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Dear Friends and Family,The Hansons


We're so excited to be able to share lots of great news with you, both about our growing family and about Casa Shalom.  As you will read below, on April 22, we welcomed into the world our first child, Sophia Kate, who was born prematurely at 34 weeks of gestation.  Sophia is a true miracle from the Lord - read more about her miraculous birth below.  The Lord is also working in amazing ways at Casa Shalom.  He is enabling us to accept even more children into the Casa Shalom family, and has allowed us to provide for them in a greater and better way.  Check out all the great Hanson family and Casa Shalom news below!

~ Josh and Jessica Hanson


Easter at Casa Shalom


Walter and Jason hunt eggsEaster 2011 was a special time at Casa Shalom!  We celebrated with a very special church service at the orphanage, where the Lord's resurrection and forgiveness of our sins was the focus of the message the children heard.  The Casa Shalom kids also celebrated Easter in the 3rd annual Easter egg hunt, where they searched for hundreds of eggs hidden all across the orphanage property.  All the children, big and small, like Jayson and Walter above enjoyed the egg hunt and the Easter celebrations!
Introducing baby Sophia Kate!

The HansonsWe are excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Hanson family: baby Sophia Kate was born on April 22nd, and although she came six weeks prematurely at only 3 pounds and 10 ounces, we are so happy to welcome her into our world!  
Many of you may have known that we were planning on having little Sophia in Guatemala, but God had other plans!  

Sophia came via an emergency c-section ordered by an obstetrician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies when we were visiting Jessica's family in Florida over Easter.  Jessica had developed a severe version of preeclampsia, called HELLP syndrome, which can be fatal to both mother and baby.  Delivery is the only treatment, and Jessica's doctor told her that without delivery, she would survive only another 24 hours!  For more on how the Lord miraculously spared both Jessica and Sophia, check out the April 27th post on the Hansons' blog.   

Please keep us in your prayers as we patiently wait for Sophia to leave the neonatal intensive care unit.  In the meantime, we will be performing our directors' duties long-distance, and Josh will be "commuting" between Guatemala and the United States to handle our responsibilities at Casa Shalom. 

We will also be focusing on our fundraising efforts while in the USA - for more info on how to partner with us in ministry, see below.


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Estefany's story



Meet Estefany, one of Casa Shalom's newest children.  Estefany, age 9, came to us in April from the nearby town of Chimaltenango after being abandoned by her mother.  Her elderly grandmother had been attempting to raise her, but was simply too ill to care for the girl.  We welcomed Estefany with open arms and lots of love. She was enrolled in school the day after her arrival, and is already thriving among her nine house sisters!  Praise the Lord for bringing Estefany to Casa Shalom.


Under Construction


Water tank

Right now, construction is underway on a brand-new 25,000 gallon water tank at Casa Shalom!  The tank is being built at the highest point on the property, in order to provide greater water pressure to the children's houses.  This will also allow us to discontinue the use of an electric pump, and will save money on electricity, which is very expensive in Guatemala.  



Ministering at 
Casa Shalom

We are excited about the many teams that will be ministering at the orphanage this summer - we will be hosting groups from Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Minnesota! Please keep these short-term missions teams in your prayers as they minister to Casa Shalom's kids and perform much-needed work projects!

The HansonsAs missionaries, we must raise our own support to serve as directors of Casa Shalom. In these tough economic times we realize you must prayerfully choose where to invest your charitable contributions. We ask you to pray and consider a donation to our ministry which allows us to continue to stay in Guatemala and serve the children of Casa Shalom.  We do not have our funds raised for our current budget year - but we are trusting God to supply the need.

You can donate online by clicking on our secure Paypal link. (You do not need to have a Paypal account, but you will need a credit card.)

You may also donate by mailing a check to:
Cross Community Church
2575 Lone Pine Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
(Please place: Missionaries - Hanson on the memo line or an enclosed note) or you can send your support to:

Church of God World Missions
2490 Keith Street
Cleveland, TN 37320-8016
(Please place project number 065-0830 on the memo line or an enclosed note.)

For more information, please contact us at TheHansonsinGuatemala@gmail.com
or visit our blog at: TheHansonsinGuatemala.blogspot.com

Grace and Peace to you from
Josh and Jessica Hanson