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Back to School
September, 2010
Don't ya just love September? 
New beginnings, new possibilities -- and incredible opportunities to make a difference in your life, your school and your community.   
There are LOTS of ways you can participate - Check em out below! 
In This Issue
Bring our Activist Institute to YOUR GSA!
Comedy with CHRISTINE!
Transgender/Ally Youth Summit
School as Minefield?
OPEN HOUSES: Your Chance to make a difference!
Activism on the road and at your school!
belinda and sixto at cgs gathering 
From communication styles (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) to dealing with distractions, True Colors Six-Week Activism training will give your GSA everything you need to make a difference - AND, we will come to you!
Interested?  It is easy to apply. All you gotta do is:
  • Send us your name and a way to reach you
  • Include your school name, your GSA advisor & a way to contact him or her
  • Tell us briefly where you want to make a difference in your school
  • Agree to write a short report about the difference your activism made
You can email your response, fax it to us at 860.232.0049 or mail it to us at True Colors GSA Program, 576 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT  06105
True Colors is grateful to  the Perrin Family Fund, the Hartford Courant Foundation and Beatrice Fox Auerback Fund at the Harford Foundation for Public giving for making this work possible!
NEW LGBT Youth Programming Begins!
christine o'leary 
See yourself doing stand-up comedy?  Or maybe hiking is your thing?  Or baking?  Self-defense maybe? How about everything from ballroom to hip-hop dancing?   Beginning this fall, True Colors will be offering all of these groups and more - and the groups will be free for LGBT youth both in our mentoring program and in the community at large. 
The first session is COMEDY WITH CHRISTINE. It runs for six Wednesdays in a row beginning Wednesday, September 8th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM at the True Colors office in Manchester.
Christine is an award winning comic, named one of the 50 funniest lesbians in America. Come learn the basics of stand-up comedy and create your own five minute 'set'.  We will even give you your first stage if you want at our Come Out Laughing Event at the end of October.  Either way, you are sure to come out laughing with Christine in the house.  Class size is limited to 8 students so register ASAP by email:  Comedy with Christine!
Next UP in October is Dancing with Adrienne! with dance instructor extraordinaire, Adrienne Cotter. From ballroom to hip-hop and salsa, you can bust a move and have a great time. We are still working on the location. If you are interested, email us and we get you the 411. Dancing with Adrienne
Also in October is SPOKEN WORD with Lauren Pellitier (beginning Wed, October 20th in Hartford); November offers Baking with Lea, Late Fall Hiking with the Yale LGBT Forestry group, a six week discussion group on female masculinity and dancing. And this is just the beginning!
For more information or to register: email us at LGBT Youth Programming
(be sure to include your name, age, a phone number and email address)
True Colors is grateful to the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving for their support in making these groups possible!
Trans/Gender Non-Conforming/Ally Summit
Sally at EqualityCT 
True Colors is delighted to partner with *ctEquality and **Translations to produce a Trans/Gender Non-conforming Youth Summit but we NEED YOUR HELP!
Want to help organize the event? Share ideas about workshops? Conducta workshop? Bring your GSA?
Email Sally or call her at 860) 247-6090 ext. 105
and get involved! 
*ctEquality is a coalition of individuals and organizations leading the fight for equality in gender identity and expression in CT. See ctEquality for more information
**Translations is CT's only Transgender youth support group. for more information on this group, contact Tony at:Translations
For more information, give us a call or check out our website! Happy September!

Robin McHaelen
True Colors, Inc
Back to School Blues
School can be a minefield for any kid who is different. 
But if enough of us, individually and together do one thing every day, someday back-to-school terror really will be a thing of the past.
Its EASY!!!
When you HEAR MEAN 
In the halls, the locker room, the bus, the parking lot, the classroom, the bathroom. 
Hear mean? Intervene!  
It's just that easy
Try one of these: 
  • Cut it OUT
  • Please don't use
    that word
  • OUCH
  • That's not nice
  • If you can't be kind, be quiet
  • Stop that
  • We don't treat each other like that here
  • Insert your favorite phrase here...
Open HOUSES!!!
Want to find out more about mentoring?
Foster parenting?  
Adopting a kid?
Join True Colors, DCF, Continuum of Care and Klingberg for your chance  to get your questions answered.
Informal meetings will be held from 6:00 - 7:30 PM on:
  • September 22nd in Winsted (location TBD)
  • October 6th at the True Colors office in Hartford (576 Farmington Ave)
  • October 7th at Klingberg in New Britain (370 Linwood Street)
  • November 3rd at the DCF office in Norwich (Two Courthouse Square)
Join us! Share some light refreshments, meet some existing LGBT mentors and foster parents and see how you can make a difference in your own life and the life of a kid who needs you!
Email:  Robin
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True Colors 18: ibelong - social networking and LGBTQIA youth will be held on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12th, 2011  University of Connecticut in Storrs.   Look for ideas and ways you can raise money to come to the conference AND participate in creating the largest LGBTQIA freedom chain in America in our October newsletter!
Got an Idea? Workshop proposal forms now available:  TC 18 Proposal Form