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Flame Plugs
Flame Plugs
Get in touch with your inner pyro with Glass Flame Plugs from Glasswear Studios!

Brand: Glasswear Studios
Gauges: 7/16" through 1"
Price: $36.00 - $34.00 per pair
Silver Sinflower Plugs
Lavender Acrylic Eyelet
This Anatometal plug has a Sinflower cast from Silver. The center gem is available in 19 different colors.

Brand: Anatometal
Gauges: 6g through 2g
Price: $73.74 - $89.26 each

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New Jewelry This Week
Delrin Gemmed Eyelet
Delrin Double Flared Gemmed EyeletLight weight, brilliant sparkle, and bling are but a few ways to describe this amazing black delrin gemmed eyelet. And since the gem is snapped in, not glued, they're super durable!


Gauges: 2g through 1/2"
Price: $10.00 each


Steel Labret with PVD Cone
Steel Labret PVD ConeThis steel labret, with a thin back disk, is available with your choice of four different cone colors.


Gauges: 16g and 14g
Price: $5.00 each


Steel Labret with Neon Acrylic Cone
Steel Labret Neon Acrylic ConeAffordability is the new black! This unassuming steel labret has a brightly colored neon acrylic cone.  Why not get one of each color?


Gauges: 16g and 14g
Prices: $2.75 each