JULY 2012  


A short program for developing leadership and growth skills



This powerful two-session format will help you identify your career profile, clarify personal and professional development needs, business issues, and evaluate alternatives for repositioning.



Anyone wishing to create a stronger, more viable pathway within their current organization OR those facing career/life transition, whether self-directed or mandated by the marketplace.



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Choose from either two Wednesday evenings or two Saturday mornings



AUGUST 8 and AUGUST 15  

6:00p.m. -  8:30p.m.



AUGUST 18 and AUGUST 25   

9:00a.m. -  11:30a.m.



Engaging interactive style in a comfortable, confidential setting:  

limited seating


Session One:

Your Temperament, Your Work

*Focus on your temperament profile

*Identify Career Strengths/ Weaknesses; Leadership/ Communication Style 

*Identify how you fit in the American demographic mix

*What issues are pressing in your career or your business


Session Two:

Your Professional Calling,

Your Soul, Your Life Balance 

*Your narrative story
*Synchronize your inner reality with the outer world/marketplace
*Identify new pathways personally and professionally



Confidential profile assessment, seminar materials, a selection of healthy snacks and beverages.


Corporate sessions are also available.


Contact Vic Pergola




Doreen Tusick


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Since World War II there has been a gradual and often trenchant critique of the Enlightenment/Modernistic movement in many areas of intellectual life, not only academia.


Some recent reading of Aquinas and commentators has brought to light the Medieval (Scholastic) approach to aesthetics and how their reflections may find some effective "translation" into the executive suites of 2012 and beyond. Aquinas identified three simple, yet elegant, approaches to what forms a comprehensive aesthetic of life and decision making. Thus:



"Proportion" is identified early on by Pythagoras (570-495 BCE) and later by Boethius (480-524 CE) as a sense of "harmony." It is commonly experienced by us within the realms of music and math and reflects a sense of unity between the universe/experience (what is out there) and one's inner perception of it (what is in here).


For the Scholastics music is mathematical, harmonic, and theological. From this foundation it became simple over time to apply this sense of proportion to the "outer" (the study of harmonics in physics for example) and to the inner (the identification of the psychological within the structure of human experience).

The leader is in touch with the "harmonics" of movement and comprehends the both the "outer" and the "inner" as a necessary dynamic.



For Aquinas, parts form a whole and the whole forms an indissoluble unity. "Integrity" is the work of someone who knows how to grasp the whole while giving life to the many parts.

The leader constructs, promulgates, arranges; orchestrates the "harmony" actually. The "whole" (community) has equality with the "parts" (individual). Since World War II, society has experienced ongoing fragmentation of the "whole" with increasing focus on the "individual."



"Clarity" has a number of meanings in Aquinas but in every case he speaks of "lux" (light) or "lumens manifestans" (luminosity). The Middle-Ages understood light ("lux" or "lumens") as a participatory embodiment or energy and thus the "communication" of "clarity" is at the core of its meaning. Clarity is a "networked" and energized reality.

The leader generates a pervasive sense of "clarity" (illumination) through energy and transparency.


These simple paradigms may be of assist to us as we redefine the "C" level and leadership roles in all organizational structures.


~Vic Pergola 





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