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Thursday, April 7, 2011  

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Dear friends, neighbors, and members of St. Cyprian's,   


Last night as our Wednesday evening series came to a close, our Night Prayer began with these words,


It is but lost labor that we hurry to rise up early and so late find rest, and eat the bread of anxiety.

For the beloved of God are given gifts even while they sleep.

That last line particularly spoke to me having just returned from my grandmother's (whom we call Nana) memorial service in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Nana's life of faith and practice has had a tremendous influence on my life. She was born and raised as a Mennonite, left home to serve as a nurse in Baltimore during Word War II, met my grandfather on a bus and settled in the suburbs of Northern Virginia to raise a family. Because Papa was not a Mennonite, Nana broke out of the confines of her cultural and religious heritage. Throughout her long life she questioned and challenged those obstacles that inhibited and narrowed the definition of family. At nearly every "family" gathering, she'd invite strangers and neighbors, often someone who was noticeably mentally ill (she was one of the first community organizers I ever met having been very active in her local chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally). All her grandchildren have stories involving nervously knocking on a stranger's door and handing over to a smiling face a pot of soup or a plate of cookies. But that line last night about the beloved of God being "given gifts even while they sleep" reminded me of walking into Nana's bedroom late at night as a child and finding her listening to Talknet radio, a call in show where people would share their problems --- domestic, economic and spiritual. I remember Nana telling me that when she had trouble sleeping she'd turn on the radio and say prayers for each of the people calling in. Later in life when I was reading some spiritual author saying something about the prayers of monks and nuns keeping the world from falling apart, I smiled and thought of Nana (and so many others like her) whose prayers (and compassionate acts) weave us together as well. Indeed, the beloved of God are given gifts even while they sleep. Perhaps even in the form of someone's Nana praying.

See you soon at Turk & Lyon.


St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church


P.S. The painting above is of my Nana, Naomi Jane (Yoder) Roberts, painted by my grandfather, Papa, Roy Charles Roberts.  

Dinner & Conversation

Wednesdays in Lent 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.


During the ancient season of Lent, St. Cyprian's will welcome a variety of groups from our eclectic neighborhood as we learn more about what is happening around us. We'll share good food, great talk and stories. Following the program we'll share time of meditation and prayer.   


Our next guests are students from USF who will present the results of their research they've called "The Sidewalk Project." "The Sidewalk Project" will focus on creating more green and pedestrian-friendly pathways along Turk and Lyon. By exposing the surrounding community to green building architecture and urban gardening, we hope to enhance the relationship between the surrounding community and Saint Cyprian's Church. We are currently putting together a "Plan of Action" that will include our extensive research in general rules and regulations of sidewalk removal, important contacts and partners, information on grants and fund-raising techniques, quotas for a bike rack installation, and a blueprint of the new sidewalk. Our team will present "The Sidewalk Project" at Saint Cyprian's Church Congregation on Wednesday, April 13th. We hope that you will join us and support us in our efforts to create a more green and eco-friendly community! 


Weekly - Wednesday, March 16 through Wednesday, April 20

6:30 p.m.- 7 p.m.  Simple dinner
7:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Stories & comments

7:30 - 8 p.m. Lenten Meditation in Sanctuary


Interested in sharing what your NOPA group is doing? turkandlyon@gmail.com

In the photo above: Chris Harjo, Aris Noerhadi, Alexander Ettlin, Linda Tran, and Sugeily Benitez
Cyprian's Community Kitchen Update
New Website Launched, donate online today 


Thanks to the work and skill of Andy Sakhrani, St. Cyprian's USF School of Business and Professional Studies intern the Cyprian's Community Kitchen Project now has a website and online video. Check it out and pass it on.


Lenten Book Study
This Lent members of the St. Cyprian's community are invited to read together, 


Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith By Diana Butler Bass

We will spend time following Sunday services discussing a different chapter from this acclaimed book, the result of a three year study on thriving mainline churches.

About the author: Diana Butler Bass is the author of seven books, including Christianity for the Rest of Us and The Practicing Congregation. She earned her Ph.D. in church history from Duke University and has taught at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Rhodes College, and Virginia Theological Seminary. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.
Holy Week & Easter at St. Cyprian's


Join us at St. Cyprian's for this sacred time of reflection, contemplation and celebration.

Maundy Thursday, April 21
7 p.m.

Good Friday, April 22
7 p.m.

Easter Sunday, April 24
10:10 a.m.

An Evening of Song: Call for Singers


Do you have a favorite song you've always wanted to sing in public? Perhaps the one you wrote, an old standard, or one inspired by the themes Spring Break or Busting Out or something completely different of your own choosing? Cyprian's has the performing space with full production services ready for you on June 4th. All levels of experience welcomed.
Sing a cappella, accompany yourself, or perform with Joshua Raoul Brody at the piano or accordion or go for the full band treatment (guitar, bass and drums). Sound, lighting and promotion provided at no cost. All will take place at San Francisco's new venue, Cyprian's at Turk and Lyon on Saturday, June 4th, 8pm. Merle "Ian Shoales" Kessler will host the evening. The event is part of the SF Live Arts music series at Cyprian's.

More info at http://liveatcyprians.blogspot.com/

SF Live Arts at Cyprian's
April 16 
8 p.m.

Culann's Hounds have built a reputation for high-energy stage shows and a ruthless dedication to rocking their audiences. Folk melodies, sensibilities, and stories from Ireland, France, and early America permeate their music. This mash-up of tradition and energy is at once thought-provoking, accessible and infectious. The Hounds' original material is a mirror of their lives, tales of distant lands, love, elation, and loss.

With a blazing fiddle and a luminous voice, Lucia Comnes has been involved in the Irish (and Balkan) music scene both in Ireland and the U.S. The classically trained violinist has studied with fiddle masters Martin Hayes, Kevin Burke and Oisín MacDiarmada, played in countless sessions, performed with a number of bands (most notably Liam Ó'Maonlaí and The Hothouse Flowers) and recently attended the Traditional Irish Music Program at University College, Cork to study Gaelic and sean-nos, or "old-style," singing. She has performed at numerous traditional music festivals in Ireland and was featured at the SF Irish Fest in 2008 and 2009. She has also been a member of KITKA, the Eastern European Women's choir.

Help St. Cyprian's Sing!

Recently the Bishops Committee of St. Cyprian's Church approved a job description for a new position we're calling the "Worship Music Coordinator." Please share the link below with those you know who may be interested in helping us build community through song. This is an ideal job for someone looking for a part-time job, a student or a retired person.




This Saturday




The Afro Anglican Commission will meet April 9 11 am - 12.30 pm at St Cyprian's Episcopal Church, Turk and Lyon, San Franicsco. Everyone is welcome, please come join us!

The Afro Anglican Commission (AAC) addresses concerns and  issues affecting Anglicans of African descent in the Diocese of California. We seek to increase discernment of ministry in Afro Anglicans, strengthen Afro Anglican congregations, encourage culturally inclusive worship, and empower us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in our world.
The Union of Black Episcopalians will meet immediately following the AAC meeting. Light refreshments and fellowship follow.


For more information contact Eric Metoyer eric_metoyer@mac.com 415-595-1533

Multicultural Ministry & Black Episcopalians featured in two recent publications

The most recent issues of the Episcopal Diocese of California news magazine & the Church Divinity School of the Pacific's publication both highlight subjects that may be of interest to friends and members of St. Cyprian's. You should be able check each of these publications out online and copies will be available at the church.

Pacific Church News

Church Divinity School of the Pacific "Crossings"

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