Fifth Episcopal District
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Bishop Teresa E. Snorton, Presiding
July 2012
Wow, it's hot!


All cross the southern United States, record temperatures have made their way exceeding 100 degrees for almost a week.  I have heard more than one person comment "Well, hell is going to be hotter", making the point that we should be mindful of our spiritual walk, so we don't suffer such a fate! Along with that thought is also the reality that the extreme heat has forced us out of our "comfort zone", it has created new inconveniences for us, it has tested our patience and our air conditioners. 


The apostle Paul once wrote ". . .for I have learned, whatever state I am in, to be content" (Phillipians 4: 11, NKJV).  I have always felt challenged by this verse and have often reminded myself of this desired ability when I have wanted to complain about something.  Paul is not saying we should settle or compromise our ideals and merely accept whatever is going on. When things are wrong or sinful, we cannot do that.  But he is saying that when things are not perfect, a preferred response is to be "content" rather than "complain".  This enables us to continue our journey, our work, our responsibilities, even when things are not as we desire.  In the church, we would do well to remind ourselves, even in the midst of all this heat, that there is no perfect situation (here on earth).  There is no perfect pastor, no perfect church.  We are challenged to pray for and seek contentment, even when we are not happy with our external circumstances and with one another. 




Pray daily for our youth, young adults, chaperones and clergy who are attending the Connectional Youth and Young Adult Conference in Orlando, July 2-6, 2012!



Don't forget to bring your school supply to complete your registration at the upcoming Annual Conferences.  We will donate the supplies to local organizations that assist school children.


Click here to find information on the Children and Youth Activities scheduled for your annual conference.


NC Ala Children and Youth 2012      

SE Ala Children and Youth 2012      

Florida Region Children and Youth 2012      


Information for the Birmingham Region is not yet available.


Detailed Annual Conference information can be found on the website,, including pastoral report forms.   






Participating churches should bring their garden reports and photo albums to their Annual Conference.  Judging will occur the first week of August and be announced at the Episcopal District Office Open House on August 3 (See below for details). 


Bishop Snorton had the honor of visiting two of the gardens, Hall Memorial in Montgomery and Bass Tabernacle in Akron.  The fresh vegetables were delicious.  Click here to see a preview of the Bass Tabernacle Garden Photo Album      . 



Congratulations Graduates of the Fifth District!



Warren Betts, Miles Chapel, Reform, AL

Nazarine Broxton, Friendships, Campbellton, FL

Antwon Coleman, Bass Tabernacle, Akron, AL

Candace Colson, Phillips Temple, Phenix City, AL

Patrice Cunningham, Thirgood, Birmingham, AL

LaJuan Doss, Miles Chapel, Reform, AL

Raven Fields, Bass Tabernacle, Akron, AL

Shaquil Glass, Miles Chapel, Reform, AL

Brianna Hillman, St. Paul, Russellville, AL

Dasha Hillman, St. Paul, Russellville, AL

Aeriel Jones, St. Paul, Russellville, AL

Kiera Jones, St. Paul, Russellville, AL

Christopher Nance, Philips Temple, Phenix City, AL

Quanti Deon Orr, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL

Angela Denise Parham, Welch Chapel, Brighton, AL

Justice Puryear, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL

Kevauna Sterling, Miles Chapel, Reform, AL

Daria Turner, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL

Chad Watkins, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL

Chelsea Windham, Miles Chapel, Reform, AL

Delon Woods, Thirgood, Birmingham, AL

Anderson Young, Jackson Chapel, Courtland, AL


Many of these graduates received honors, scholarships and have great plans for college and other work.  Keep them in prayer!



Charles R. Jackson, Bachelor's Degree, University of Alabama (St. Paul, Russellville, AL)

Victoria Dixon Smith, BA (Human Development and Family Studies) University of Alabama

Donna Ford-Kirkland, MS (Social Work), University of Alabama (Thirgood ,Birmingham)

Gabbriella Doneka Odoms, BS (Biology), University of Alabama (Thirgood, Birmingham)

Kara Tanisha Turner, JD (Law), Vanderbilt University (Thirgood, Birmingham)

Timothy Jerrod Williams, BA (Business Admin), Tennessee State University (Thirgood, Birmingham)



Miles Alumni - Mark your Calendars!


Calling all Alumni of Miles College, please plan to attend the National Alumni Conference, July 19-21, 2012 at the Sheraton, Birmingham Hotel (reservations 800-230-4134).  All CME Miles graduates are encouraged to register with $150 for the entire conference. which includes the   the Alumni Banquet, Saturday, July 21st, 7 pm Bishop Teresa Snorton, guest speaker.  Churches are asked to purchase tables for $50 per seat.   For more information, contact William Breeding, 901-337-4510. 


Visit Miles College Alumni Facebook Page      


Mark Your Calendars!!!



4901 Lloyd Nolan Parkway, Fairfield, AL


Friday, August 3, 2012

3-6 pm


After the close of the Birmingham Region Annual Conference.