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Water: Our Most Valuable Natural Resource
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Water: It Does Your Body a Whole Lot of Good
Healthy, $$ Saving Alternatives to Tap Water
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Most of our residential and commercial customers either live, work or live and work in the Orange County area as do the owners, employees and the professional technicians at GEERS Plumbing, Heating & Complete Kitchen & Bath Renovations in Huntington Beach. Southern California and Orange County in particular, has fantastic year round weather, offers residents numerous lifestyle opportunities that aren't available anywhere else and is where a vast majority of the world's population would choose to live if given the choice. We are indeed extremely fortunate to live and work in such a comfortable environment, but even beauty can be taken for granted if you see it almost every day. 


That being said, the featured tips, tutorials, discussions and knowledge based articles in this month's issue of the GEERS RESOURCE CENTER NEWS all revolve around a natural resource that we literally can't live without: WATER!


We hope the following knowledge based articles, information, promotional offers, tutorials and suggestions help our Orange County customers and subscribers make safer, healthier and better informed cost effective decisions that are as beneficial to them as they are to the Earth. This month's featured articles include:  

  • Water- Our Most Valuable Natural Resource!
  • Water - It Does Your Body a Whole Lot of Good!
  • Healthy, Money Saving & Eco-Friendly Water Solutions!


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Water - Our Most Valuable Natural Resource 


Water covers about 70 percent of the earth, but only about three percent of it is fresh water. Most of the fresh water, about 75 percent, is in the form of ice. In fact, the frozen areas of the world have as much fresh water as all of the world's rivers will carry for the next 1,000 years.

It might seem as though our supply of unpolluted fresh water was never ending, but that's simply not the case. The earth's population increases each day and the demand for unpolluted fresh water increases right along with it. The following U.S. Government statistics on the average American's daily "water use" per person statistics are insightful. 


Average American's Water Use Per-Person on a Daily or Per Incident Basis:

  • Each person uses about 70 gallons of water per day
  • It takes 3 gallons of water to flush a toilet
  • It takes between 15-30 gallons of water to...

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Water - It Does Your Body a Whole Lot of Good!

12 Great Health Benefits & Reasons to Drink Plenty of Water


The majority of us are acquainted with the many benefits our bodies receive from the daily consumption of water, yet most Americans unknowingly suffer from chronic dehydration - the underlying cause of many types of illnesses and diseases. Drinking the proper amount and the right type of water will improve every function in your body, slow down the aging process, help you lose weight and is proven to be beneficial in the fight against asthma, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, heart congestion, bad circulation, cancer and autoimmune diseases.


The list below represents some of the most important benefits that you and your body can expect by drinking plenty of water and staying properly hydrated.


12 Great Health Benefits & Reasons to Drink Plenty of Water

  1. Losing Weight - Drinking water helps you lose weight by flushing out the by-products of fat breakdown.  Drinking water also helps to reduce hunger and is an excellent appetite suppressant.  As an added bonus, water has zero calories.
  2. Natural Remedy for Headaches - Helps to relieve headaches and back pain due to dehydration.  There's no shortage of reason for why headaches and back pain occur when they do, but dehydration is listed as the #1 culprit.

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Healthy & $$ Saving Alternatives to Tap Water! 

Demand for safer and healthier tap water has grown tremendously over the last 10-15 years as have the number of companies offering products & services to fulfill those needs. 



Alternative & Cost Effective Methods to Make Tap Water Safer, Healthier, and Better Tasting


GEERS has taken the time and effort to research the names, terms, types and adjectives most commonly used to describe water that's been re-treated, filtered, purified, cleaned or distilled etc...throughout the Water Re-Treatment Industry and come up with some great suggestions for Orange County residents wishing to obtain the safest, healthiest and most cost effective alternative water use solutions on the market today.


Orange County's Guide for Healthier Tap Water 


For example, did you know due to several factors, bottled water is clearly not a healthier, purer or economically sound alternative to tap water and using distilled and/or purified water on a regular basis can also be hazardous to your health... 

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