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June 20, 2012

The Value of Knowing a Foreign Language in Today's World


Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


Aren't we supposed to be slowing down in the summer? I'm sure Todd Wilson will have something to say about that, but my summer is keeping me busy, and all in a good way. Although our family schools year-round, we take it easy in the summer just doing the basics and we throw in some day trips here and there. But for the most part, we are much more relaxed.


For me, I am rejuvenated when I take the summer to pray, think, and research what each child needs for the following year. Really, I love to plan for the new school year. This summer, I am considering which foreign language curriculum to use for my 6th and 8th grade boys. There are so many choices, aren't there? That's where prayer and research comes in.


To help with that, I read several articles on foreign language to get the big picture, and then I research specific curriculum.


I did a search on The Old Schoolhouse® Digital Magazine (found on the front page of the website) and clicked on the "Back Issues" tab on the left contents bar. Then I put the words "foreign language" in the search bar on the top of the page, and 131 results came up! As I looked through several back issues, I got an overall view of several important reasons for teaching foreign language. Here are some of the subjects that were brought to light in the articles that came up:

  • Foreign missionaries (your child may someday be one)
  • Foreign exchange students (you may host one or your child may be one)
  • Military assignments in foreign countries (your family or your child may join the military)
  • Sign language counts as a foreign language (My son began learning ASL at age 9 and is now pursuing his BA in deaf studies)
  • The importance of Hebrew and Greek (important for Biblical studies)
  • The study of Latin (helps all language learning)
  • As a requirement for high school (many states require two years of a foreign language)
  • Being bilingual is a plus for gaining employment worldwide
  • Babies and young children pick up languages easily
  • A child's brain gains great strides when learning a language

Not only did I get the big picture of "why" but I found a lot of options in curriculum choices to review and pray about. My next step will be to look through our website's product review section on foreign language products --found here to help with my decision making.


There are multiple values to learning a foreign language in today's world. You just never know where God will lead you or your child. The possibilities are endless!


"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork..Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard." Psalm 19:1-3


Happy "foreign language" trails to you!



TOS Senior Editor




Affordable Christian based Spanish curriculum that is fun to teach and learn for Pre-K through High school students! TOS Reviewer says- "This program has many components that many homeschool parents are looking for when searching for a foreign language program ..." All you need to start for less than $60.



Schoolhouse Teachers  


I will admit, teaching a foreign language is not really one of my strong skills. My kids know a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of ASL (American Sign Language)--and by "a little bit," I mean a very little bit. They learned most of their Spanish during a twenty-day mission trip to Mexico; it was somewhat like learning to swim by being pushed off the diving board! Their sign language skills are from what I remember from my own college classes and from taking them to local events where they can meet and interact with the deaf.


When I was studying sign language in college, I loved to learn about deaf culture. It was so different from hearing culture. This is true of most places that speak a language different than your native tongue; understanding the culture of the people who speak a different language will help you better understand the language itself.


This Day in History

Have you ever used This Day in History, a daily feature from It is just what you need to complement your foreign language studies. Think of This Day in History as your passport through time. You will visit far-away locations and interesting points of history as you travel through the Internet. We provide a fact, a few discussion questions, and a worksheet to help you dive deeper into the historical moment in time marked by the anniversary of that particular event.


Whether you are learning to speak Spanish, French, German, or American Sign Language, This Day in History has facts and worksheets to help you explore the culture and history of the places in which you are learning the language.


At SchoolhouseTeachers. Com, we are here to help enrich your homeschool daily. All you need to do is . . . Point, Click, Teach!



Julie Coney


Schoolhouse Teachers 


Little Laura and the Birthday Surprise is a Dr. Toy Award-Little Laurawinning, bilingual Chinese-English song and storybook. Written by Laura Lee, UC Berkeley trained music educator and mother of two bilingual children; this immersive adventure will have your child singing in Mandarin by the end of the book and app!


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The Familyman
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries  


One of the great things about learning a foreign language is that it comes in handy when you want to speak to someone who speaks another language. 


It can also be another burden that moms feel they have to add to their list of things to do. So my advice is . . . if your child wants to learn a language other than his own, then give him the tools to learn it.  If your child is still barely getting the hang of English . . . I'd be content with that.


Here's what I believe with all my heart: God made you and your spouse smart enough to figure out what YOUR kids need to learn. So do what you think is best and don't feel guilty about your kids not learning Latvian . . . at all. 


Have a great week and if you happen to be at the CHEF of Alabama conference this weekend, stop by and say "hey."


Be real,


P.S. You could always introduce a second language to your kids and see what happens. You never know (unless you expose them) which ones might really have a knack for it.

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Relational Homeschooling  

Diana Waring
Diana Waring


Wow! Another topic where I have a strong opinion. Are you ready? Here goes. First, I agree completely with Todd, that you don't need another burden to carry! 

But having said that, here's something to consider:

The world is bigger than us. 

That should be obvious, but sometimes we live with cultural blinders. What I mean is that we go through our day thinking thoughts in our own language within our own culture. And we don't really pay attention to the reality that there are multitudes who think thoughts in another language in another culture.

I have some experience with this myself. When I traveled to Europe with my father in 1971, I remember standing at Piccadilly Circus in London and watching a young salesman handling several international customers at a time--each one in a different language. I was incredulous that anyone could speak that many languages, let alone use them in rapid-fire succession!

My second experience was when I traveled across the U.S. with a Youth With A Mission team to the Montreal Olympics and then to Boston. It was there that I met an Egyptian who spoke English with a perfect British accent. It was fun to chat along in English about our shared experiences, but it was absolutely shocking to me when he would then turn to an Egyptian friend and answer a question in Arabic. I could barely grasp that they really understood each other--it seemed to me to be an incomprehensible language!

It was life-changing for me to come to grips with the fact that lots of folks speak and think and live in a language other than English.

What I gained through all of this is that learning someone else's language is a gift and a responsibility. It opens doors and expands horizons. And it very efficiently helps to remove those cultural blinders.

Dear ones, there is a huge wide world out there to serve, and learning a foreign language is great preparation. And, perhaps more potently, it will better equip our children to be world changers!

Stay relational,


P.S. We'll be at the OCEANetwork convention in Portland, OR, this weekend. The first two THM readers to stop by our booth and say "Hi!" will receive a FREE "Heroes of the Faith" CD.


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Creation Revolution    


Learn about a deadly but beautiful shrimp that can strike at any predator or prey at 51 mph with a force of 200 pounds of impact. Many fisherman calls the mantis shrimp "thumb splitters" because they can crack open the shell of a crab or break a human finger. Read more about these colorful crustaceans in the article "The Wondrous Design of the Peacock Shrimp's Deadly Claw."

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The eight chapter titles are:


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This is a beautifully filmed movie with appropriate music, and Annie energetically explaining what we are watching. She is clearly educated about her subject matter and is just excited to share it. That is infectious! (. . .)


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