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September 2010

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With NOAA's full attention focused on Gulf oil spill response over the summer, issuing a draft of the new NOAA Aquaculture Policy has been delayed. We hope to release the draft for public comment in the next month or two. We will alert you via this newsletter, on our webpage, and through announcements.
One announcement I can make today is that we are currently advertising for a new Aquaculture Coordinator in the Northwest Region. This position mirrors our existing coordinators in the Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest, and it's a great opportunity for someone who is interested in helping foster sustainable aquaculture in one of the most vibrant areas for shellfish and fish farming and restoration in the nation.
All the details for this job and the rest of my column are posted on our website. Please click here to read more.


NOAA Aquaculture Program Seeks Northwest Regional Coordinator

The NOAA Aquaculture Program is seeking a candidate to serve as the new Northwest Regional Coordinator, located in NOAA's Northwest Regional Office in Seattle, WA.  The Coordinator's duties include providing expertise on assessment, management, and development of marine aquaculture; working with state, federal and industry representatives; and developing outreach and education materials related to marine aquaculture policy and management/science activities.  The deadline for applications is October 26, 2010.  For additional details and applications instruction, click here or visit the USAJobs website and search on "Fishery Management Specialist" or "Fishery Biologist."
NOAA Aquaculture Ecologist Earns NOS Employee of the Year Award

Dr. James A. Morris, an ecologist at NOAA's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research and an integral member of the Aquaculture Program's research team, received the National Ocean Service Employee of the Year Award in September.  Dr. Morris was recognized for his exceptional performance in support of invasive species research, mitigation of marine aquaculture impacts, and outreach.  The Employee of the Year award is the Ocean Service's highest recognition and honors recipients who demonstrate exceptional and sustained efforts toward the accomplishment of the agency mission.
Federal Funds Support Blue Mussel Culture in New England

An experimental aquaculture project in the waters off of Massachusetts and Rhode Island has yielded its first open-ocean, farm-raised blue mussels (Mytilus edulis).  Started in part with a $214,000 grant through NOAA's National Marine Aquaculture Initiative, the project is a collaboration among NOAA, fishermen, water farmers, a local processor, and local research institutions.  The first mussel harvest yielded approximately 2,000 pounds of mussels and generous information about growth rates and pea crab predation.  At present, the U.S. imports more than 90 percent of its mussels.  Click here to read the article in the August 27 Vineyard Gazette Online or here for a video posted to the Providence Journal website.

National Shellfisheries Association 103rd Annual Meeting to be Held March 27-31, 2011

The 103rd Annual Meeting of the National Shellfisheries Association will be held March 27-31, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Registration and the call for abstracts are now open.  The deadline for abstracts is December 13, 2010.  Visit the NSA website for more information.