September, 2009     Volume 5, Number 26

Here it is the end of summer; it's Autumn, back to school or for some, back to work....and all of my friends sound like they are making New Year's Resolutions. One is starting a monthly museum day with a hired docent for several girlfriends; another is taking a film class; and still another is committed to making healthy lunches. Something about this time of year seems to get all of us thinking about learning or experiencing something new, growing in some way or even changing something.
IAC Center is responding with more groups in more locations, and possibly something for everyone! We really believe in groups for both learning and lifting spirits. In fact here are the 5 top reasons to join a group:
  1. Overcome isolation - Groups provide emotional connections when people feel isolated from friends and family in relation to their issues.  Participants enjoy communicating with like minded people
  2. Build resilience, which is defined as the capacity to adapt to difficulties; and to discover or try new opportunities for personal growth and change.  According to the American Psychological Association "Nothing helps more with adversity and stress than to feel the support and understanding of other people. Creating connections is the number one way to build resilience."
  3. Learn something new, perhaps a resource or a coping tip.
  4. Feel validated and enhance self-esteem - discussing issues with others provides the members with a greater sense of perspective and control, and this may be the impetus to become more proactive
  5. Feel better - Improve your mood and decrease the feeling of emotional distress
Read More about this at: Groups: The Five Top Benefits and F.A.Q.
Consider joining us for:
Contact to sign up or if you would like more information. 
We get that not everyone is a group lover!  If you are a more private person you may prefer getting your sense of connection by talking to a very close friend or a counselor; or even attending a workshop where your role can be a more observational one allowing you to feel the emotional validation and learn something at the same time.  We offer counseling and workshops in Pennington, Red Bank; Montclair or Summit NJ; or in NYC.  Contact if you need help determining the best choice for you.
You may just want to take a few moments to read a new article about infertility or adoption, and then get on to your other Fall goals and pleasures.   

Or, find out about IAC Center Fall workshop highlights.  See the Calendar for more events of interest; and IAC Center Presentations at conferences and for professional organizations

If you are considering adoption or are an infertility or adoption professional, join us for our popular Crossing the Bridge from Infertility to Adoption Workshop on October 17, 2009 at the Princeton Hyatt.  Professionals will be happy to learn that for the first time this workshop is also available for 5 NASW CE credits.

IAC Center Baby Care for Adoptive Parents will be held on October 24, 2009 in Pennington, NJ. Home study certificates are available if approved by your agency. This workshop will be offered again on April 10, 2010 and we are seeking a NYC location for some time in 2010.

 Adoptive Parents may want some specific back to school tips to prepare their child and his teacher for questions about adoption in the classroom. 

  • I always like the clear and concise articles in the September issue of Adoptive Families Magazine. Start with Back-to-School Prep where you'll find downloadable handouts for your child's teacher, inspiring ideas for adoption presentations, creative approaches to sticky assignments, and more.
  • Check out the Concerned Persons for Adoption (CPFA) website at and click on the link to PDF to see the new section For Educators / School Personnel as well as parents of school-aged children. These twelve pages of information were an outgrowth of research, presentations, and experiences regarding adoption issues in the school. CPFA says you can feel free to print it out and give it to any parent or especially an educator who you feel can profit from it.....just be sure to credit CPFA.
  • And an excellent book choice for you or to gift to your child's school is Adoption and the Schools: Resources for Parents and Teachers by Lansing Wood/Nancy Ng.
And I hope you get to spend lots of time enjoying the many other Fall Pleasures!

One of my Fall Goals is to join June, a local Korean woman and friend of IAC Center, for a Korean lunch and presentation.  An IAC Center group member attended the lunch this summer, and shares her experience in an article, Cultural and Culinary Delights.  If you would enjoy this, a special invitation is below.  I plan on going in September.  In case you haven't picked this up yet, I am a true foodie.  So please send in any other ideas for special food events or restaurants directly to me at!

IAC Center's resolution for the new year is to meet the needs of individuals and families whose lives have been touched by infertility and adoption.

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If you were at the IAC Center Holiday Party you met June, a local woman who was serving the most delicious pears and wearing beautiful clothing from her country.  Now June is inviting families to her house for an authentic Korean lunch and presentation. 

June has extended an invitation for you to join her on:

Date:  September 13 or September 27 
Time: 11:30am
Place: at her home in Ringoes, NJ - directions will be provided
June is a lovely, sincere and generous woman and we believe that you will find this to be a wonderful opportunity to learn about either your child's birth culture or this culture if you do not have a personal relationship to it. Please note:  this event it not limited to families formed through adoption from Korea. June welcomes anyone interested in the culture.

RSVP - please contact Emily at 

Counseling offers a non-biased overview of family building options to facilitate individuals and couples in making timely decisions that are mindful of long term implications. Using a life-long short-term counseling model, counseling is available throughout the adoption life cycle for all adoption triad members.