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Summer camp fun is just around the corner...  


And GSSWT's Summer Camp Guide 2011 is ready for you to begin planning what fun is to you -- click on the cover below!


Camp is a special place of self-discovery, laughter, fun, and personal growth. Girls learn and grow in a healthy, controlled environment -- they enjoy physical activity, perform daily living tasks, and plan their own adventurous program. Girls break-away from their home routine and create fun for themselves. They gain self-confidence and enjoy their shared independence under the guidance of trained camp counselors. 


Important Dates 

Here are a few important dates to mark in your family calendar:

  • Camp Mira Sol Open House -- March 5
  • Camp La Jita Open House -- March 6
  • Scholarship Applications due -- March 31
  • Camp Draw Deadline -- April 4
  • Camp Draw -- April 6
  • Camp Physical Night -- April 27

Learn more about all things camp at


Camp questions may be directed to Becky Jennings, Outdoor Program Manager, 210-349-2404/1-800-580-7247 ext. 205. 


Summer Camp Guide 2011