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IFSPT is a world-wide Federation, recognised as a subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), representing national organizations of Sports Physiotherapy. The efforts of IFSPT are directed towards Member Organizations and their individual members in serving athletes of all ages and abilities through excellence in education, research, practice, and clinical specialisation. The intention of the IFSPT is to be the international resource for Sports Physical Therapists all over the world.



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September 30-October 12

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


An opportunity not to be missed! For the first time in its history, IFOMPT is hosting its World Congress 

of Manual/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Eastern Canada. This meeting is the venue for the very best and brightest in research, clinical practice and academics to come together- and you can be there too! This Conference of the Federation is held only once every 4 years and will include clinical and scientific sessions.


IFOMPT is encouraging IFSPT members to submit abstracts for this conference. 


Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world who share the same interests as yours.


Conference Link  

Call for Submissions  



Tenth Annual Swiss Sports PT Conference

November 16, 2012 

Bern, Switzerland

Information and Registration


IFSPT Sports Program

November 29, 2012

Las Vegas, NV, USA 

Bally's Resort and Casino

In conjunction with Team Concept Conference




Team Concept Conference

November 29-December 1

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Bally's Resort and Casino






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Welcome to another edition of our IFSPT newsletter! We have a range of articles, including details about our upcoming Global Goals Program November 29 in Las Vegas, NV, followed by member organization SPTS's Team Concept Conference November 29-December 1. Support the IFSPT and hear the latest from world sports physical therapy leaders at this exciting event! Learn more about Denmark, one of our member organizations, and a student opportunity in Australia.

Of course, the biggest news over the next few weeks will be the Olympic Games in London! We're planning a special issue of the newsletter to cover the games through the eyes of our members. Are you attending the games, either for work or pleasure? Send your stories to Mary Wilkinson for inclusion! Pictures, stories, experiences and articles are all welcome.

The newsletter is for you, the members, so let us know what sorts of things you'd like to hear about.

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IFSPT Board Members Tony Schneiders (New Zealand) and Maria Constantinou (Australia) are shown on their way to Las Vegas to attend the IFSPT's Global Goals Program and SPTS Team Concept Conference. Using this mode of transportation, they should arrive in time for the November 29 through December 1 events.

Have you registered and made your travel plans yet? No need to take such a challenging (though eco-friendly) route. A plane will do nicely! Check out the articles below for everything you need to know about registering, booking hotel rooms and travel! (Actually, the photo was taken in Amsterdam during WCPT when Tony offered Maria a lift) See you in Las Vegas!
Register Now for the Global Goals IFSPT Program at Team Concept Conference!

Register Now!

The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy, in cooperation with the Sports Physical Therapy Section, APTA, is excited to announce its first pre-conference program at the renowned Team Concept Conference. This program will be held in the Bally's Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on November 29, 2012, from 8 am to noon.


The IFSPT program will highlight sports physical therapy involvement at the Olympic Games, F-MARC projects in soccer, and focus on the latest clinical guidelines on selected topics in various international sports. Don't miss this opportunity to meet international speakers from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and to get the latest update on IFSPT activities worldwide.


Cost is only $50 USD. Price includes breaks and materials.  


Complete information and program details may be found at this link


Current program:

8:00-8:10 am

Welcome and Introduction  |  IFSPT and SPTS Presidents, Dr. Nicola Phillips, UK, and Timothy Tyler, PT, MS, ATC, USA 


8:10-8:30 am

IFSPT Today  |  Dr. Nicola Phillips, IFSPT President, UK


8:30-8:50 am

FIFA, F-MARC and Global Soccer (Fédération Internationale de Football Association. English: International Federation of Association Football)  |  Dr. Mario Bizzini, Switzerland


8:50-9:10 am

Australian Golf  |  Dr. Rob Neal, Australia


9:10-9:30 am

International Perspective in Manual Therapy in Sports  |  Dr. Tony Schneiders, New Zealand


9:30-9:50 am

Panel Discussion


9:50-10:10 am Break (exhibit hall)


10:10-10:50 am

Taping in Sports: An International Perspective  |  Bente Andersen, PT, MSc, DSSPT (Denmark), Maria Constantinou, BPhty MPhtySt(Sports) GradCerEd (Australia)


10:50-11:10 am

Groin Injuries in Rugby Players  |  Stephen Mutch, UK


11:10-11:30 am

Tendinopathy in Athletes: An International Perspective  |  Henning Langberg, Denmark


11:30-11:50 am

Panel Discussion


11:50 am to Noon



The Team Concept Conference pre-conference courses will begin at 2:00 pm, following the IFSPT program.  


Team Concept Conference and Hotel Reservations 

IFSPT members may register for the full 2-1/2 day Team Concept Conference course at the discounted APTA rate, and will have the opportunity to book discounted rooms at the hotel for only $75 USD per night. Other hotels within walking distance include Paris, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Planet Hollywood and the Flamingo.



Access to discount hotel rates may be accessed through this link for the Bally's Resort and Casino.


Don't miss this special event!  

Register Now!
Combine your trip to the US for the IFSPT Sports Program with the Team Concept Conference. Light your passion for sports physical therapy with Team Concept Conference 2012!

The 2012 Team Concept Conference is the SPTS's 35th annual event. Conceived by the founders of SPTS as a way for all members of a sports medicine team to work together for the benefit of the individual patient, attendance at this event has doubled in only the past four years.

This year, SPTS has gathered the leaders in sports physical therapy from across the nation and around the world for an all-new TCC! Make your plans now to join us in Las Vegas, November 29 through December 1 at the Bally's Las Vegas Resort and Casino.   


Discounted cost for IFSPT members is only $500 USD for the 2-1/2 day event. Price includes breakfast daily, breaks, welcome reception on Thursday evening, access to the exhibit hall, all materials and conference handbook.


Bring a Friend 

As a further discount, IFSPT members who register together under the SPTS "Bring a Friend" program save an additional $50 USD each. Details on the "Bring a Friend" discount can be found at this link. It's easy to do through online registration!


All the information about Team Concept Conference may be found at this link.






Access to discount hotel rates may be accessed through this link for the Bally's Resort and Casino.


Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from US and international physical therapy leaders and enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas!  

PhD Studentship on Regenerative Injection Therapies for Tendinopathy 


Professor Michael Yelland and Dr Leanne Bisset in The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research (CMR) of the Griffith Health Institute are offering a PhD scholarship in a study program on chronic lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow). This academic program that will take place at Griffith University's Gold Coast Campus will involve the coordination of a high-level clinical trial involving regenerative injection and exercise therapies for tennis elbow while allowing the candidate to explore their own areas of interest within the diverse range of outcome measures used in this project, including:

  • Electromyography,
  • Acoustoelastographic assessment of tendon mechanics using diagnostic ultrasound,
  • 3-dimensional ultrasound modelling of the elbow
  • Quantitative sensory testing and grip strength for assessment of sensorimotor function.  

Research program support of AUS$23,728 per annum will be provided to the qualified candidate for a 3 year period. Supplementary funding is available for teaching conditional on qualifications. Funding may be available to assist international applicants.    


Application requirements: a bachelors degree with first-class honours or second-class honours (Division A), or a masters degree incorporating a significant research component, from a recognised institution; or a record of research, or a qualification granted by a professional or other body deemed by the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, to be of a standard comparable to a bachelor's degree with second-class honours (Division A). Applicants with postgraduate coursework or who are familiar with research methods, have significant research experience, and/or have postgraduate clinical qualification are strongly encouraged to apply. English language requirements (IELTS 6.5) apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. We reserve the right to not appoint. 


To apply, please forward your CV and a letter of support from two referees to michael.ryan@griffith.edu.au.    


For informal questions, please contact:

Michael Ryan PhD

Centre For Musculoskeletal Research

Griffith University

Gold Coast Campus

Soutport, QLD 4222


Member Organization Focus:
By Bente Andersen

Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe, with two additional overseas constituent countries also forming integral parts of the kingdom; the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic and Greenland in North America. Denmark proper[b] is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, located southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland, and many islands, most notably Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago.


The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy organised in the form of a parliamentary democracy, with its seat of government in in the capital city of Copenhagen.


Bente Andersen 

Denmark's history has particularly been influenced by its geographical location between the North and Baltic seas. This meant that it was between Sweden and Germany and thus at the center of the mutual struggle for control of the Baltic Sea; before the digging of the Kiel Canal, water passage to the Baltic Sea was possible only through the three channels known as the "Danish straits". 


With a mixed market economy and a large welfare state, Denmark ranks as having the world's highest level of income equality, and has the world's seventh highest per capita income. It has frequently ranked as the happiest corrupt country in the world. In 2011, Denmark was listed 16th on the Human Development Index. The national language, Danish, is closely related to Swedish and Norwegian, with which it shares strong cultural and historical ties. Denmark, along with Sweden and Norway, is part of the cultural region known as "Scandinavia" and is also a member of the Nordic Council.


The Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy (in Danish: Fagforum for Idrćtsfysioterapi = FFI) is the Danish organization for physical therapists and students who are interested in sports physical therapy and sports medicine.


The Society was founded in February 1986 and now has approximately 1400 members, all of them physical therapists or students of physical therapy.

Only very few are working full time in the area of sports physical therapy in Denmark. Soccer and handball are the foremost producers of sports injuries in Denmark, and our members work primarily in these sports.

We have an education programme and we organize meetings, classes and courses on a scientific basis to help our members to become skilled in preventing the various types of sports injuries. Also the best treatment of sports injuries on an evidence based basis takes up much room in our education.

One of our superior goals is to help the Danes to perform physical activity and sport in an efficient and injury preventive way. To support this we are working our way through professional catalogues to support evidence-based angles of approaches and physical therapy to injuries in all body parts. This is done to support our ongoing education, training and instruction of Danish sports physical therapist. The purpose of producing these catalogues of Best Practice is to promote and ensure evidence based practice on a daily basis within injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome measures. Recommendation degrees in the catalogues are based on a qualitative assessment of the literature found by comprehensive literature search. The catalogues are available to everybody on our website:
www.sportsfysioterapi.dk but unfortunately only in Danish.  


Every year we arrange a scientific congress, www.sportskongres.dk in cooperation with our sister organization, The Danish Association of Sports Medicine. Sports medicine doctors, sports physiologists and sports physical therapists are members of this association. We also arrange the International Scandinavian Congress every 4th year. This year the international congress is planned by our Swedish partners and takes place very much near Copenhagen, in Malmö, Sweden on the 19th-22nd September 2012. Access the website at this link.


We have recognition of a specialty status of Sports Physical Therapy in the Danish Association of Physical Therapy. This specialty status is based on the education supplied by FFI and this recognition is also approved by the IFSPT in 2010 with the title: Recognition of Specialty Status in Sport and Exercise Physical Therapy.


Denmark has announced a 10-swimmer roster for the 2012 London Olympic Games, with the big news being the Cal swimmer Mathias Gydesen adding his name to the list. Gydesen, in his career-best from the Indianapolis Grand Prix at the end of March, swam a 54.41 that missed the FINA Automatic Qualifying Time by .01 seconds. 


Denmark will participate in the 2012 Olympics in Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Handball, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, and Wrestling.

Executive Board Member Craig Smith Dry Needles in India 
IFSPT Executive Board member Craig Smith was recently in India in June and July to organise a series of Kinesiology Taping and Dry Needling courses via his company, Club Physio. Craig traveled to Mumbai, Baroda and Bangalore. Craig has been a regular visitor to India over the years since his first trip in October, 1991, as physio with the South African cricket team. This was his eighth trip to India and second in 2012.

India, as we know, is a melting pot of cultures, professions and opportunities. "If you have ever thought about visiting this extraordinary country, book your trip and make your plans now - you will not be disappointed!" Craig says.

Craig Smith, foreground, is shown with some of the students attending Club Physio's Indian classes.

The kinesiology taping courses were delivered by well-known South African physical therapist Jacqui McCord-Uys, team physical therapist with professional soccer team SuperSport United. Jacqui is a sports physical therapy group member in South Africa. This was Jacqui's second trip to India to teach, and on this trip Jacqui ventured out of Mumbai and taught in Baroda and Bangalore as well. Jacqui's courses are always very well supported wherever she teaches, with more than 170 attendees in her five taping courses in India.

Claire Waumsley is showing instructing students in dry needling during a class in India.

The second series of courses Craig ran were six days of dry needling in Mumbai with Claire Waumsley, a well-known physical therapist from Cape Town, SA. This was also Claire's second trip back to India in 2012, where myofascial dry needling is very much on the upswing.

Dry needling is a technique to de-activate trigger points, using acupuncture needles of different sizes. The success and effectiveness of dry needling is dependent on identifying the trigger point or area of hypersensitivity in the myofascia, and inserting the needle into that area to elicit a twitch response and deactivate the trigger and associated symptoms.

Another benefit of running the courses in India was Craig's ability to market the IFSPT to more than 270 Indian physical therapists. India is such a massive country and since the IFSPT is not represented in India, Craig took the opportunity to spread the word. Indian physical therapists were invited to sign up to the IFSPT newsletter as individual members until such time as the India sports physical therapy community unites and forms a representative body.

Thank you, Craig, for talking up IFSPT during your travels!

The IFSPT welcomes interest from individual physical therapists interested in sports physical therapy from all countries in receiving the IFSPT e-magazine. Simply click "Join Our Mailing List" in the left column or send an email to Mary Wilkinson.
Where's Mario? 
IFSPT Executive Board member Mario Bizzini travels extensively as part of his position with Schulthess Klinik and FIFA. Moreover, he's generous in sharing his experiences and photographs of those physical therapists he meets. Here's a collection from recent travels showing some of your fellow IFSPT members!


Bakare Ummukulthoum 

Lagos, Nigeria  

London, UK, FC Chelsea Stadium, ISOKINETIC conference


Bakare is a Nigerian sports PT with a particular interest in football/soccer. She worked as a volunteer during the last Women's World Cup in Germany 2011. For over a year, she has implemented the 11+ injury prevention program in her home town, Lagos, with dedication and passion.


  Reka Guti

Budapest, Hungary

Telki (Budapest), National training center, Hungarian Football Federation


Reka was very active during the SPA project with former IFSP President Laetitia Dekker-Bakker. How's the situation now? "It's not easy being a sports PT in Hungary," says Reka, "where you do not have much support in a sports environment dominated by MDs and massage therapists." Reka continues her personal quest for sports PT recognition in her country.


Erik Witvrouw

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium, 3rd World Congress of Science in Soccer.


Erik Witvrouw, PhD, PT lives and works in Ghent, home town of this congress, and where we shared lectures on sports physiotherapy and injury prevention. Erik is one the most renowned European sports PT's, a highly recognized researcher, and, moreover, a good friend of IFSPT. Erik serves on the editorial committee of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy, an official IFSPT publication. 


Geri Mitterbauer

Salzburg, Austria

Zürich, Switzerland


Geri is a well known Austrian sports PT and conditioning coach in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup, having worked successfully with several world cup winners, world and olympic champions. After many years in the "alpine circus," he recently decided to quit and dedicate himself to sports PT and his organization (spt-education.de). He's working on arrangements for the 3rd Austrian Sports PT Conference, which will be held in Salzburg in November 2013.


Now we know where Mario is...where are YOU?

Send in your photos and stories about your physical therapy travels and experiences for publication in our newsletter. Email to Mary Wilkinson

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