes and proper home maintenance plays an important role in your home's market value as well as your comfort of living.


The topics in this month's issue of the GEERS RESOURCE CENTER NEWS include:

  • Spring 2012 Home Maintenance Checklist
  • Water Heating & Hot Water Tips Video featuring Don Baker
  • How to Remove Your Old Hot Water Heater for Do-it-Yourselfers
  • How to Install Your New Hot Water Heater for Do-it-Yourselfers
  • Promo $50 off Water Heater Installation for Non-Do-it-Yourselfers
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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist 


Spring is definitely my favorite season and my favorite time of year. Spring provides plants, flowers, shrubs and all sorts of living creatures with an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to get it right this time around. Spring is also the perfect time for Orange County homeowners and residents to dust off their tools and begin the annual spring ritual of Proper Home Maintenance by inspecting, servicing, repairing and/or replacing those parts of their homes that aren't up to snuff. Home maintenance can be overwhelming, but using our 2012 Spring Home Maintenance Checklist can save you time and ease your burden! You'll find the entire 2012 Checklist by clicking on "Read the Full Article" below.


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VIDEO: Choosing the Right Water Heater - Featuring Don Baker

Water heating systems can last many years, which means that homeowners are sometimes unaware of their options when it comes time for a replacement. Unfortunately, it often takes a plumbing emergency for a customer to start doing their research, and by that time, a decision needs to be made fast. In this video, Don Baker explains the two basic options for water heating systems, along with the benefits of each. We hope that this information will be helpful to you when it comes time to replace your water heater, or if you wish to upgrade your system before your old system begins to wear down.



LIMITED TIME OFFER: You can save $50 on a new water heater installation from GEERS Plumbing if you book your appointment before April 15th 2012.  View Coupon



Since 1958, GEERS has been inspecting, installing, and repairing water heaters for customers. Much has changed with water heating over the years, but the GEERS quality service has stayed top notch.

Removing Your Old Water Heater

For Orange County Do-it-Yourselfers 


Sooner or later, all hot water heating systems need replacing. Our step by step removal guide for electric, not gas, hot water heaters should come in very handy for the growing number of Do-it-Yourselfers in Orange County. If your water heater is more than 10-15 years old or if the outside shell has numerous rusty surfaces then it's time to get a new one. If you have a gas water heater, don't risk a gas leak. Call us or another plumbing professional for the removal as well as the installation of gas water heating systems. If your old water heater is electric and you plan on keeping it that way then these next two articles are just for you.  

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Installing a New Water Heater

For Orange County Do-it-Yourselfers 


If you're reading this article then we're going to assume that you have, or had, an electric hot water heating system in your home and that you were successful in getting a couple of buddies to help you remove it by following the steps outlined in the previous article. With proper maintenance and care, a new Hot Water Heater can last for 10, 15 or even 20 years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homes sold in Southern California aren't new and the hot water heaters in most of our homes have been used for a number of years and may or may not have been maintained adequately. Sooner or later, all hot water heating systems need replacing and our step by step electric hot water heater installation guide will come in handy for all you Do-it-Yourselfers. Just as we said in the previous article, if you can un-install and remove an electric hot water heater, then you should be able to install a new one without a tremendous amount of difficulty.

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Water Heater Installation - SAVE $50

For a limited time, you can purchase a water heater from GEERS Plumbing and Heating and SAVE $50 off the installation cost. Call us today at 714-536-1449 to take advantage of this special offer.  
Note: This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Coupon must be presented at time of service in order to receive discount. Excludes main line drains. Limit one per customer. Offer expires April 15th, 2012

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