Fifth Episcopal District, CME Church Newsletter
Bishop Teresa E. Snorton
Presiding Bishop
September 2012
 Community Garden
Contest Winners

  First Place - $500
Bass Tabernacle, Akron
Second  - $250
Hall Memorial, Montogomery
Third  - $100
Brown Temple, Sheffield




Bass Tabernacle Garden 
Bass Tabernacle Garden 2


Bass Tabernacle Garden 3 


Hall Memorial Garden 1 


Pastoral Concerns
Rev. Katherine Daniel, Moody Temple, Fairfield, transitioned on September 14, 2012
Rev. Sarah Mitchell, Bethel, Huntsville, transitioned on
September 5, 2012
Also keep in prayer:
Rev. Diedre Pierce, stroke/surgery
Rev. Luther Edwards, stroke
Rev. Rhoda Parker, sick
Rev. Ted Washington, surgery
Mrs. Mamie Marshall, surgery
Rev. Flora Alexander, husband died
Rev. John Walker, brother died
Rev. Zethelyn Johnson, mother died
Mrs. Helen Rhynes, sister died
Rev. Estes Thompson, brother died
Rev. Vernay Johnson, mother died
(see June and July newsletters for other lists)
Jasmine Peeples, Selma High AND Wallace College (AA)
Julian Cole, Florence High
Michael Marshall, Austin High, Decatur, AL
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Conflict or Compliment?


The past two weeks I have attended two very different gatherings - the Phenomenal Women's Summit and the Democratic National Convention.  I feel privileged to have been involved in both events.


The Phenomenal Women's Summit showcased a large group of phenomenal women who planned, attended, presented AND allowed God to use them. Everyone present left excited, enthused and empowered to be a better person undergirded by faith in a Phenomenal GOD!  For highlights and pictures, visit our blog at      


The Democratic National Convention was televised, so many of you probably watched.  I was a member of the Rules Committee and thus able to sit in the Convention as an observer! I found myself reflecting on why I was there and at times, if I should be there as a religious leader.


At one of the Faith Council sessions, where I was on a panel discussing "Am I my brothers' and sisters' keeper?", I reflected on the good Samaritan story (Luke 10: 25-37), in which the individual is compelled to see that faith in action, and not just in who we say we are as believers, is critical.  However, I added that government (and thus politics) are essential in our communities.  While we are to care for those in need, someone has to be responsible for the systems, structures

and infrastructure. Someone has to "fix the road" as I recently heard one bishop preach, so that the victimization, marginalization and oppression stops. That is the role of government.


Our faith is not in conflict with our civic responsibility. Rather it should compliment it, working hand in hand, so that as people of faith, we are advocates for peace and justice. Our praise is important, but so is our work on behalf of the least of these and on behalf of our neighbor. Voting is a right earned for us by people of faith who demanded to be heard and that everyone be treated justly. Let us not allow their sacrifice to go to waste. More importantly, let us do as Jesus commanded, render unto Caesar that things that are Caesar's (Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:15). This includes VOTING this November!


The deadline for voter registration in Florida is October 9, 2012.


The deadline for voter registration in Alabama is October 26, 2012.


For voter registration information visit      .  The site has a lot of information on how to register, how to file an absentee ballot, what is required to vote.  Especially share this site with your college students who are away from home, so they can register and vote! 



2012 Annual Conferences Report 


Each of the Annual Conferences were uplifting and spirit filled.  In addition to the usual reports, there was much praise and worship and celebration of how good God has been to the Fifth District this past year!


Each of our Bible Study leaders enlightened us on the meaning of the Fruits of the Spirit, as identified in Galatians 5: 22-23.  Bishop Snorton opened the conference with a focus on teamwork and how it is to be informed by this same Galatians passage.


Financially, we were able to meet all our obligations for the costs of the meetings, able to retain monthly operating expenses for the next four months (August-November) and make the following additional payments on our General Funds.  The previous payments made in the spring are in parentheses.

NC Alabama ( $25,000) + $50,000 (July)
SE Alabama   ($10,000) + $32,647  (Aug)
Florida            ( $ 5,000)  +  $30,000 (Aug)

Birmingham ($25,000) + $60,000 (Sept)

Thanks to each congregation and pastor for your cooperation! 

Bishop Snorton will deliver the Keynote Address at the first Unity Summit on Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  For registration information and schedule visit the CME Church website      .
If you are thinking about inviting Bishop Snorton to your church or event, check her schedule and availability at
The Birmingham Department of Lay Ministry is sponsoring a very exciting workshop on Saturday, October 20, 2012.  Click here for more information.            

The contact information for the presentation made at the three Alabama Regions Annual Conferences is Osa Idehen, The Federation of Southern Cooperatives, or 205-652-9676.


2013 Annual Conference dates and locations are on the website.  Go to                   


Rev. Jeremy Williams, Conference Evangelist for the North Central Alabama Region and recent graduate of Vanderbilt University recently traveled to China for a cultural exchange program sponsored by the National Urban League! 


Are you interested in supporting overseas Evangelism and Missions?  A team from the Fifth is going to Kenya in December. Click here to read all about it!      


Fifth Episcopal District Announces Sommerville Scholarship Recipient-

Michael Marshall


North Central Alabama Ministers' Spouses, Widows and Widowers Department is extremely pleased to announce Michael L. Marshall as the recipient of the Barbara Hoye Sommerville Ministers' Spouses Widows and Widowers Scholarship, for the Fifth Episcopal District. Michael is the son of Mrs. Mamie Maria Marshall and the Late Rev. Johnnie Marshall. This exceptional young man graduated from Austin High School with an Advanced Endorsement Honors Diploma having a GPA of 3.72 and ranked 43rd in a class of 300 students. Of Michael, his high school counselor Lewis White said, "Michael possesses a very strong work ethic that has never shown any sign of letting up." Mr. Lewis characterized Michael as a leader who was a model student that led by example.

While at Austin High he was an Honors Student, a member of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honors Society; Student Council; Can-A-Thon Volunteer; Band-where he received countless medals in competitions; Basketball; and a Blood Drive Volunteer. Rev. Rex Jarman, Michael's Pastor said, "He has watched Michael grow into a kind, giving, young man who is always willing to help his fellow man." He further said, "Michael has shown dedication to both his church and his academics, and has been a role model for many of the younger children at Love Chapel."   At church Michael was Church Drummer; Youth Choir Director; Fine Arts Camp Counselor; Jesus and His Friends Ministry Volunteer; Usher and Sunday School Teacher. Michael was also very active in the community. He was a Dream Center Volunteer; Transformer Youth Basketball Program; NAACP Youth; provided drum lessons; and Relay for Life participant. Michael is a currently a Freshman at Auburn University where he was accepted into the College of Sciences and Mathematics in January 2012, where he is majoring in Business Management. Michael credits his parents with encouraging him and instilling in him the importance of goals and ambition. He plans to complete a Master's degree and start his own business focusing on youth. He plans to set up tutoring and recreational programs to keep them out of trouble, and on the right path for success. He hopes that his business will expand not only reaching youth in Decatur, AL, but the nation and the world. Michael realizes that this is a giant task, but states,"Ambition and goals are the keys to success and I have both." "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13