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Thanks ever so much. I love the encouraging articles! I really loved the list of 25 all in one place. Nice to have this little bit of "free" encouragement in my mail. I don't have funds to subscribe or purchase frills and with also working more than half time I don't have time to search it out. May God bless you exceedingly.

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July 3, 2012

Foreign Language - Should we Teach It?


Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


The beginnings of this nation brought people from foreign lands to this great land of the free. As people from many cultures continue to flow into our home of the brave, their influence continues to shape our nation. My own family has a variety of roots: Bohemian, Russian Jew, and Scotch-Irish (thus the red hair). We all, from all of our historical walks of life, have much to be thankful for as we celebrate this country.


All of these peoples and languages coming together have opened up a plethora of opportunities to learn and practice hospitality as well as foreign languages. History chimes in as we interview our grandfathers and grandmothers and learn of their incredible contributions to our country, our families, and our freedoms.


I'm going to give you a free short lesson today on Freedom. This might be something you want to focus on teaching your children this week. I will be doing the same with mine.




Webster's 1828 Dictionary definition of the word, "freedom":


1. A state of exemption from the power or control of another; liberty; exemption from slavery, servitude or confinement. Freedom is personal, civil, political, and religious.


Foreign Language: Use this translator to find the word for "freedom" in many different languages.


Copy Work:


All we have of freedom, all we use or know, this our fathers bought for us long and long ago. ~Rudyard Kipling, The Old Issue, 1899


For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail? ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, vol. 9 (Poems) [1909]


From every mountain side, let Freedom ring. ~Samuel

F. Smith, "America" 1832


Coloring Pages:


Scriptures on Freedom:


"For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" (Galatians 5:13,14).


"For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king" (1 Peter 2:15-17).


Bible Memory:


"But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed" (James 1:25).


Scripture Fulfilled Regarding Freedom/Liberty:


Read Isaiah 61:1 and then read it's fulfillment in Luke



"Free because He paid the price for me!" 

~ Deborah Wuehler


TOS Senior Editor 




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What is the big deal about foreign language? The theme in July for is foreign language. In a global economy, it can be beneficial to know more than one language. People who can speak or read more than one language are often paid more than their counterparts who only speak or read one language. Children often learn other languages faster than adults. In her July Reading List, Michelle Miller lists some interesting books that incorporate English with other languages. She has found books that include foreign language and other subjects such as art and geography. Michelle even has a list of books that blend sign language and reading.


Do you want to bring adventure into your child's life? Michelle has a summer reading list for members with children of all ages. She lists books that include stories about camping and canoeing. Why not read a book and have a family adventure? You will also find books to read about expanding outdoor skills. Wouldn't it be fun to build an outdoor shelter?


Do you spend time nature journaling? The summer is the perfect time to do lots of nature journaling. You can even add some hands-on science activities to go along with the nature journaling. Michelle also lists books to read as a family. Some of my favorite times with my family are when we read a book together in the evenings.


Michelle is a veteran homeschool mom, avid reader, and award-winning author of TruthQuest History. She shares reading lists with our members every month, and in the summer, she even gives a bonus reading list! has new lessons for July! Members will enjoy new lessons in all of these subject areas:

  • Career Exploration with Carol Topp
  • Chemistry with Joey Hajda
  • Figures in History with Cathy Diez-Luckie
  • Film Making with George Escobar
  • Geography with Terri Johnson
  • Home Economics with Malia Russell
  • Lapbooking with Kimm Bellotto
  • Music-Voice with Joy Sikorski
  • Reading Lessons with Matt Glavach
  • Daily Writing with Kim Kautzer
  • And More!

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Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


Tami Fox

Director of Marketing 

Schoolhouse Teachers 



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 Hosannah Lorang

Please pray for the Lorangs, a fellow homeschooling family. On June 27, they lost their oldest daughter, Hosanna, age 7, in a fall from a tree. The family needs your prayers of peace, strength, and hope to support parents Jake and Tara as well as Hosanna's younger siblings Mandy (6) and Ben (5). This already struggling family is now faced with overwhelming medical bills, emergency transportation costs, and funeral expenses.  Please help lighten their burden with your financial support. Every little bit helps. May the Lord multiply our "loaves and fishes" to be sufficient for their needs. For more information or to donate, visit this link.


The Familyman
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries  


Foreign languages . . . OK, I know I just wrote my thoughts on foreign languages a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure I could pontificate any more on learning languages even if I knew something about the subject . . . and I don't.


So let me just ask how you're doing in the heat? I know we've been baking in the oven called the Familyman Mobile. If we hadn't landed at Sandy Cove (MD) where there's A/C, I'm sure my family would have called it quits and abandoned me by now. After this week, we have a straight shot toward home and then we're done for a few months until . . .


 . . . October when we hit the road for the big East Speaking Loop. That's right, we're heading East in the Familyman Mobile and will be passing through (or near) Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Richmond, Raleigh, Columbia, Charleston, St. Augustine, and Orlando. If you're along that path and would like me to speak to your homeschool group or church contact me.


Hope to hear from you!






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Hosannah Lorang   


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Relational Homeschooling  

Diana Waring
Diana Waring


Dear Friends,

Happy Independence Day!

Or, as they would say in Dutch, "Gelukkig Dag van de Onafhankelijkheid!". . .

Or, in French, "Bonne fête de l'Indépendance!". . .

Or, in German, "Alles Gute zum Unabhängigkeitstag!". . .

Or, in Russian, ДнемНезависимости!". . .

Or, in Spanish, "Feliz Día de la Independencia!"

And those are just the languages spoken by the early European immigrants to North America!

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

If we were to add the 150 Native American languages spoken in the U.S. and Canada, plus the languages spoken by immigrants from the 1800s to the present, we would begin to see the richness of our cultural heritage on this continent.

So, how can we partake in some of this richness?  Here's my own story to illustrate.  Back in 1988, my family learned that there was a need for host families to help Russian refugees fleeing religious persecution.  All that was required was to house the refugees for a few weeks until a more permanent housing situation could be found, and then help them reorient to a new culture (which included taking them to buy groceries--a shocking experience for those not used to such abundance!).  We had an extra room, so we signed up.  Little did we know the blessing in store for us.

Ludmila and her son moved into our home and into our hearts.  Her expressions of deep thankfulness, and the awe in which she experienced what was to us everyday life were profoundly moving.  The depth of her long-suffering and the joy of her new life changed the way we viewed living in America, and it shaped my children's understanding of the world, of people from other cultures, and of God's faithfulness to His children.

And, of course, we had the opportunity to learn some fabulous Russian words.  Things like, "Оченьвкусно", which means "very tasty." And, most dear to Ludmila's heart, "СлаваБогу", which means "God be praised!"

One of the best ways to taste another language is to engage someone from that culture.  And with the world coming to our doorstep (historically as well as currently), it is actually possible!  So, again, how can we share in this richness?  In all probability the answer is sitting somewhere in your neighborhood--in the homes of immigrants and refugees--just waiting for us to open our hearts.

And, when you consider the big picture, it is incredibly relational to give your children the opportunity to interact with people of another language!

Remember, stay relational!


P.S.  As we unpack the multitudes of boxes in our new home, we are getting excited about the possibilities of serving the homeschooling community on the East coast and Midwest!  If you are part of a support group and would like to have me as a speaker, please let us know at




Creation Revolution    


Iyou've been watching the news lately, you've seen photos of landscapes in the western United States blackened and desolated by fire with all the plants destroyed. However, did you know that some plants and trees can't survive without fire? Learn more in the article "Plants That Need Fire to Survive."


Contest Corner 

For the month of July, 2012  


Dive Into Your Imagination DVDs


Amazing Animals by Design


Levi and I cuddled up on the couch a few days ago to read aAmazing Animals by Design new book written by one of my Old Schoolhouse Crewbies: Debra Haagen. I'll take any excuse to cuddle up with one of my boys, and this new book, Amazing Animals by Design, was worth it!


The book was written to fill a vacancy in creation literature of the pre-K to 3rd grade range. There are many books for older students which explain the basics of Intelligent Design/Creation, but few that take the chance to explain it at an early elementary level. I think Debra has done a great job!


The premise of this book is a family outing to a local zoo. The children learn about many of the unique characteristics of the animals from the zookeepers and their parents in the context of a Creator.


At the end of the story, John and Sarah ask their parents why everyone has been using the word "designed" to describe the animals. In this way, the reader learns the basics about intelligent design/creation. (Read the rest of the review here.)


You can win one of these books!



Email Deb ( your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Amazing Animals" for a chance to win* the book signed by the author! 


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