AUGUST 2012   

 A short program for developing leadership and growth skills



This powerful two-session format will help you identify your career profile, clarify personal and professional development needs, business issues, and evaluate alternatives for repositioning.



Anyone wishing to create a stronger, more viable pathway within their current organization OR those facing career/life transition, whether self-directed or mandated by the marketplace.



DecisionPoint Office:

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Choose from either two Wednesday evenings or two Saturday mornings



Sept 19th & Sept 26th

Oct 10th & Oct 17th

Nov 7th & Nov 14

Dec 5th & Dec 12th   

6:00p.m. -  8:30p.m.



Sept 8th & Sept 15th

  Oct 20th & Oct 27th

Dec 8th & Dec 15th 

9:00a.m. -  11:30a.m.



Engaging interactive style in a comfortable, confidential setting:  

limited seating


Session One:

Your Temperament, Your Work

*Focus on your temperament profile

*Identify Career Strengths/ Weaknesses; Leadership/ Communication Style 

*Identify how you fit in the American demographic mix

*What issues are pressing in your career or your business


Session Two:

Your Professional Calling,

Your Soul, Your Life Balance 

*Your narrative story
*Synchronize your inner reality with the outer world/marketplace
*Identify new pathways personally and professionally



Confidential profile assessment, seminar materials, a selection of healthy snacks and beverages.


Corporate sessions are also available.


Contact Vic Pergola




Doreen Tusick


 20033 Detroit Road, North Ridge Annex Suite A,
Rocky River, OH 44116  



There are three divisions in our TriPointe umbrella group, all of which are focused on various growth and development aspects which we face throughout our lives:

  • DecisionPointe places its focus on executive growth and leadership development from a work/career perspective
  • GrowthPointe places its focus on strategic growth issues facing organizations who wish to grow the front end (business development/sales) of their business
  • PointeVierge (the focus of this article) places its focus on the spiritual growth and formation of individuals and communities from within the essential spiritual core found in the human experience

Why the name PointeVierge? The name is in French and could be translated as "The Virgin Heart." It originates in the work of
Louis Massignon (1883-1962) a Twentieth Century French scholar specializing in Middle Eastern faiths and how the three "Abrahamic faiths" (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) come together. The "Virgin Heart" is the secret transcendent core of any given individual. At this core of any person, there emanates a "Sacred Hospitality" that welcomes the stranger "God" and is receptive to any/all who come along the way of our journey.


Our own approach comes from this "Abrahamic" core of hospitality and examines practices, both individual and communal, that can enrich all. Our specific positioning is from the Christian perspective with close attention to both Christian scriptures and the history of Christian spirituality and practice through the generations.


Our approach springs out of a sense of pragmatism about life's principal tasks:

  • the relational task: in the Christian perspective known as "agape"
  • the economic task: learning how to work ("oiconomia")
  • the hermeneutical task: learning how to have impact, meaning, interpretation ("hermeneuo") the root word coming from the messenger god "Hermes"

We also realize the diversity of personalities and spiritualities and emphasize an approach that includes the following:

  • A sense of one's temperament, psychological/spiritual "DNA," our composition and approach to life
  • A sense of one's story (narrative) and the story of others
  • A sense of historical rootedness in traditions of spiritual practice(s)
  • A sense of the need for the synchronous weaving of temperament, narrative, history, tradition, scripture, theology, and the pragmatic needs of living in the 21st century

A series of workshops will be announced in the Fall Season that will cover a foundational understanding of how to proceed within the context of spiritual formation. A blog will follow as well, and we invite your participation and reflections.


~Vic Pergola 



REFERRAL REMINDER to our valued clients and alumni. We extend the courtesy of a free consult to:

BUSINESSES struggling with internal drama, staff alignment, leadership development, succession planning, team building, business development or revenue growth needs;

INDIVIDUALS/COUPLES facing major career issues (transition, advancement, starting a business, retirement). 

Please contact Vic at 216-308-1648 for guidance and assistance.   







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