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August 1, 2012
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There are so many ways that you can make a difference!



 Do you have room in your home for a teen?


  • Jessie is 18 and has been in DCF care for most of her life. She is currently living in Bridgeport and going to school in Hamden. (She has another year before she graduates.)  I asked her how I should describe her to a potential foster parent. She said she is 'loving, smart, fashionable, talented, fun to be around and helpful." She wants a foster parent who is understanding, supportive and patient and someone who is a good listener. Jessie can be shy until she gets to know and trust you. Jessie would also be open to a family who is willing to provide respite - a place to go on some weekends and holidays....  For more information about Jessie, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302. 


  • Darla is 15 years old and identifies as bisexual.  She is smart, interacts with and responds well to adults. She ahs been living in a STAR home (read: shelter!) for six months and would love to be in a foster home before school starts in the Fall.  She would love to live in the Greater Hartford area, but is open to moving.   For more information about Darla, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302. 


 Do you have room in your schedule to be a mentor?


  • Jessie and Sammie both live in Bridgeport and are transgender girls. We would LOVE to find African American or Latina women to mentor them either separately or as a couple.  Ideally, their mentors would be somewhat 'girly girls' since both our girls love fashion, hair, make-up, clothes, shoes, shopping and talking about those things. Maybe you know someone in a sorority or reading circle or have friends that you think would be perfect. Maybe YOU would be perfect.  Please call or email Robin at (860) 232-0050, ext 302 for more information.


 Do you have room in your car toprovide rides?


  • True Colors runs social and recreational programming every week across the state of Connecticut. Transportation is a key barriers to youth participation. If you have a drivers license in good standing, can pass a background check and would be willing to give a kid a ride once or twice  a month, please call or email Alison at (860) 232-0050, ext 306 


Do you have room in your budget to make a donation?


  • Summer is an expensive time of year for us, and a time of limited cash flow. If you have a few extra bucks, we sure could use them to further our mission to ensure that LGBT youth are welcome, valued and affirmed.  Your dollars do make a difference!

I want to support LGBT youth!


Please spread the word!  

 Together, we've done it before - lets do it again!


PS.  Our transgender youth support group is now running in Hartford. If you have a youth that you think might benefit from participating please call Robin at 860.232.0050, ext 302 to arrange a pre-group phone interview. New members are welcomed into the group once a month. 

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