Reserve Your Place for International Wine Dinner


Final briefing March 28 for all delegates going to Guiyang


Bronze Plaque Dedication to be held March 24


Student Ambassadors heading to Italy and Hungary


Kids Who Care Partnering with Sister Cities on German Exchange


Learn Proper Protocol when Traveling in Latin America 

Students Hosting International Kite Festival





March 2012  




Final travel orientation for Spring Youth Ambassador Exchanges to Italy and Hungary. 2:00 p.m. at Arlington Heights High School, 4501 West Freeway, 76107. Enter from the first parking lot on Ashland Avenue.




Interviews for International Leadership Academy high school applicants accompanied by a parent are scheduled between 1:00-4:00 p.m. at Arlington Heights High School. Room will be assigned upon arrival.  Please contact irene@fwsistercities.org for more information.




Youth Ambassadors exchanges to Reggio Emilia, Italy and Budapest, Hungary.




Programs and Exchanges committee planning meeting at Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant, 1000 West Magnolia Avenue, 76104.

6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Appetizers hosted, please bring your own wine.  RSVP by March 16th to Irene@fwsistercities.org




Toluca TEC de Monterrey Engineering Exchange Hosting Orientation at the Intermodal Transportation Center, 1000 Jones Street, 76102. Questions/RSVP to Beth by Friday, March 16 at beth@fwsistercites.org.




Nagaoka and Bandung Committee meeting from 6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. at the Marty Leonard Chapel Basement. The program for the evening is the art of Kimono dressing. RSVP by March 20 to beth@fwsistercities.org




Fort Worth Youth International Executive Board meeting, 2:00-3:30 p.m. at Arlington Heights  High School, 4501 West Freeway,76107.




Fort Worth Youth International Board hosting the International Kite Festival at Arlington Heights High School, 4501 West Freeway, 76107. 3:30-4:30 p.m.  $2 per person at the door. Come out and enjoy making your own kite. Gift Card Prize for the most creative International design! 




Trier host family orientation at the Arlington Heights High School auditorium. 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.




Emerging Leaders Network (NET) meeting at 6:00 p.m. at Terra Mediterranean Grill, 2973 Crockett Street, 76107. RSVP beth@fwsistercities.org by Friday, March 23.




Final travel orientation for delegates to Guiyang & Beijing at the Gardens Restaurant, 6:00pm. Light dinner hosted with cash bar. RSVP to irene@fwsistercities.org by March 21st.




Reggio, Toluca, Mbabane committees will celebrate and enjoy a presentation on the Health Care Clinic opening in Mbabane,  Swaziland at  "Tequilas of Africa and Mexico." Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant 1000 West Magnolia Street, 76104. Enjoy tequila tasting and appetizers - $5 at the door. RSVP by Wednesday, March 21 to eva@fwsistercities.org

To sign-up for any of the listed events above, please email RSVP and

on the subject line enter RSVP with event name or call 817.632.7100.

You may also fax to 817.632.7110.Thank you!


  • Tarrant County College will send faculty in March to develop future partnerships with the University of Reggio Emila and Modena and invite their faculty to Fort Worth. 
  • Reggio Emilia has confirmed sending 15 students and 1 teacher to attend our summer International Leadership Academy.
  • Reggio Emilia will share upcoming events during the March meeting at Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to share. RSVP to irene@fwsistercities.org. See calendar for details. Non - members invited.


  • Danke to Sallie and Johannes Wunner for a presentation on their art projects at our January meeting. Local artist Nancy Lamb and her husband are planning a special exchange to Trier in April or May. Nancy was invited by the city of Trier to participate in the special holy robe exhibit and will paint her interpretation of the exhibit to be featured in Trier in 2013.
  • Kids Who Care is sending a delegation of students and chaperones to Trier next month. The students will do a performance in the city.
  • The committee is excited to confirm 3 university students are coming to the International Leadership Academy to be facilitators this July.   
  • The Trier group will be meeting with the Reggio, Toluca, Mbabane committees this month. Join them for the tequila tasting on Monday, March 29th. See calendar for details.


  • Domo Arigato to all the wonderful volunteers who worked to make Oshogatsu a success. Nagaoka and Bandung will have a shared committee meeting this month, please see calendar for details. We are learning about the art of kimono dressing.
  • Domo to Don, Kathryn and Asako Cosby for hosting Mr. and Mrs. Nishiwaki from Nagaoka last month. Mr. Nisiwaki is the assistant director of the Nagaoka Museum of Science and History. He visited Fort Worth to run in the Cowtown Marathon. 
  • Plans are underway for the 25th anniversary exchange to Nagaoka October 2-12, 2012. Details to be sent soon.  


  • Information continues to be shared, including training materials, from the recent exchange between the Fort Worth and Bandung Fire Departments. This exchange was a wonderful example of citizen diplomacy in action. Thank you Fort Worth Fire Department.
  • Consult General Al Busyra Basnur visited Fort Worth last month and met with new committee chair Brent Clifford. They are very interested in working with us on trade missions and economic relations exchanges.
  • Many thanks to Brent and JeJe Clifford for a wonderful evening of Indonesian cuisine. They shared their recipes and cooking techniques on Javanese and Sumatran dishes.
  • Bandung students are invited for ILA this summer. Our educators and the city staff are currently recruiting the students.
  • Bandung and Nagaoka are meeting together this month for a very special cultural presentation, the art of the kimono. See calendar for details.

  • Fort Worth students are preparing to travel to Budapest March 10-18. They will be led by our committee member and Budapest youth chair Andrea McCormick and two associate delegation leaders. Best of luck to them on this adventure.
  • A big thank you to Ms. Dora Vattay, our TCU scholarship student from Budapest, for performing her lovely Hungarian songs for the committee last month.
  • The Budapest and Trier groups will be meeting with the Reggio, Toluca and Mbabane committees this month. Join them for the tequila tasting on Monday, March 29th. See calendar for details.  


  • Chair Doug Harman kicked off the year with our February meeting of a historic documentary on the Rose Marine Theater .  Program presentation by Fort Worth police officers Daniel Segura and Manny Reyes on "Perspective of Police Training in Mexico."
  • Gracias to Fort Worth Police Department officers Daniel Segura and Manny Reyes on their insightful presentation on the "Perspective of Police Training in Mexico." They have both been hosted by the Toluca University in April to present to their law students.
  • Have you heard about the TEQUILA in Africa? Join us this month with our friends on the Reggio Emilia and Mbabane committees for a presentation on "Tequilas of Africa & Mexico." Bring a friend and a bottle of wine to share. See calendar for details.
  • The Engineering and Bio Technology Mentoring Program has now grown to 20 students from the Tech de Monterry arriving March 31st to spend day sessions mentored by local businesses for the week. Join us to welcome the Toluca students and host families during their potluck dinner next month.   


  •  Brad Mahon led delegates and staff for the official opening, ribbon cutting and final documentary for new Public Health Center late February.
  • Join us at our March meeting to see photos of the new Public Health Center opening from the delegates. Learn about the "Tequilas of Africa and Mexico" with a tasting and appetizers included $5.00 at the door. RSVP to eva@fwsistercities.org so we can bring enough tequila!
  • TCU Nursing curriculum is being developed for future exchanges to Mbabane and professors to go in June to finalize planning for 2013 student nursing exchange.
  • A great partnership with the Friends of the Fort Worth Library has led to the purchases of great books to take to Mbabane this June to furnish libraries for the schools and child care point centers.   


  • The Fort Worth Ambassador Delegation of 39 with 30 Texas Wesleyan Choir members will be led by Senator Jane Nelson, City Council Liaison for Guiyang, Dennis Shingleton and Brad Mahon, SCI Board of Directors. Final travel orientation is set for March 28th. 
  • Guiyang is preparing all formalities of receiveing our delegation that includes local historical tours, visits to the University, schools and cultural performing groups sharing their traditions via song and dance. The Fort Worth leadership will have exchange meetings in developing future initiatives for our new partnership. 
  • Our Fort Worth youth delegation is also practicing the Chinese language and preparing a presentation on our culture for their June exchange.

Fort Worth Youth International

  • Join us for our FIRST "International Kite Festival " this month with a gift card prize for most creative design. We have all the supplies to make/design your kite and snacks  - just bring $2 per person for an afternoon of FUN. Information on summer programs will also be presented.  Non-members invited.
  • Jr. ILA for middle schoolers are available on our website!  Deadline is April 16th  for Jr. ILA current 6-7-8th graders to register. 
  • Enrich your summer by hosting an international student in July for a week or weekend. Email beth@fwsistercities.org for details.

 Emerging Leader Network (The Net)

  • The NET is planning an International Protocol workshop on April 5th focusing on Latin America.  Details available soon.The group is planning for an International Protocol workshop focusing on Latin America. Date is set for Thursday, April 5th at the Gardens Restaurant. See event details here.
  • The Emerging Leaders Network will hold its March meeting on Monday, March 26 at Terra Mediterranean Grill. Make sure you join us and bring someone new!



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