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Dear Friends and Family,Anggie

Greetings from Guatemala!  Early summer has been a time of many positive changes here at Casa Shalom. In addition to providing fun outings like a recent trip to the Tikal archaeological ruins and a day-camp at a local park, we are focusing on making life a little bit better for all Casa Shalom's kids, like Anggie, right. The planting of a vegetable garden will provide more nutritious food, and the start of weekly cosmetology courses will help the teen girls prepare for life as adults outside the orphanage. Many thanks to those whose prayers and financial support allow us to minister to the beautiful children of Casa Shalom!

USA Bound
We are excited to have recently completed 2 years as missionaries at Casa Shalom, and we are looking ahead to our third year of ministering at Casa Shalom.  In September and October, we will be in the United States to raise funds for our third year on the mission field. We ask that you keep us in prayer as we speak at churches to raise our support that allows us to continue our ministry in Guatemala to kids like Colim, right. If you are a pastor and are interested in having us share our ministry with your congregation, please let us know.  Click here to contact us.
Sowing and Reaping
The kids till
the garden plot
In late May and early April, the kids of Casa Shalom tilled the ground to prepare it for a new vegetable garden.  After tilling and fertilizing, they planted several different types of vegetables like onions, lettuce, peppers and zucchini. 

Like in the Casa Shalom's chicken farm and bakery, the kids will work in the garden in order to learn skills they can use to survive when they leave the orphanage as an adult!

A growing garden
A growing garden

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Hope and a Future
4 new children
In the last two months, Casa Shalom has received nine new children!  One came to us from the streets of Antigua, where he was abandoned by his family and warded off hunger by sniffing glue.  The four you see above - Brandon, Marlon, Juan Carlos and Vivian, have lived in the largest garbage dump in Guatemala City since their mother was murdered on Christmas day of 2008.  There, they scavenged for food and items to sell.  The kids were brought to Casa Shalom last month, have been enrolled in school, and are thriving in their new home!  Below is a photo of four more new Casa Shalom kids. From left: siblings Lester, Yuliza, Josue and Raquel were brought to Casa Shalom in June after their mother became mentally unstable and tried to murder her children.  Praise God that she was not successful, and that these beautiful kids now have a loving, safe environment where they can grow and flourish.Lester Josue Raquel Yuliza
Tikal Adventure
Waltercito, Alex,
Yefri and Cesar
Toddlers at Tikal
In June, Casa Shalom's kids got to experience the adventure of a lifetime!  As a reward for those who achieved academic excellence in their classes, a team from LifeChurch in Bloomington, MN, took them on a trip to see the Mayan archaeological ruins of Tikal, in Peten, Guatemala. During the 12-hour drive, we stopped at sites like the San Felipe Castle, built in the 1600's to protect Guatemala's coast from pirates, and giant underground cave system. But more than anything, the kids enjoyed exploring the pyramids and other ruins at Tikal, and learned a lot about their Guatemalan heritage at the same time!

Day Camp Fun!
Alex playing
wiffle ball
Alex at the bat
In June the kids also enjoyed  a 2-day camp provided by a team from Maranatha Church and Gates of Praise Church, both in Florida. 

Josh and Jess with kids
By participating with us financially, you become a part of the Casa Shalom family! Your donations make our work with the children of Casa Shalom possible, and you can donate online through our website:

or email us at TheHansonsinGuatemala@gmail.com

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Josh and Jessica Hanson