Happy Holidays from Purposeful Partnerships, LLC
This year has been one of trials and testing for many of us. During these times we need to remember that through them, new life occurs and that if we look hard enough, treasure can be found in the rubble of tribulation. It is often during tough times that we learn about what really matters in life and make lasting changes for the future.
 My prayer for each of you during this holiday season is for hope. Please know that when I say "Merry Christmas" to you, I'm expressing my heart's desire for you ...
  • Hope - to see the potential in every circumstance as a foundation for a better tomorrow.
  • Opportunity - to recognize each new opportunity for what it is...a chance for a new beginning.
  • Perseverance - to press on even when you see no end in sight, knowing that eventually you will reap a harvest for your efforts.
  • Encouragement - to take risks in following your heart's desire.
May each of you have overflowing hope as you celebrate this season, in anticipation of great things to come, knowing that you are not alone. Expect the best. Live in love.
All the best,
Janna Rust
Purposeful Partnerships, LLC
 "Connecting Learning with Living and Leading"
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