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Craving Girl Scout cookies? There's an app for that!


Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls, and the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country, generating more than $700 million for girls and communities nation-wide.


To better connect Girl Scouts and their cookies with customers, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas (GSSWT) and its partners are embracing technology and have introduced the Cookie Club - a web-based CRM software and measurement tool designed for girls age 8-12 - and a free mobile app for smart phones.


This afternoon, GSSWT unveiled these new tools at a news conference at Armstrong Moving & Storage. You can check out the video here.

The Most Delicious App Ever! Mobile App Favorites

GSSWT's partners at Little Brownie Bakers have made it possible for those craving Girl Scout cookies to click their way to finding America's favorite treat on-the-go by using their mobile phones. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is one of only 21 markets nationwide piloting a Girl Scout Cookie Locator app to better connect Girl Scouts and their cookies to customers.


The free mobile app is available for AT&T iPhone and Android users from iTunes, Android Marketplace or by calling **GSCOOKIES from any Smartphone. Features of the "most delicious app" include:
  • Find the Girl Scout cookie booth sale closest to your GPS location or by zip code or city and state
  • Choose the times you want to shop
  • Map you way to the nearest Girl Scout cookie booth sale
  • Add the sale day to your calendar
  • Discover your cookie personality and tell the world about it
  • Share sale locations and more with friends on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
"AT&T has a long-standing commitment to local communities and education, and we are proud to support Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas as it unveils the new Smartphone application to its local market. AT&T strongly believes that investing in a tech-savvy, well-educated workforce is crucial to help America remain the leader in a digital, global economy. That's why we are pleased to name the Girl Scout Cookie Locator app as AT&T's 'App of the Month," says Michelle Thomas, AT&T's Assistant Vice President for External Affairs.

Beginning this week, Girl Scout cookies will be available for purchase in front of your local H-E-B and other stores. Don't have a Smartphone? Find a Girl Scout cookie booth near you by visiting or calling 210-349-2404 (toll free 1-800-580-7247).

Cookie Club

With every season of Girl Scout cookies, another generation of girls learn essential skills, whether their goal is to start a business or a family. The Girl Scout Cookie Program focuses on things girls need to thrive in a rapidly changing world and embracing the benefits of technology is essential.

New this year, nearly 300 troops have used the Cookie Club tool, a members-only Web site where girls participating in the cookie program contact customers using relevant technology found in today's business world. 
Cookie Club Logo
"The Cookie Club allows girls to quickly tap a large number of customers while 'learning by doing' and experimenting with early technology skills," says Trish DeBerry, Honorary CEO, or Cookie Entrepreneur Officer, for the 2011 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Because the Cookie Club tool is built especially for girls ages 12 and under, it's colorful and entertaining. The Cookie Club lets thousands of younger girls jump into the exciting world of today's social media while protecting them from unwanted communications because no personal information is ever revealed.

Cookie Club membership begins with an adult volunteer, who establishes the account in a few simple steps. It's not too late to sign up for the Cookie Club, volunteers can get more information here.