February 2008
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President Finalist Visits UCCS
UCCS to Offer Sport Management Program
Katrina Course Generates Campus, Community, Global Interest
Dr. Barbara Swaby Endowed Professorship

Upcoming Events
January 31 - February 17: Theaterworks presents "Blithe Spirit"
Learn more online.
February 19, 6:30 pm:
Cafe Scientifique featuring Assistant Professor of Biology Jeff Broker at Poor Richard's Bookstore
Dr. Broker will give a presentation entitled "Get a Grip: Measuring Grip Pressures and Forces in Golf to Understand Club Control"
Learn more online, or call (719) 262-3180.

February 22, 5:30 pm:
Opening Reception - Dario Solman at the Gallery of Contemporary Art
Learn more online.

February 28, 5:30 - 7:00 pm:
School of Public Affairs Alumni and Friends Networking Reception

Featuring a brief presentation entitled "An Insider's View of Arts and Culture in the Pikes Peak Region"
RSVP to Mary Lou Kartis by February 25 or call (719) 262-4182 for more information.
March 13 - April 6:
Theaterworks presents "Dar al-Harb"
Learn more online.
Greetings! Jennifer Hane

As you've probably seen over the past several weeks, there are significant changes taking place both at UCCS and within the CU System. As such, it's a great time to reconnect with your alma mater and become involved in shaping the future of the campus.
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Jennifer Hane, BA 2001, MPA 2004
Director of University Events and Alumni Relations
  President Finalist Visits UCCS

Bruce BensonBruce Benson, sole finalist for CU president, attended forums and fielded questions from UCCS faculty, staff and students on February 5 and 8.
An estimated 20 students attended a February 8 forum to meet Benson as he capped off a week-long three-campus tour of interviews. On February 5, he met with a standing-room only crowd at the University Center where faculty and staff peppered him with questions ranging from his stance on academic freedom to his activities on behalf of conservative Republicans.

Acknowledging that there are "real financial problems ahead" for the CU system, Benson presented himself as an innovative fundraiser privy to the ear of policy makers on both sides of the political aisle.

"I believe in using my political connections to better my causes," Benson said. "And this is my cause now."

Labeling faculty the "heart and soul" of the university, and UCCS the state's "best kept secret," Benson vowed to make faculty retention and recruitment, and marketing campus initiatives, a top priority.

Benson estimates he'd spend 25 percent of his time monitoring and managing the campuses and 75 percent working outside to find grants and to increase federal funding to promote higher education.

To see Silver and Gold Record coverage of Benson's campus visits, click here

  UCCS to Offer Sport Management Program
SportA new undergraduate program in sport management will begin this fall in the College of Business and Administration at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Campus leaders recently approved the program and Eric Olson, professor, Business, as its director.

"Colorado Springs, with its focus both on leisure and athletic industries, needs graduates who understand the complexities of this particular business," Venkat Reddy, dean, College of Business, said. "Dr. Olson will do an exceptional job of leading our efforts in this area."

As an extension of the existing marketing emphasis within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the new program will offer students the opportunity to complete multiple internships in the sports industry. These internships, in combination with interdisciplinary coursework, will prepare students for careers in a dynamic industry, Olson said.

Internship partners include the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation, the U.S. Olympic Training Center, USA Hockey, USA Basketball, USA Volleyball, USA Swimming, US Figure Skating, USA Wrestling, USA Archery, USA Badminton, USA Triathlon, USA Fencing, the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, World Arena, and State Games of America.

Enrollment will be limited to 45 freshmen and 20 sophomore and junior undergraduates, Olson said, with students encouraged to apply. For more information, visit the program website or contact Olson, (719) 262-3345, or Glenn Steimling, director, Undergraduate Programs, (719) 262-3587.
  Katrina Course Generates Campus, Community, Global Interest

EarthLook around campus and you'll notice faculty-to-student ratios in the classrooms are generally low. But one class offered this spring, Katrina: The Nation at a Crossroads, turns that ratio on its ear.

For the approximately 20 students enrolled in the ethnic studies/women's studies course, there are more than 30 speakers who represent local and visiting specialists from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. In addition, individuals affected by the 2005 hurricane and some who took part in the relief efforts will speak with the class.

It doesn't take advanced math to figure out that's more than one "instructor" per student.

"When we first began brainstorming about the class, I decided to circulate an e-mail to UCCS faculty and staff asking anyone interested in the topic to contact me," Andrea Herrera, director, Women's and Ethnic Studies Program, said. "Without exaggeration, within less than 60 seconds I received three responses. Within a day, nearly 40 people expressed interest in the course and volunteered their time and expertise. The response was overwhelming."

Herrera and Michael Larkin, instructor, Geography, are the faculty members responsible for pulling together this far-reaching lineup.  The idea for the course sprang from a conversation about Spike Lee's documentary "When the Levees Broke."

"Michael suggested that we present the film as part of the Women's and Ethnic Studies Film Series," Herrera said. "This led to a discussion of the idea that Katrina had virtually disappeared off of the public's radar screen. It was at that moment that Michael and I realized that we needed to teach a course that would keep the conversation about Katrina going, a conversation about the devastating and ongoing effects of the Hurricane throughout the entire Gulf Coast region, a conversation about the reality that was put into stark relief regarding the racial and class inequality that continues to haunt our nation."

Some of the themes that will be addressed include the role of race, gender, and class in the disaster; New Orleans' unique physical and cultural geography; the role of the media in covering the events; the political and cultural aftermath; and artistic or cultural responses to the hurricane.

"Our efforts have attracted both national and international attention," Herrera said. "In addition to corresponding with specialists from across the United States, I am in contact with a colleague from the University of Liverpool.  Our syllabus was also posted on a national web site. As a result, I am collaborating with colleagues from across the country, including the Gulf Coast, who are teaching similar courses. In addition to sharing information and resources, I have received quite a bit of feedback regarding the structure and content of our course."

All lectures and presentations are open to the campus and the community. The class meets 4:30 p.m. to 8:05 p.m., Tuesdays in Dwire Hall 121.

Course highlights include:

  • March 11: "By Invitation Only," screening with film producer Rebecca Snedecker
  • March 18: 5:30 p.m. Read-In at the Kraemer Family Library with Gregory Squires, professor, George Washington University, and co-editor of the collection, "There is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster."  The book will be available for purchase before the lecture with proceeds directed to relief efforts.
  • April 8: "Katrina Through the Eyes of Children," traveling art exhibit featuring the artwork of children impacted by the hurricane.
  • April 29: "Still Waiting," screening with filmmaker  Kate Browne, Colorado State University

For more information, contact Andrea Herrera at (719) 262-4001.

Dr. Barbara Swaby Endowed Professorship
Barbara SwabyThe College of Education at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is pleased to announce a committed and passionate effort to establish the Dr. Barbara Swaby Endowed Professorship. The professorship will provide the resources needed to continue providing free reading clinics to the children of Colorado Springs.
An Endowed Professorship honors the individual for whom it is named and the individual who holds the position.  It enables the college to make a financial commitment to faculty and his or her area of passion creating an environment where excellent work and creative discovery occur.  An endowed chair attracts the best faculty in their fields and adds long-term stability to the college.
Dr. Barbara Swaby has been changing lives one child at a time.  For more than 30 years, she has worked with thousands of children.  Her contributions and accomplishments span the local, state, national, and international levels.
She states, "My commitment to community service is total. I view it as a personal mandate, a valued opportunity and a way to show gratitude for the space I occupy on Earth."
Literacy in Our Community
Although the role of community service has been historically the least mandated based on university requirements, Dr. Swaby views her service in this area to be a major priority: "My job at the university is to teach teachers how to become leaders in the field of literacy, and as such, how to create a literate society."
Her responsibilities do not end at the conclusion of her classes. She is compelled to go into the community and to be an ambassador of literacy, even to those who may never enter the university community. As such, she spends a great deal of her time conducting literacy workshops for teachers, administrators, parents, and other community groups. Her work with teachers and administrators has been very effective and has resulted in the improvement of reading instruction in several schools in this region. This strong link between the reading program and the community forges vital community relationships and extends the reach of the university as well. 
Beloved by Our Community
"Dr. Swaby has helped me become a more knowledgeable, flexible, and resourceful teacher. I have seen some of the sacrifices that Dr. Swaby has made to mentor educators in this community, and I'm proud to have been one of them."
- Anita Waller, 2nd grade teacher
The Time is Now
The time is now for supporting the vision and legacy of Dr. Barbara Swaby. With your help, UCCS can build upon and honor the legacy of Dr. Swaby by establishing the Dr. Barbara Swaby Professorship in the College of Education.
For more information, contact Jaime McMullen-Garcia at (719) 535-4480.
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