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I've enjoyed the magazine, the emails that come out on Wednesdays, the website that has some great stuff on it, and now Not only are they good resources and very encouraging, but the writers and the customer service people I've contacted for various things have been extra nice.

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Thanks ever so much. I love the encouraging articles! I really loved the list of 25 all in one place. Nice to have this little bit of "free" encouragement in my mail. I don't have funds to subscribe or purchase frills and with also working more than half time I don't have time to search it out. May God bless you exceedingly.

--Teresa, rural Kansas



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August 1, 2012

Grammar Worries & How to Get Around Them


Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


Grammar.  For some reason, and for many years, that word just didn't bring up good feelings in me or my children. (And how exactly do we know if the previous sentence is grammatically correct? In fact, my computer is highlighting it as incorrect grammar. Evidently, I still have lots to learn!)


I have found in my own homeschool that it's all in the way I teach grammar, and in the timing of teaching grammar that makes it most successful.


In the elementary years, we focus on elementary grammar like punctuation and nouns and verbs and adjectives and the like. We do this slowly, and within their own individual writing.  In the junior high school years, we normally add a grammar workbook. And in the high school years, we teach structure and style and more grammar, and sometimes even sentence diagramming. 


If you have a positive attitude about grammar, then it will come out in your instruction. You can search online and find fun games and ways to learn grammar in a delightful way.  If you find yourself lost in the teaching of grammar, our August issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine offers some practical helps:



Oh, and of course, the Bible is a great example of how grammar works in literature. There is a reason for every "jot and tittle" and it is good to find out what those reasons are. We have used Scripture verses in our school as memory and copywork. We can never underestimate the power of the Word of God in our children's hearts and minds. This kind of copywork not only teaches great grammar, but is the beginning of all other knowledge!


God bless you this week as you continue to keep God's children Home Where They Belong. You can do this -- even teach grammar! 



TOS Senior Editor


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Schoolhouse Teachers  


It's that time of year again. Worry is setting in. Not that I'm a proponent of worry. As a matter of fact, I often find myself reminding my kids that worry is as useful as a handle on a snowball! Perhaps it's time I start listening to my own reminders. Yet as I look at the date on the calendar, worry and stress begin to seep into my thoughts. The school year is approaching quickly, and I find myself fretting through the planning process. Can you relate?


Several times a day it seems my mind travels to my mental schoolroom. I begin to worry about curriculum choices. Is math covered? How about science? History? What music lessons should we do? How about swim lessons? Do I want to sign up for field trip groups? What about co-ops? Which homeschool conventions should I attend? English! Did I plan for English? *sigh* See what I mean? I find myself trapped inside of my mental schoolroom, once again paralyzed by worry, fretting that I may forget something.


I remind myself to sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. Read Matthew 6:25-27. This is a constant, living reminder that everything is going to be OK. So the next time you find yourself caught up in worry, remember that worry gains you nothing--but freedom from worry gains you much. So let's see . . . math? Check! Science? Check! History? Check . . .

  STC Div

Did you know that can be a stress reliever? It's my personal "worry-free" zone. I can use my planning time efficiently and find so many useful lessons at my fingertips. Now, what's covered on my checklist? How about some guidance with grammar?  Check out the Daily Grammar activities at


Need some clever way to enhance your curriculum? Visit to meet teachers who have planned some great lessons! You can even download our 2012-13 Schoolhouse Planners as part of your membership. You can have a teacher's planner and student planners for the whole year. There are student planners for all ages and needs: elementary, middle school, high school, and special needs. You can download some sample pages of the Schoolhouse Planner from this page: Now that's organization that helps make me worry-free!


Join now! It's as easy as Point. Click. Teach.


Lori Scheele


Schoolhouse Teachers 


In Applied Grammar, writing, grammar, and fun go hand in hand
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hands-on tools and activities to make grammar understandable and writing better. Good for use with all students, and especially
helpful with dyslexic/ language difficulties. 
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The Familyman
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries  


Before I address the grammar worries dilemma, let me first respond to all of you who have asked, "When are you going to offer a new Homeschool Cartoon Calendar?" Well, we have a new one and it's now available. In fact, this handy dandy, school-year calendar (Aug 2012-July 2013) has 12 brand new, never-before-seen-by-homeschooling-eyes cartoons!!! So what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself and one for a friend.


Now back to the business at hand . . . how to get around grammar worries. First of all, don't worry (God said not to). Second of all, stop doing grammar if it's stressing you or your kids out. If you've been around long enough, you know what I'm going to say. I'm just about convinced that the only purpose of grammar is to give textbook printers another book to print and schools another class to offer.


I make my living writing and speaking . . . yet I don't know didly about grammar. I can't diagram sentences and don't know the difference between a direct object and an indirect object. Now if your child is planning on become an English teacher or editor, it might come in handy, but to just trudge through the grammar treadmill because someone said "kids need to know grammar" is silly.


My secret is that if you know how to talk well . . . er . . . good, you'll learn to write well. Hey, and if you need some help on grammar, there are plenty of helps available.


You homeschool, and the beauty of homeschooling is that if you think grammar is important, then you can teach it, and if you don't, then you don't have to. So if you think I'm all wet, then go ahead and teach your children about dangling parti-thingamajigs. But if you keep asking yourself, "Why do my kids need to know this stuff . . . it seems useless to me?" then allow me to swing wide the cell door and point the way out.


Be real,


Easy Grammar Systems Dr. Wanda Phillips

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DAILY GRAMStexts, grades 3 - 7, includes 180 daily, 10-minute reviews.
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Relational Homeschooling  

Diana Waring
Diana Waring


Dear Friends,


I love what Jesus said in Matthew 6:27.  Have you ever pondered its meaning in your own life?  I have!  I mean, really, which of us have actually grown taller through worrying about our height?


That's ridiculous, you say.


You're exactly right. 


Now, let's take the absolute ridiculousness of worrying about our height (since it doesn't do a bit of good) and apply it to today's subject:  Grammar Worries . . .


Does it help our kids learn grammar when we're worried about it? When we are marking their papers wrong; nagging them to do better?




So, what does help them learn grammar?


Well, based on my own experience with my kids, I would have to say, "Find ways to play with and enjoy grammar."  That is what will help them to absorb it, learn it, remember it, and be able to use it!


Can you imagine playing with grammar?   I couldn't . . . until one September day when I pulled out the grammar book we had picked up at a homeschool convention.


(Forgive me if you've already heard this story, but it bears repeating.)


The very first page had a list of prepositions that students were supposed to memorize.


Oh, dear.  I knew that my kids were not going to do well with that, especially my constantly-moving, always-fidgeting Michael.  If we were going to make it through that grammar lesson, it was going to have to be physical and fun!


That's when the idea came to me of acting out each of the prepositions:  in, around, under, behind, above . . .


Believe me, we were acting and looking like monkeys, as we tried to find ways to physically demonstrate those words!  We were all laughing, enjoying so much the opportunity to be crazy.


And that's the sort of fun activity that I mean.  The more your kids enjoy it, the better they will remember it. And, best of all, you'll be building fabulous memories that will stay with them throughout their lives.


Be encouraged!  Take one step at a time, break down each piece into something that you can have fun with, and, before you know it, your kids will be running grammatical circles around you!!


Stay relational,





Creation Revolution    


What creature helps keep the world from being overrun by insects and produces silk that is as strong as the threads used to make Kevlar? Did you guess the spider? You're correct! Read "Secrets of Spider Silk" to learn more about the webs spiders weave.

Contest Corner 

For the month of August, 2012  


Go Science: Volume 6 (Water, Space, Solar System)


Library and Educational Services is a wholesale supplier of Christian, wholesome, educational books, CDs, DVDS, games, and more.  They offer a 30-70 % discount to wholesale customers including resellers, educators, libraries, churches, and schools.  Homeschoolers are considered educators and are able to create a free account and purchase through LES!  We had an opportunity to review one of their many products: Go Science DVDs.


Go Science is a DVD Series featuring Ben Roy who teaches Science Methods at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is the former director of a science program on television.  There are 6 DVDS in the series: Vol 1 Motion, Vol 2 Simple Machines, Sound, and Weather, Vol 3 Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering and Design, Vol 4 Chemistry, States of Matter, and Life Sciences, Vol 5 Air and Flight, and Vol 6 Water, Space, and Solar System.  Throughout the DVDs, Ben captivates, inspires, and motivates children ages 6-14 to be excited about science while giving them instruction based on scientific phenomenon. More importantly, each of his demonstrations has a spiritual application and points to our Creator, God. (...)


To read the rest of this Crew review Click Here.


You can win this DVD!



Email Deb ( with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Go Science" for a chance to win* the DVD!


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