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Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas held its Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Awards Luncheon, sponsored by Dove and H-E-B, on Saturday, April 30.  


The annual meeting -- attended by 227 -- highlighted 2010 goals and accomplishments, and what a fantastic year 2010 was for the council. Bluebonnet Association was congratulated for having 100 percent participation at the 2010 annual meeting -- and both Bluebonnet and the Flight of the Mariposa Association achieved 100 percent participation at this year's meeting.


Installation Ceremony


A special installation ceremony, performed by outgoing ex-officio girl board members, Deanna Carman, Anyka Costilla, and Katelyn Juni, inducted newly-elected board members, board development committee members, and national council delegates and alternates. A special gift of a 100th anniversary pin with a girl charm was presented to each volunteer by the girls.


The new volunteer structure, unveiled by Pat Berlet, Volunteer Advisory Steering Committee Chair and LuAnn Berlet, National Operational Volunteer, is an all-inclusive model designed to ensure a partnership between volunteers and council staff to more efficiently serve girls and adult members throughout the region. 


Jody Rusk, GSSWT Chief Operating Officer, presented preliminary blueprints and photos of the Mobile Leadership Center, that will be ready in the fall -- so, outlying areas, look for a tour coming your way!


The Program Roll Out 2011, introduced by Jan DeHaven, Bluebonnet Association Chair, shared facts of how the journeys will work together with The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, due out this fall, to ensure a most dynamic program. Girl Scout T


Girl Scout Junior Tia D. Thomas introduced Chief Executive Officer, Anna Maria Chávez with an "original piece" that she so eloquently shared atop her riser behind the podium. See the astounding video of Tia sharing her poem here. And yes, this 11-year old did receive a standing ovation!


When Anna stepped to the podium after being introduced by Tia, she said, "Ladies and gentlemen, that's why we're here today." Anna's State of the Council address captured the monumental success of 2010 in a PowerPoint presentation -- view it here


Passing the Gavel 

Suzanne Peterson "passed the gavel" to Jackie Gorman-Johnson, the new Board Chair for 2011-2013. Before Suzanne was relieved of her "duties," she was presented the Yellow Rose of Texas declaration and a dozen yellow roses for her invaluable service to Girl Scouts in her tenure as Board Chair.



At the helm of her new position as Board Chair, Jackie promised to follow Juliette Gordon Low's advice -- "Right is right, even if no one else does it." 


GSSWT's 2010 Annual Report may be viewed here.


View the photo gallery of the annual meeting here.   

Volunteer Recognition Awards Luncheon 


The Volunteer Recognition Awards Luncheon -- attended by nearly 300 volunteers, community guests, and staff -- recognized astounding volunteers for their many hours of service and commitment to GSSWT.Suzanne Wade and Girl Scout L


Guest speaker Suzanne Wade, H-E-B San Antonio Food and Drug President, shared inspirational thoughts of what it means to evolve through change -- and that it's because of great change that GSSWT was able to have such a successful year in 2010.


Thirty-six volunteers and 12 staff members received numerical guards ranging from five years to an astonishing 70 years, which was achieved by Jean Peffers, who thanked her mom for her life-long passion for Girl Scouting.


Three Community Partner Awards, one Achievement Award, seven Appreciation Pins, four Executive Awards, three Honor Pins, two Daisy Pins, two Dinny Jahant Lighthouse Awards, and three Thanks Badges were presented at the luncheon.  


The Thanks Badge, given for service being so significantly beyond expectations that no other award is appropriate, was presented to Ann Hammonds, Suzanne Peterson, and Helen Schneider (click on a name to view the video presentation for each of these fabulous Girl Scout women).


Thanks Badge Recipients 

View the program and award recipients here


View the photo gallery of the awards luncheon here.


Sponsored by Doveand H-E-B