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I've enjoyed the magazine, the emails that come out on Wednesdays, the website that has some great stuff on it, and now Not only are they good resources and very encouraging, but the writers and the customer service people I've contacted for various things have been extra nice.

 --Carla Earley, Tallahassee, Florida




Thanks ever so much. I love the encouraging articles! I really loved the list of 25 all in one place. Nice to have this little bit of "free" encouragement in my mail. I don't have funds to subscribe or purchase frills and with also working more than half time I don't have time to search it out. May God bless you exceedingly.


 --Teresa, rural Kansas



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May 16, 2012

Technology & Tykes of All Ages


Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


Technology is very popular in homeschooling now. You can do so much learning online with rapidly changing and improving technology--from iPads to iPods to smartphone apps of all kinds. From preschool learning games to online college classes, technology is the wave of the future in education. If you are capable of doing so, jump aboard when and where you can, but make sure you are still closely monitoring everything.


Because of technology, I get to speak to you from my home on May 22 at our Schoolhouse Expo ( ) at 2:30 PDT or 5:30 EDT, on the topic of Homeschooling & Marriage. Sign up now to attend! It's totally fun and free and you can listen from home while in your comfy clothes and even with kids playing around your feet or while you are cooking or cleaning or even homeschooling! Just turn those speakers up and be strengthened in your marriage and family. (I'd love to chat with you in the chat box, too!) We will also be blessed to hear from Todd & Debbie Wilson and Jay and Heidi St. John on the same topic of homeschooling, family, and marriage---it's sure to be practical, helpful, and encouraging. Would you mind signing up soon? We'd like to get a good head count.


Here's some more TOS technology for you: Every week, I will highlight current helpful articles from the magazine. This week, I want to share the columns related to technology in the homeschool which goes through several articles from pages 94-117, beginning with online art and ending with History and Geography apps: If you have time, drop me a line and tell me what you think about these or other articles in this issue.




P.S. I am also speaking in person May 24-26 at the Great Homeschool Convention in Long Beach, CA, on Homeschooling the Rebel, and Before You Say, "I Quit!" If you are coming to the convention, please stop by our booth and meet several of the Suarez and Wuehler family members. We'd love to meet you!


While we are down there, we will also be looking around the L.A. area to see where our oldest two boys will be living in the fall. They will be transferring after this summer from our local junior college to California State University, Northridge. If you know of any housing opportunities for them in the area, please drop me a note! And we would so appreciate your prayers for this transition. God is faithful and will complete what He has started in our children's lives, from birth to college graduation and beyond.



Captivating Math and Science Lessons!

Kids can't help but be interested in math and science when they are given the chance to actively explore these subjects. "Telling" is not our style; we believe in "doing." Please visit our website for sample activities. Grades K-9.


TOS Announcement


Homeschooling with Love--

An Interview with Gena Suarez


 The Homeschooling Buzz


Do you ever feel unsuccessful in your homeschooling? Do your kids not do well on their standardized tests? Do you think your kids would do better in public school?


Click here to listen and learn how Gena Suarez felt when her kids didn't do well on their standardized tests. Discover how a few poor test scores didn't hamper her older kids when they went on to college and began acing their math and other courses.


Advertisement Corner 


How do you use technology in your homeschool?


It may be at a very basic level such as purchasing downloadable worksheets that you print for your students or reserving books from the local library.


Or maybe you've gone a step further and use the Internet to research information with your children, watch educational programs, or play educational games online.


Perhaps your family has moved beyond just using technology to learning about computer programming or web design.


I admit that I often take for granted the mind-boggling things we can do with technology.  We are able to communicate and share information at an impressive speed today. I have not actually met many of the wonderful people I work with in person! Isn't that amazing? I would not have imagined that was possible 20 years ago.


How can help you use technology in your homeschool?


On the most basic level, you can use to access the fantastic lesson plans and worksheets and print those for your students. This month we've added Everyday Explorers: US and Canada. These new features teach history and geography in a fun and creative way!


Many of our teachers have included links to outside web pages in their lessons. For example, last month in our lapbooking lessons we explored Buckingham Palace by watching online videos. This month's music lesson invites us to listen to both Kate Smith and Irving Berlin singing God Bless America. The different videos of classical and popular music under Joy Sikorski's May music-voice lesson provide a stirring array of great music and musicians.

Pi with David Chandler

And if you have students who really want to dig deeper into technology, be sure to visit the high school math page. Our math teacher, David Chandler, includes in his lesson a project to estimate the value of pi using a spreadsheet. Our technology teacher, Andy Harris, will be returning in June with more informative lessons. Also in June, we have an exciting new subject we'll be unveiling: filmmaking! 

Help Your Students Learn
Technology with Andy Harris

And by the way, did you know that we have an archive page of the past lessons from all of our teachers?


Did you know that if you have a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, you're eligible for a free membership to You can contact me for account information. If you aren't a member, join now! Using in your homeschool is as easy as: Point, Click, Teach! Our lessons are available to you 24/7/365. Your first month is only $1!


Come do your homework with us! 


Kristen Hamilton 

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Special Guests: Heidi St. John, Todd Wilson, and Deborah Wuehler.


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For more information visit the Schoolhouse Expo page. 


We only have 1,000 seats available for this online webinar!


Sign up now before all the spots are taken!  


Schoolhouse Expo 

The Familyman
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries  


Greetings from a parking lot in Tulsa, OK. So far the sailing in the Familyman Mobile has been pretty smooth . . . as smooth as ten people in a confined space day after day can be. The easy thing to keep the kids (and us) happy would be to let them play on electronic devices until their brains turn to mush.


I'm tempted to allow that at times, but I know it's not just about mushy brains today but about family-killing habits in the future. In fact, if I were to give advice to young families contemplating video/electronic entertainment for their children, I'd say, "Don't start it!" Plain and simple: don't give them those kind of toys (that some will call tools). 


To those who have already invited this kind of beast in . . . establish limits. I won't say what kind, but make sure you put some kind on them. You 'da mom and dad. 


Speaking of technology, I'm excited to be coming to you live, via the Internet, on the Schoolhouse Expo (a free onlline event) coming up. I've even talked my normally reserved wife into joining me as we talk about "How to be a Great Wife Even Though You Homeschool." 


We're going to be chatting with Jay and Heidi St. John about marriage and homeschooling too. It should be a wonderful night. 


One more thing before I go. I want to let you know about the coolest Father's Day gifts ever. In fact they're not just cool . . . they're Dad Cool (which is way better than regular cool). One of the items is a very comfortable, brown, cotton t-shirt with the new Dad Cool logo and the other is an awesomely cool bracelet also sporting the Dad Cool logo. As if I haven't used the word cool enough, I just know that your husband is going to open these gifts and say, "Cool!" Order yours today to get it in time for Father's Day.


Be Real,



PS - You can catch all our RV adventures on my Facebook fan page (Todd Wilson-The Familyman) or on my RV blog.  




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We are now accepting applications for the remainder of the 2012 Crew year. It runs from June through mid-November, and we are looking for a few new folks to join our ranks. Are you interested? We are interested in you! CLICK HERE to fill out the New Crew Application form!   


Relational Homeschooling 


Diana Waring, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine columnist and history teacher, is author of Beyond Survival, Reaping the Harvest, and the History Revealed curriculum published by AiG. She discovered years ago that "the key to education is relationship." Beginning in the early 80s, Diana homeschooled her children through high school--providing real-life opportunities to learn how kids best learn. Mentored by educators whose focus was to honor Him who created all learners, and with an international background (born in Germany, a university degree in French, a lifelong student of world history), Diana has been enthusiastically received by audiences on four continents. received by audiences on four continents.


Diana Waring
Diana Waring


I remember the day I told my mom I was going to homeschool her grandchildren. Now, to set this up properly, let me tell you that I was an only child so these were her only grandchildren--and it was 1986, long before homeschooling was an accepted form of education. To say she went ballistic would be an understatement--and that is her recollection. And one of her main objections, beyond the obvious question of socialization, was, "How will they ever learn computers?!"


This was long before "cloud" and "text" indicated hip new techno applications, back when public schools had Macintosh computers and businesses had IBMs. Books were printed on paper, libraries were the best place to find information, and Encyclopedia Britannica was where you looked things up. It was not uncommon for music to be played on records, though, I have to admit cassette tapes had taken the market by storm.


Can you imagine?  For us, embracing "new technology" meant buying a computer with a word processor; buying a car with a tape player; and, if we really wanted to go high-tech, studying geography with Geo-Safari.


But here's the deal. Homeschool kids take to technology like ducks to water. They learn this stuff so fast it makes our heads spin . . . It provides one of those precious opportunities for the shoe to find the other foot, as we become the student and they become the teacher!


You know, looking back, I realize that the only real difficulty we ever had with technology was in deciding how to set appropriate time limits (we ended up allowing one hour per day in front of a screen, whether computer or television). It still is obvious that kids need lots of time for imaginative play by themselves and with others, outdoor adventures like climbing trees and planting gardens, reading great books alone and aloud, and laughing hysterically at each other's jokes--lots more time than most kids in our culture get today.


So, dear friends, I encourage you to follow this recipe for enjoying technology in your home: take the best of the past and the best of the present, add a lot of parental love, flavored with prayers for wisdom and discernment . . . and set your timer!


Stay relational!




P.S. We are excited to announce that we will be moving to Anderson, Indiana, at the end of June!  One of the delightful benefits of this move is that it puts us much closer to most of you. If your homeschool group, church group, or women's group would enjoy having an encouraging, transparent, and hilarious speaker, I would love to come!  We are available beginning this August. For more info, click here.



Creation Revolution    


Can evolution explain the beginning of the Universe without a huge leap of faith? The laws of astrophysics state that there has to be a force or energy holding the Universe together, but they do not have evidence to prove the existence of such a force or energy. Learn more about the theories and the evidence in the article "How Can Science Explain Things Science Has Said Cannot Happen?"


Contest Corner 

For the month of May, 2012  


Amazing Science! (DVD)


It's pretty amazing to find a product that kids love and just want to keep watching and doing over and over. Especially when it's educational, and school related. This year has been a bit of a challenge with a Kindergartener who would rather ride his bike and build forts all day than do anything he thinks is school.


When we received Amazing Science to review, that all changed. His interest in school and learning has been sparked by a friendly Rocket Scientist and some really cool experiments. Amazing Science is one of the coolest things we have reviewed in the 4 years we've been cruising with the Crew. It's more than amazing!


This two volume set of DVDs has 23 experiments with high quality recording of demonstrations, step-by-step explanations of concepts, and easy to find materials for each experiment.  The teacher-host, Jason Gibson, has a very friendly dad-like conversational style, and an amazing way of explaining some pretty complicated science principles so even my Kindergartener can understand on his level, yet my high school student comes away with a deeper understanding. Mr. Gibson has earned advanced degrees in Engineering and Physics, worked as a Rocket Scientist for NASA, and has a passion for teaching Science and Math. Pretty cool that my school-phobic kindergartener has been turned on to school by a Rocket Scientist!


This two volume DVD set retails for $19.95 plus shipping, or can be downloaded for $17.99 for immediate use with no shipping charges at the website. You can see a little video trailer there of Amazing Science. They also have a whole bunch math DVDs to check out. (...)


Read the rest of this review from TOS Homeschool Crew blogger, Chris, at her blog: Armyof5


Win this resource for your family!



Email Deb ( with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Amazing Science" for a chance to win* this great resource!


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