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July 2011

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Greetings!  I know that it's been awhile, but we've accomplished quite a bit since our last newsletter.  This month, I talk a little bit about the new Department of Commerce and NOAA aquaculture policies as well as the associated initiatives we've rolled out on shellfish, technology transfer, and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Plan for Aquaculture.  Head to my Director's Corner to read on...


Below, you'll find a vacancy announcement for a Regional Aquaculture Coordinator in Honolulu -- this position closes on August 3rd, so act quickly if you would like to apply.  You'll also see a great Time Magazine video entitled, "Teach a Man to (Farm) Fish" that highlights the pioneering 'Cod Academy' in Maine.  NOAA also is co-sponsoring a webinar that seeks to identify knowledge gaps and tools needed to further advance aquaculture science.  And it's not too late to start thinking about submitting papers for Aquaculture America, to be held February 29 - March 2 in Las Vegas, NV.  See below for one of many opportunities to participate. Thanks as always for reading! 



Vacancy Announcement - Regional Aquaculture Coordinator (Hololulu, HI) 

This position is located on the staff of the Regional Administrator, Pacific Islands Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Honolulu, Hawaii. The incumbent will serve as the Pacific Islands Region point-of-contact with the NOAA Aquaculture Program Office. A full description and information on how to apply is on the USAJOBS website. The application deadline is August 3rd. 
Time Magazine website hosts video on Maine's 'Cod Academy'

Time Magazine recently produced a video story about cod farming for Maine's commercial fishermen.  Maine's 'Cod Academy,' a public-private partnership of which NOAA is pleased to be a part, provides a unique opportunity for fishermen to develop an alternative business that uses their existing skills as fishermen. See our news page for a link to the video.  

Webinar on improving aquaculture knowledge to be held August 2 - 3


On August 2-3, 2011, NOAA, USDA, and the Plant Products in Aquafeeds Working Group (PPA) will host a webinar entitled, "Improving Productivity, Efficiency, Product Quality and Environmental Sustainability of Aquaculture Operations through Systematic Integration of Information and Knowledge." It's a long title, but it gets to the heart of continuing to advance the state of aquaculture science. We hope you can participate!  More information...


Aquaculture America 2012 -- Call for Papers

This Special Session, "Definition and Measurement of Performance Traits Related to Diet and Nutrition," is sponsored by NOAA, the Plant Products in Aquafeed Working Group (PPA), USDA, and the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA). The deadline for the submission of abstracts is September 2nd. This deadline is not flexible! More information is available on our news page.