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I've enjoyed the magazine, the emails that come out on Wednesdays, the website that has some great stuff on it, and now Not only are they good resources and very encouraging, but the writers and the customer service people I've contacted for various things have been extra nice.

 --Carla Earley, Tallahassee, Florida




Thanks ever so much. I love the encouraging articles! I really loved the list of 25 all in one place. Nice to have this little bit of "free" encouragement in my mail. I don't have funds to subscribe or purchase frills and with also working more than half time I don't have time to search it out. May God bless you exceedingly.

--Teresa, rural Kansas



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August 8, 2012

Who Teaches Calculus??   



Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


Deborah is taking a break this week. Enjoy an article by Lori Lynn Lydell, Assistant to the Director of Operations at TOS.


I took calculus my senior year of high school. There were six students in the class. The other members of our senior class had elected to take a light year and were playing with guinea pigs in the advanced biology class. I'm glad I took calculus. I was a math major in college and my high school calculus course prepared me for the college calculus course. The other students in my calculus class went on to higher science degrees, so they needed high school calculus as well. And the rest of my senior class who played with the guinea pigs? They survived college without taking calculus!


For many degrees, college algebra is all that's needed for the math requirement. Calculus is for students who are planning on higher degrees in math or science. But a student who is planning to major in English or history does not need calculus. A senior year should be a preparation for the future. Instead of following a pre-scripted high school plan, choose courses that point your children to their future careers and passions. For some students, that plan will include a high school calculus course. But for others, calculus would just be frustrating and fruitless.


Now you say, "I'm a mom! I'm the teacher! I struggled teaching algebra. And now you're saying that my daughter who dreams of a degree in chemistry needs to take calculus!?! Who teaches calculus?" Relax. Breathe. You can do it. Ok, maybe you can't do it. But you can find someone who can. You have options. Some people have success with D.I.V.E. DVDs. Or, Switched on Schoolhouse has a pre-calculus course. Try typing "calculus online" into your search engine. has lots of links and resources for calculus help. There are free on-line texts of calculus courses and colleges offering on-line courses. Contact your local college and ask if your child can audit a first-year college calculus course.


You could ask if there is anyone willing to teach or tutor your child in your church or homeschool group. In our county there is a high school homeschooling program that offers higher math and science courses. Maybe there is a program like that in your area. You have lots of options. You do not have to be the one to present calculus to your senior.


Who teaches calculus? Lots of people do. But it doesn't have to be you!


Lori Lynn Lydell


For questions or comments, contact:



TOS Senior Editor



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Schoolhouse Teachers  


So what about advanced subjects? I think that homeschoolers hear this question only a little less than the famous "What about socialization?" question. I guess we should be flattered that people aren't concerned about our ability to teach addition facts, and they're positive that our children are going to take calculus!


My oldest son is just beginning high school, and I confess I've experienced worry about making sure I do everything "right." But there are some important things to remember. First, not every student is going to want or need to take every type of advanced class. Every public high-schooled student does not take calculus, and neither does every homeschooled student. But if you do find that your student is going to be ready to take classes that are beyond your ability to teach, there are options.


Independent study. There are many subjects that, given the right text, a student can teach himself. If the text includes video instruction, that makes it even better for the independent learner


Outside classes. There are more opportunities for homeschoolers to take a class or two outside the home. Many use the community college to help, but there are many online class opportunities that allow for student-teacher interaction while keeping the student home.



Speaking of math, have you looked at the fantastic high school math lessons from David Chandler on We've added one of his complete lessons ( to our site samples page so members and non-members alike can view this fantastic resource! These lessons are wonderful for helping students see math from a different angle. While you're there, be sure to check out all the site samples (


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Schoolhouse Teachers 


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Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries  


Right now I'm chained to my computer, with a look of defiance on my face. I will not back down . . . they can run over me with a tank if they want, push bamboo shoots under the fingernails, drip water on my head, but I refuse to let the engines of school push us into the school year. So I will NOT talk about calculus--whatever kind of animal that is.


It's only August 8th for goodness sake, when I was kid that meant another month of summer vacation. Now, some poor wretched kids have already been in school a couple of days.


Oh, yes, school-balrog*--you shall not pass!!!


But I will say make these last days of summer special. Finish out the Olympics, do that one thing you've been promising to do all summer, or spend the day at the lake, beach, or mountains. Do not give up the last days of summer without a fight. Your kids are counting on you to wring the last bit of fun from it before the tanks of school rumble down the street.


Enjoy today; I mean it!!!


Be Real,



*see JRR Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring



World Atlas is an educational resource for home school students Math and teachers as it provides in-depth geography information, as well as free up-to-date maps of capital cities, continents, countries, landforms, provinces, states and much, much more . . .  




Does society make you feel like a second-class citizen because  you choose to stay at home with your children? Discover God's role for parents in Deborah Wuehler's editorial "What are Parents For?"


Relational Homeschooling  

Diana Waring
Diana Waring


Diana is away this week, but will return August 15. Visit her website for information about relational homeschooling.





Creation Revolution    


Did you know that some termites die to protect their colony? Read "Termite Suicide Bombers" to learn why and how some aging worker termites defend the colony with their lives.

Contest Corner 

For the month of August, 2012  


Go Science: Volume 6 (Water, Space, Solar System)


Library and Educational Services is a wholesale supplier of Christian, wholesome, educational books, CDs, DVDS, games, and more.  They offer a 30-70 % discount to wholesale customers including resellers, educators, libraries, churches, and schools.  Homeschoolers are considered educators and are able to create a free account and purchase through LES!  We had an opportunity to review one of their many products: Go Science DVDs.


Go Science is a DVD Series featuring Ben Roy who teaches Science Methods at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is the former director of a science program on television.  There are 6 DVDS in the series: Vol 1 Motion, Vol 2 Simple Machines, Sound, and Weather, Vol 3 Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering and Design, Vol 4 Chemistry, States of Matter, and Life Sciences, Vol 5 Air and Flight, and Vol 6 Water, Space, and Solar System.  Throughout the DVDs, Ben captivates, inspires, and motivates children ages 6-14 to be excited about science while giving them instruction based on scientific phenomenon. More importantly, each of his demonstrations has a spiritual application and points to our Creator, God. (...)


To read the rest of this Crew review Click Here.


You can win this DVD!



Email Deb ( with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Go Science" for a chance to win* the DVD!


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