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TODAY -- Texas Legislators Need to Hear from You about the Budget


Today, the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees are holding public hearings on budget-related bills that affect every Texan. They are busy underfunding education and health care, and they are hoping you won't notice. Nine out of 10 Texans in a recent poll oppose cutting public education and children's health care, yet that's exactly what this budget does. What's more:

  • More than twice as many Texas voters oppose these cuts as oppose using
    the Rainy Day Fund.
  • Only one voter in 10 opposes all the revenue-raising measures the
    Texas Legislature opposes. 

It is time for state leaders to stop being out of touch and start representing the views of the vast majority of Texans!



ACTION -- Call Your Members of the Senate Finance and

House Appropriations Committees

Use this simple message: "Stop planning for Texas to fail. You have other options! Use a balanced approach to our budget woes by spending the Rainy Day Fund, closing corporate tax loopholes, and finding new revenue."

If one or more of your legislators appear below, please be sure to call that office first, and say you're a constituent. Otherwise, please make as many calls as you have time for, starting with the committee chairs.


Senate Finance Committee
CHAIRMAN -- Sen. Steve Ogden, 1-888-510-4580
Sen. Juan Hinojosa, 1-888-812-0531
Sen. Bob Deuell, 1-888-285-6485
Sen. Robert Duncan, 1-888-723-0408
Sen. Kevin Eltife, 1-888-528-8431
Sen. Craig Estes, 1-888-626-0453
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., 1-888-674-1452 
Sen. Jane Nelson, 1-888-514-5807
Sen. Dan Patrick, 1-888-240-9856 
Sen. Kel Seliger, 1-888-550-4917 
Sen. Florence Shapiro, 1-888-534-6783
Sen. Royce West, 1-888-679-9047
Sen. John Whitmire, 1-888-745-1337 
Sen. Tommy Williams, 1-888-514-8930
Sen. Judith Zaffirini, 1-888-673-2153


House Appropriations Committee
CHAIRMAN -- Rep. Jim Pitts, 1-888-823-9190
Rep. Sylvester Turner, 1-888-828-0051
Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, 1-888-524-1161
Rep. Angie Chen Button, 1-888-524-6503 
Rep. Warren Chisum, 1-888-722-9074
Rep. Myra Crownover, 1-888-958-8864
Rep. Drew Darby, 1-888-393-6196 
Rep. Dawnna Dukes, 1-888-493-5439 
Rep. Craig Eiland, 1-888-534-1198 
Rep. Helen Giddings, 1-888-538-6703 
Rep. Lance Gooden, 1-888-562-0514 
Rep. Scott Hochberg, 1-888-554-8365
Rep. Eric Johnson, 1-888-579-6027 
Rep. Susan King, 1-888-624-4325 
Rep. Dee Margo, 1-888-697-9881 
Rep. Armando Martinez, 1-888-796-3769 
Rep. McClendon, 1-888-676-7021
Rep. Doug Miller, 1-888-817-2631 
Rep. Geanie Morrison, 1-888-745-1358
Rep. John Otto, 1-888-644-2670
Rep. Diane Patrick, 1-888-764-2596 
Rep. Debbie Riddle, 1-888-756-7637 
Rep. Charles Schwertner, 1-888-565-7143 
Rep. Mark Shelton, 1-888-823-9228 
Rep. Raul Torres, 1-888-840-2037 
Rep. Mike Villarreal, 1-888-841-9546 
Rep. John Zerwas, 1-888-838-0224