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July 2010

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Hello everyone and thank you for being part of our online community. It's been a couple of months since you've heard from me and I have a lot to update you on. First, though, I want to let our friends and colleagues who live and work along the Gulf of Mexico know that they are in our thoughts every day as we follow the BP oil spill disaster. I've talked to Chuck Wilson and LaDon Swann, the directors of the Louisiana and Mississippi/Alabama Sea Grant Programs, and Harlon Pearce, Chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, and others in the region about what NOAA's Aquaculture Program could do to help the Gulf's aquaculture, oyster, and seafood businesses recover. Your ideas are welcome too. 
My column continues on our website. Please click here to read more.

Pacific Aquaculture Caucus Organizing U.S. Workshop on
Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

The Pacific Aquaculture Caucus is organizing the first-ever U.S. workshop to explore Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture on September 14-15, 2010, at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington. The workshop is limited to the first 150 registrants. The fee for the workshop is $25. Read more...
East Coast Shellfish Growers Publish Aquaculture BMP Manual

The East Coast Shellfish Growers Association published a new manual for shellfish growers in June titled, Best Management Practices for the East Coast Shellfish Aquaculture Industry. The manual provides a framework that will enable a shellfish farmer to write a comprehensive best management practices (BMP) document for their farm.  Read more...
Maine 'Cod Academy' Applications Due July 17

The new "Cod Academy" in Maine is a NOAA-funded project designed to teach interested fishermen the basics of cod aquaculture. To apply for a slot in the academy, interested participants must submit an application before July 17. Read more...
Technology Society Journal Focuses on U.S. Aquaculture
The Journal of the Marine Technology Society focused its May/June 2010 issue on aquaculture. The issue,  titled Sustainable U.S. Marine Aquaculture Expansion in the 21st Century, addresses the expansion of U.S. marine aquaculture, technological considerations, lessons learned from past practices, stock enhancement, and sustainability. Leaders in U.S. aquaculture research and technology development are featured, along with several leading aquaculturists. Read more ...
Abstracts for Shellfish Restoration Conference Due Aug. 13
Organizers have issued the first call for abstracts for the 13th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR) to be held November 17-20, 2010, in Charleston, SC. Abstracts are due by August 13. The conference will highlight progress in shellfish restoration over the past 25 years. More information in the conference is available on our website. Read more ...