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As you listen to our youth tell their stories, remember that your support makes all of this possible.  We need you, now, more than ever! 
I hope you will click on the link, listen to our kids, and then make the largest donation you can.
Amazing isn't it, the difference your dollars make? 
 Did you know that your donation of:
  • $1,250
    supports a mentor/mentee match
    for an entire  year
  •  $ 850
    gives  youth  the skills to advocate for themselves with a six week, on-site training for their whole GSA!
  •  $ 500
    helps us provide a half day training for caregivers to better meet the needs of LGBTQI youth
  •  $ 250
    supports  a mentoring activity and a lifetime of memories
  •  $ 100
    puts on a  Summit for 25 youth
  •  $  75
    makes it possible for a youth to  attend our annual conference for free
  •  $  50
    covers an entire month's worth of  educational action alerts
  •  $  35
    gives a Holiday gift card to a youth in the "system" - sometimes the only gift they receive
The more YOU can give, the more WE can do!
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Giving is EASY with our secure PayPal Account:
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No credit card?  Simply mail your check or money order to the address below. 
Either way, know that YOU have made a difference
in an LGBT youth's life!
Thank you, ! We are so grateful!