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May 30, 2012
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You have been there so many times.  Our kids have needed homes and so many of you have stepped forward.


We need your help again!


Ilyssa (right) is still waiting.  She is 14 years old. Ilyssa would love to stay in the Newton area (she has siblings there) and really wants a single parent. She would love, love, love to be their only child.  Ilyssa is a young lady who has shown resiliency through troubling times in her life.  She is a sports fanatic who is full of energy and loves to be outdoors.  Her main passions are lacrosse and field hockey however she has the patience for golf and likes to ride her bike.  Ilyssa's larger-than-life personality makes up for her petite frame.  For more information about Ilyssa, please contact Jane Pertillar, (860) 550-6678 or Jane Pertillar 


Yasmine is a 16 year old bisexual girl currently living in a group home in Cromwell. The group home is closing which is why she needs to leave.  A foster home in the general Cromwell area would be ideal so she can stay in her school.  Yasmine does very well in school, has no behavioral health issues, is fun and funny. She has a committed and engaged mentor through True Colors. Now all she needs is a family. She would be happy with a mom and dad, two moms, two dads or a single parent -- anyone as long as they are caring.  For more information about Yasmine, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302. 


Jessie is 18 and has been in DCF care for most of her life. She is currently living in Bridgeport and going to school in Hamden. (She has another year before she graduates.)  I asked her how I should describe her to a potential foster parent. She said she is 'loving, smart, fashionable, talented, fun to be around and helpful." She wants a foster parent who is understanding, supportive and patient and someone who is a good listener. Jessie can be shy until she gets to know and trust you. For more information about Jessie, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302. 


Howl lives in Guilford.  His parents just threw him out for being transgender.  (Howl was born a girl but has always known he was a boy.) He just turned 18 and is not eligible for DCF services. He is graduating from high school this year and needs a place to stay while he gets on his feet.  His situation is quite desparate.  For more information about Howl, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302. 



 Please spread the word!  

 You've done it before - lets do it again!


Robin McHaelen 

Executive Director

PS.  Our transgender youth support group is now running in Hartford. If you have a youth that you think might benefit from sharing their experiences with other trans youth, please call Robin at 860.232.0050, ext 302 to arrange a pre-group phone interview. New members are welcomed into the group once a month. 


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