September, 1 2010
Issue No. 32
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New Tiger's Eye Stone Plugs
From Diablo Organics

Yellow Tiger's Eye Plugs
New Diablo Organic's Yellow Tiger's Eye Plugs
The beautiful lustre of these plugs will amaze you.  The 7/16" through 1" plugs are flat on one end and domed on the other.  That's like getting two pairs of plugs for the price of one, since they can be worn either way.  And for those of you with smaller piercings, you'll be glad to know they're available as small as 10 gauge.  Plugs smaller than 7/16" are domed on each end.
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New Tiger's Eye Plugs
New Rose Quartz Plugs

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New Rose Quartz Stone Plugs
From Diablo Organics

Rose Quartz Plugs
New Diablo Organics Rose Quartz Plugs
Like the new Tiger's Eye plugs, these double-flared Rose Quartz plugs are available as small as 10 gauge and as large as 1".  These are also double domed in 10g through 00g and flat/domed when 7/16" and larger.
We have lots of these Rose Quartz plugs in stock for immediate delivery.

Browse all of our Diablo Organics Stone Jewelry in our store.

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