True Colors, Inc.

March 25, 2010

     Whew! True Colors 17 is now in the record books and we are starting to look forward to TC 18 in March of 2011. You were one of over 2,500 participants representing twelve different states (and Canada), 76 organized high school field trips, 21 colleges and university groups and hundreds of individuals! As you can imagine, this is an intense -- but joyous-- undertaking for our small staff, interns and volunteers. 
     You, and folks like you, are why we do this work.  We would LOVE to hear about your experiences - what worked, what didn't and what might like to see next year in the way of programming, entertainment, or policies.
     Please note that this is a ONE-TIME REQUEST for feedback. If you wish to get further email updates from us and you are not already subscribed, please use the subscribe button below.
Conference logoHere's what we want to know.  In your opinion:  
WHAT WORKED? (What did you really like about the conference? Think really broadly and brainstorm about the organizing, the workshops, the lunch, the openings and closings, your experience with volunteers, etc. )
WHAT DIDN'T WORK? (What do you wish had been different?)
WHAT'S NEXT? (Here's where you share your ideas for next year.)
     Put in your ideas and then just hit reply. I promise that your thoughts will be shared with all the organizers!  Feel free to forward this email to others that you know came to the conference. 
     If you are interested in sharing your thoughts in person, there will be a 'Monday-morning quarterback' session on Tuesday, April 6th at 6:00 PM at the RAinbow Center (room 403) in the Student Union at UCONN, Storrs. You would be very welcome to participate. 
     Either way, thanks for participating, thanks in advance for your feedback! And remember, you won't get any more emails from us unless you subscribe below (use the link called update profile).
Robin McHaelen
True Colors, Inc.