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November, 2009
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True Colors XVII:
12 -13, 2010
UCONN, Storrs 
 no ho boysGreetings!
Wow - the fall flew by, didn't it? 
Like everyone, we are busy getting ready for the Holidays - plus we're launching new programs and visiting GSAs and hosting open houses for new mentors and foster parents and planning for our annual conference in March.   Whew.
You know that we can't do what we do without YOU, right?  And, we need you NOW more than ever.  Check out the stories below for lots of ideas about how you can make a huge difference - as a mentor, a volunteer, a donor, a focus group participant...
Check out the newsletter for more about what is going on - and how YOU can get involved!
conference dancers GSA Updates:
Transportation and/or scholarship money for students for True Colors annual conference is now available! 
With many thanks to Faith Middleton and the Fern Berman Scholarship, the Luke Ferrel Scholarship and GLSEN CT, True Colors is delighted to offer GSAs around the state the chance to apply for transportation or scholarship dollars to attend the annual conference.  Click here for more information!
pat intro picPat's our new GSA GURU!  He is busy planning summits, the youth activist program and has already been to New Britain, Montville, North Branford, Classical Magnet in Hartford, American School for the Deaf, Berlin High School, Central High in Bridgeport, Cheshire Academy, Northwestern Community College, and Naugatuck Valley Community College - Call or email him if you want him to come to your school:  PatrickMcKenna@ourtruecolors.org or 888-565-5551, ext 305. 
Hell YEAH! 
You've been thinking about it for a while, haven't you, ?  You know you want to make a difference but you're not sure how or if you have the time.
Now is the time to find out more!  True Colors is hosting a series of open houses across Connecticut.  Come on out to the one closest to you and find out about the whole range of ways you can make a difference!
Whether you have all the time in the world, or just an hour every month or two, there is room for you to make a huge difference for a kid in your area. 
Check it out why don't ya?  
  • New Britain:  Thursday, November 12th,
    6:00 - 7:30, South Church, 90 Main Street
  • Fairfield: Sunday, November 15th,
    3:00 - 5:00 PM; Triangle Community Center, 16 River Street
  • Farmington: Tuesday, December 8th,
    6:00 - 7:30 PM, NAFI, 20 Batterson Park Road
 We'll even provide refreshments! 
For more information or to RSVP:   
True Colors' Family Acceptance Project
True Colors and the UCONN School of Social Work needs YOUR help!
We want to find out what diverse families need when their kids come out. 
Over the next several months, we will be conducting 10 focus groups within various* racial, ethnic, religious and cultural groups.
We need one of TWO things from you:
  1. Come help us test our focus group questions and discussion topics on Sunday, November 29th, from  4:00 - 6:00 PM at our offices in Hartford. We need your feedback! (We'll even feed you!)

  2. Come join one of the subsequent 10 focus groups to share your ideas about the ways in which race, ethnicity, religion and culture play into a family's acceptance and response to their child's coming out at L, G, B, or T.
Ideally, you will meet the following criteria (though you don't have to):
  • You will be comfortable in English (a bilingual facilitator will be present for the Spanish speaking groups)
  • You will have a close LGBT family member (child, sibling, etc.)
  • You identify as one of the targeted racial, cultural, religious or ethnic groups (see below for list)
* African American, Caribbean American, Puerto Rican, Dominican American, Chinese American, Japanese American, newly immigrated, Jewish, Native American, white ethnic groups (Polish, Italian, Albanian) 
For more information:
Call Kent or Ashley at 860. 232.0050, ext 304
Spread the Word! 
 Special Events!  You won't want to miss!
Press Release 
For immediate release
Contact: Monica Brase
Event date: November 14, 2009
Event time: 9 a.m. EDT
Phone: (860) 695-9307
Contact: classicalmagnetaction@gmail.com  
Youth Homelessness SummitTo Be Hosted by Classical Magnet School Youth Group, Hartford

    Hartford, CT, November14, 2009: The ACTION Against Youth Homelessness and Hunger (AAYHH) group will host a Youth Homelessness Summit on November 14, 2009 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at ClassicalMagnet School, 85 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT. The purpose of this summit is to raise awareness and educate the community about youth homelessness and will include a panel discussion featuring local and emerging youth leaders in the fight to end runaway and youth homelessness. The summit is open to the first 200 teens and adults who RSVP. For more information and to RSVP, please contact Monica Brase at classicalmagnetaction@gmail.com or at (860)695-9307.

    Youth homelessness is a problem nationwide, but it is hardly discussed. The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates that about 5% to 7% (which is about 1 to 1.5 million) of our nation's youth experience one night of homelessness each year. AAYHH and other state agencies and organizations are taking steps to address this problem through research, advocacy, and action.

    Speakers at the Youth Homelessness Summit will discuss the need for more state data and resources for homeless youth as well as policy change. Resource materials will also be available in at the summit.  AAYHH and the Youth Homelessness Summitaresupported bystate and national organizations, including the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness and the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

    Registration is from 9:00am-10:00am at ClassicalMagnet School,Hartford, CT.
If you are interested in attending or setting up a resource table, please RSPV with
Monica Brase at classicalmagnetaction@gmail.com  or at


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Give the Gift of Memories
Can Give the Gift of Memories!
Want to make a real difference for a kid this holiday season? 
Donate a memory to the mentoring program!
Just pick up a certficate for bowling, a restaurant, theater or movie tickets, indoor mine-golf; a pro or UCONN basketball game or football game and any activity that mentors and youth can do together.
Send it to:
True Colors Mentoring
576 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105
We will connect YOUR gift with just the right kid.
will have the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference (plus the tax credit of course).
call Kamora at 860.232.0050, ext 313
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Robin McHaelen, Executive Director                                860.232.0050, ext 302
Kamora Herrington, Mentoring Program Director             860.232.0050, ext 313
Lea Dantz, Office Administrator                                      860.232.0050, ext 301
Patrick DelVecchio, Group Mentoring Coordinator          860.232.0050, ext 306
Patrick McKenna, GSA Programming Coordinator           860.232.0050, ext 305
Daniel Hayes, Intern, Mentoring Program                         860.232.0050, ext 312
Kent Donovan, Intern Family Acceptance Project            860.232.0050, ext 304
Ashley Flagg, Intern Family Acceptance Project             860.232.0050, ext 304
Tom Poirier, True Colors Conference Intern                     860.232.0050, ext 303

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 Submit a workshop proposal for our annual conference!
Due Date: December 5, 2009 
True Colors 17th: Focus on OUR Families, March 12 &13th,
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