Do you know anybody who lives in the Waterbury or New Haven area who might be interested in hanging out with LGBT youth?
Do you know anybody in New Britain or Norwich who might be open to foster parenting a LGBT kid who needs them? 
If so, please send them along to us - our kids are waiting.... 
Kids in Waterbury and New Haven -- all waiting for YOU!
Know what a group mentor does? Same kind of thing you do.  Hangs out, plays games, watches a movie, goes hiking, reads, swims, goes to the mall...
Right now we have about six youth in the greater Waterbury and another six in greater New Haven waiting for a mentor to spend time with them. 
All of our mentors now start as group mentors. That means a training, background check and an interview.  If you pass those, you become a group mentor and commit to ONE ACTIVITY A MONTH in your area.  You will be asked to help drive a youth or two to the activity (e.g. stuff like we listed above) and then hang out with them. Talk. Play. Listen. Be. 
After a couple of months, if you like it and enjoy our kids, you may have the opportunity to be matched with a particular youth for a one-on-one mentoring relationship. But, we take it slow so you can try each other out and you can meet and get to know the kids who need you.
Want more information? 
Don't wait - our kids need you NOW...  Email Lea for a mentoring application and information sheet:  
LGBT youth who need a home
Jeremiah is a seventeen year old, gay male.  He was a 2010 graduate from New Britain High School.  He was extremely involved in extracurricular clubs and activities in school such as: concert choir, drama club, school musical, and on stage.  Jeremiah was also a vice president of Gay/Straight Alliance and is a True Colors activist.  He enjoys fashion and wants to pursue a higher education in fashion design or culinary.  Jeremiah is currently placed at Waterford Country School in Quaker Hill however he would prefer to be closer to his friends near the New Britain area.  Do you perhaps have room in your heart and your home for him?
 She just turned eighteen, is African-American, tall, a social butterfly, sports-minded, a poet, a gifted African drummer, a deep thinker, a leader-in-training!  She has a charismatic sense of humor and a twinkle in eye that is hard to ignore!  She is genuinely liked and enjoyed by her True Colors mentor. Beneath her many gifts is a deeply broken heart.  This child knows she has work to do to heal the broken places that challenge her. She wants the opportunity to do that work. She knows she needs stability, acceptance, and mature guidance in order to begin. Can she begin with you? 
Spiritual Institute
The next Spiritual Institute meeting is Wednesday, July 14th at 6:30 PM at the UCC, 474 Broad Street in Meriden. Come help us create safe places for LGBT youth to do their Spiritual Work.
 To RSVP or for more information about the youth described above, email:        Robin
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Waterbury and New Haven kids need a mentor
These kids are looking for a home...
True Colors (and YOUR?) TAG SALE
Upcoming Activities
  Saturday, July 31st
10:00 - 4:00
576 Farmington Ave
Hartford, CT 06105
All Proceeds go directly to support True Colors' LGBT youth programs!
It is easy to participate. YOU CAN:
If you would like to sell your own stuff, tables are available for a sliding scale donation of $10 - $50.
To buy a table or to drop off your donated stuff, call (860) 232-0050, ext 306 or email  her at:
*Lots of good stuff has already been donated - electronics, adult and children's clothing, new and slightly used shoes, purses, garden supplies, vases and planters... and lots more!

Hey,  !!!
Look at the fun stuff you could be a part of!!!
  • Movie Night, July 16, Norwalk
  • Game Night, July 17, New Haven 
  • Camping, July 25, Ansonia 
  • Beach Day, Aug 7, Milford 
  • Game Night, Aug 21, New Haven
  • Dragon Boat Race, Aug 22, Hartford
  • Back To School Party,  Aug 25, Hartford
Sounds like a blast, huh? But, you have to be a mentor or mentee to come... 
So, what are you waiting for? 
 Email Hillary for more info about becoming a group mentor!