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Norwich.  Bridgeport. Waterbury.  Three different boys; three different communities and families - same sad story: rejection because they are gay.  Can you help us find them a home?
Here are their stories:


  • He is 18.  A honor student, a senior in high school who has been accepted into college.  On Easter morning, his family threw him out, telling him he was 'dead to them' because he is gay.  He made a serious suicide attempt and is currently in-patient in an area hospital. He is likely to be released later this week or next week. And he has no where to go. He needs a affirming place to stay until the end of summer when he leaves for school. Please. An adult shelter is no place for this kid! 


  • Norwich. He is 13. Just came out as both gay and someone who likes to cross dress.  His very religious mom tried to beat the gayness out of him so he is in DCF's custody now.  He just wants a safe place to be.  When asked what his 'ideal' home would be, he said "a home with two dads", though I bet two moms or an affirming heterosexual couple would be wonderful too!   


  • Waterbury:  He is 16, an honor student and a recent immigrant. Although not currently in DCF's custody, the difficulty at home is escalating - his family changed his schools, cut him off from friends, took away his cell phone and facebook, and have literally isolated him in an attempt to make him not gay. 
Please spread the word!  If you don't have room in your  home, consider mentoring - all three of these areas are places where we have other youth waiting for a mentor.  For more information, please email or call me ASAP.   Robin McHaelen  or (860) 232.0050, ext 302.  Our kids are waiting....


Robin McHaelen
True Colors, Inc.