Travel to Japan with Sister Cities to celebrate 25th anniversary


February 2012  




Pre-travel orientation for delegates traveling to Guiyang & Beijing.

The Gardens Restaurant (3220 Rock Springs Road, Fort Worth, 76107) 6:00 p.m.  RSVP to Irene by Monday, Jan. 30th. Light dinner hosted with cash bar.




Budapest and Trier meeting at the home of Zim and Mac Zimmerman. (11400 Northview Drive Aledo, TX 76008) 6:00 p.m. RSVP by Monday  Feb. 6th




FYI Youth Executive board meeting at Arlington Heights High School (4501 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107) Enter through main doors.  

2:00-3:30 p.m.




FYI Youth meeting. "Indonesia & the Beauty of Batik" at Arlington Heights High School (4501 West Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76107) Enter through main doors.  3:30-4:30 p.m.




Bandung & Nagaoka Committee meeting at the home of Paul Geisel - 4304 Kenwood Court Fort Worth, TX 76103. Space is limited - first come, first served. 6:00 p.m. RSVP by Monday, Feb. 13th




Toluca, Swaziland, Reggio - "Mexico and the United States: Perspectives on Police Training" and historic documentary of Rose Marine Theater, 1440 N. Main St. 76164 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Bring favorite wine to share, appetizers hosted. RSVP by Feb.17th to Irene.




Emerging Leaders Network meeting at Terra Mediterranean Grill, 2973 Crockett Street, (76107), 6:00 p.m. RSVP by Friday 17th- BRING A FRIEND FEBRUARY!




Deadline for International Leadership Academy high school applications.


To sign-up for any of the listed events above, please email RSVP and

on the subject line enter RSVP with event name or call 817.632.7100.

You may also fax to 817.632.7110.Thank you!


  • Tarrant County College will send faculty in March to develop future partnerships with University of Reggio Emila & Modena and finalize planning for first summer exchange for Architectture, Art History and Culinary students.
  • Reggio. Emilia is recruiting now for students to attend our summer International Leadership Academy.
  • Reggio Emilia will share upcoming events during the February meeting at Artes de la Rosa Cultural Center with viewing of Historic Documentary of the North Side Rose Marine Theater by executive director Jorage Varela. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to share. Non - members invited. 


  • Danke to Sallie and Johannes Wunner for a presentation on their art projects at our January meeting.
  • Local artist Nancy Lamb has been invited by the City of Trier to participate in the holy robe exhibit in Trier. She will paint her interpretation of the exhibit and her work will be featured in Trier in 2013.
  • Kids Who Care is sending a delegation of students and chaperones to Trier next month. The students will perform while there.
  • Three Trier university students will attend ILA as facilitators this July.  
  • The Trier group will meet with Budapest this month.  See calendar for details.


  • Domo Arigato to all the wonderful volunteers who worked to make Oshogatsu a success.
  • Nagaoka and Bandung will meet together this month to learn a new skill - Indonesian cuisine preparation. See calendar for details.
  • The proposed dates for the 25th anniversary exchange to Nagaoka are Oct. 2-7, 2012 with side trips after to Nikko, Toba and Hiroshima. Details available in March.


  • As a result of the recent exchange between the Fort Worth and Bandung Fire Departments, information continues to be shared including training materials. This exchange was a wonderful example of citizen diplomacy in action. Thank you Fort Worth Fire Dept.
  • Bandung will meet with the Nagaoka group this month and learn a new skill - Indonesian cuisine preparation.  See calendar for details.


  • Fort Worth students are preparing to travel to Budapest next month. They will be led by our committee member Andrea McCormick
  • The Budapest group will have a great meeting this month. Join them at the home of our vice chair, Mac Zimmerman, for some Hungarian music and food. Bring an appetizer and your favorite bottle of wine to share. (Hungarian or any other is fine).   


  • Chair, Doug Harman kicks off the year with Feb. meeting of historic documentary of the Rose Marine Theater .  Program presentation by FW Police Officers Daniel Segura & Manny Reyes on "Perspective of Police Training in Mexico".
  • Our committee will meet with our friends on the Reggio Emilia and Mbabane committees this month, bring a friend a bottle of wine to share and join us.
  • Engineering Businesses will host day mentoring for 20 Engineering students from the Tech de Monterry in April.  Volunteers needed for  home hosting, day hosts to support this dynamic program, please contact Beth for details! 


  • Ribbon cutting and final documentary for new Public Health Center is scheduled late Feburary.  Brad Mahon will lead delegates and staff for this official opening.
  • TCU Nursing curriculum is being developed for future exchanges to Mbabane and professors to go in June to finalize planning for 2013 student nursing exchange.
  • Monthly orientations continue for Mbabane Service Adventure in June led by Dr. Staussa Ervin. 


  • 38 citizen diplomats led by Senator Jane Nelson, Mayor Pro Tem Zim Zimmerman and City Councilman Dennis Shingleton will represent the City of Fort Worth on the official exchange to Guiyang, China in April. Pre-travel orientation is scheduled for Feb. 1st to review Chinese protocol and learn a few Mandarin phrases in preparation for the exchange.
  • The Texas Wesleyn Choir, officially invited to perform during this exchange by Guiyang Mayor Li who will host 31 of its members, is led by TWU President Dr. Frederick Slabach, Music Dept. Director Dr. John Fisher and Choir Director Dr. Jerome Biershank. 
  • Members of the inaugural Youth Ambassador exchange to China scheduled for June are meeting monthly for cultural orientations led by local volunteers from Guiyang.

Fort Worth Youth International

  • Join us Feb. 12th for a presentation on "The Beauty of Batik' - Learn about Indonesia's artistic tradition while you tie-dye your own creations. 
  • Applications for International Leadership Academy for high schoolers & Jr. ILA for middle schoolers are available on our website!  Deadline for high school  ILA  is Feb. 20th and interviews will be March 4th.
  • Home host an international student this July for a week or weekend.  Contact Beth for details. 

Emerging Leader Network (The Net) 

  • The NET is planning an International Protocol workshop on April 5th focusing on Latin America.  Details available soon.
  • It's "Bring a Friend February!" Join us this month (and bring a friend!) to hear how you can be involved this year .  See calendar for details.



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