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March 2011

Dear Friends and Family,


The first two months of 2011 have been a time of great growth and change at Casa Shalom. Since the beginning of January, the orphanage has welcomed 14 new children - they range in age from 1-year-old twins to 12-years-old.  The children come from different parts of Guatemala, and were placed at the orphanage for various reasons such as abandonment and abuse, but all have one thing in common: they arrived spiritually, physically and emotionally broken and needy. We thank the Lord for the chance to minister to His precious children!  There is nothing like feeding a child his or her first hot meal in months, or watching a boy or girl who has never had the chance to study excitedly board the bus for their first day of school. We ask for your continued prayer support and financial backing as we minister to "the least of these".



 Josh and Jessica Hanson



Ministering to "the least of these"

Eight new siblings

Casa Shalom has recently received over a dozen new children, and we are joyful at the opportunity to be able to provide for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.  None of the children came to us more needy than a group of 8 siblings that came to Casa Shalom from the local town of Antigua, after their mother and father abandoned them. The oldest child, a girl of 12, had been raising her seven younger siblings, including twin 1-year-old girls, since their parents left, and the children were barely surviving on a diet of raw tortilla dough and coffee.  When Social Services brought the 8 to Casa Shalom, they were dirty, lice-infested, barefoot and had never been to school. The twin girls showed signs of physical abuse. Since their arrival, God has done a miracle in the children's lives. The oldest 4 have begun attending school, and all are in better shape both physically and emotionally. The photo below was taken a mere 2 weeks after their arrival at Casa Shalom - it is amazing the difference lots of love, care and good food can make!

New siblings after 2 weeks
The Hanson Family is Growing!


We are happy to announce that along with Casa Shalom, the Hanson family is growing!  We are expecting our first child, a little girl who is due on June 1st.


We feel blessed by this new addition to our family, and we ask that you keep us in your prayers as we await the birth of little Sophia!


Fruitful - A New Orchard
Little girls

In February, Casa Shalom was blessed by the planting of a new orchard full of fruit trees!  A team from the Life Academy school in Bloomington, Minnesota purchased the fruit trees and planted them during their recent short-term missions trip to Casa Shalom. The fruit trees include peaches, lemons, grapefruits, pomegranates and pears. The fruit will be a great addition to the diet of Casa Shalom kids like Abby, Catalina, Viviana and Linda, above.  

New school uniforms
New school uniforms
The Casa Shalom kids are sporting brand new school uniforms thanks to donations from their sponsors!  A big "thank you" to all the sponsors who donated toward the purchase of a uniform for their sponsored child or a child who is not yet sponsored. Above, a group of Casa Shalom kids pose in their new uniforms.  If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a child by becoming a sponsor, please contact us at TheHansonsinGuatemala@gmail.com


First International Casa Shalom
Soccer Tournament
Martin and Juan Carlos at soccer tournament
Last month, Casa Shalom hosted a soccer tournament that attracted teams from over a dozen local churches and a team from the Life Academy school in Bloomington, Minnesota. For 2 days, the teams competed against each other for first, second and third place trophies.  A team of teen boys from Casa Shalom took home the first place trophy!  The tournament raised awareness of the orphanage among local churches, and raised funds for the home through the sale of lunches and snacks at the orphanage's snack shack. Above: Casa Shalom kids Martin and Juan Carlos take on an opponent in the first day of the tournament.


Click here to check out a great video made by Oliver and Amber Marmol,  team members from a trip to Casa Shalom by Cross Community and Ridge Community churches in Florida.

Josh and Jess with kidsAs missionaries, we must raise our own support to serve as directors of Casa Shalom. In these tough economic times we realize you must prayerfully choose where to invest your charitable contributions. We ask you to pray and consider a donation to our ministry which allows us to continue to stay in Guatemala and serve the children of Casa Shalom.  We do not have our funds raised for our current budget year - but we are trusting God to supply the need.   



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Grace and peace to you from
Josh and Jessica Hanson