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Why get line managers involved in reward?

    Involving line managers from the start helps ensure that reward programmes deliver what they are intended to achieve

It's widely accepted that line managers are key to the success of reward programmes. But if the first time you bring them on board is when you start to implement your reward programme, your organisation could well be missing out.


Read on to discover why line managers can make all the difference and how and when to get them involved. And don't forget to consult our tips section for more useful advice on this topic.


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Why are line managers key to successful reward schemes? 


Line managers are the biggest factor in the success or failure of your reward scheme. And that's true not just when you reach the implementation stage - but at a much earlier stage in the process.


In fact, we believe the secret of a successful reward programme is getting line managers involved in your scheme from Day One. 
This approach was core to working with one of our favourite clients 
Not only has this reaped dividends for the organisation which has featured in a recent 
E-reward case study, but the scheme has also been nominated for a CIPD People Management Award 

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News and updates


■ We have updated and enhanced our website, to feature our additional reward mentoring service, and to highlight our speaking and training activities.


 Coincidentally, a keynote speech at the CIPD Conference on 6-8 November 2012 echoes this theme: "Learning from the Olympics - Inspiring a Generation". 


 Employee Benefits Live will be held on 25 & 26 Sept 2012 and I will present a session on developing a strategy for higher paid staff 


 Check out a webinar I'll be leading with PVHR on Performance pay - does it stack up?


Tips for making the most of line managers


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The November newsletter will focus on Risk & Reward


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