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August 2011 

About the IFSPT


IFSPT is a world-wide Federation, recognised as a subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), representing national organizations of Sports Physiotherapy. The efforts of IFSPT are directed towards Member Organizations and their individual members in serving athletes of all ages and abilities through excellence in education, research, practice, and clinical specialisation. The intention of the IFSPT is to be the international resource for Sports Physical Therapists all over the world.

WCPT Art Winners Announced 


WCPT is pleased to announce the finalists of its Art & Health competition, launched in October last year. The selected finalists were shown at an exhibition for the duration of WCPT's Congress, World Physical Therapy 2011, in Amsterdam.


Outstanding pieces of artwork were sought representing the role of physical therapy within the congress theme of Movement for Health, including:

  • human movement in health and disease
  • people with functional limitations in action
  • physical therapy practice across the lifespan

An overall winner of the competition was chosen as well as finalists and runners-up from each of the four categories (photography, painting, drawing and sculpture). The judging panel was extremely impressed with the quality of the entries and the many creative interpretations of the movement for health theme.


Follow this link to view the award winners. 



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Upcoming International Events 

If you have plans to add an international event to your continuing education, here are some upcoming events you may be interested in.  





6th Annual Congress of Association Sports Physiotherapists

October 19-22, 2011

Sürmeli Efes Hotel

Kusadasi, Turkey

This conference will be presented in English and Turkish.


English language link  


Tcc 2011  

Star Power: 

Team Concept Conference 2011

December 1-3, 2011

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 


Register now for Team Concept Conference, and join the Sports Physical Therapy Section at the fabulous Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino! The hip, modern and decidedly dramatic Planet Hollywood is the perfect location for a dynamic new TCC...new speakers, new topics, new experiences (and a few surprises).


Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino features accommodations fit for a celebrity A-List, and is perfect for Hollywood buffs...each room features one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia items. Inside Planet Hollywood you'll find nearly three acres of casino action, 1.2 miles of shopping and spectacular, high-tech meeting facilities.


Register now...follow this link and assure your spot for this sellout event! Room reservations are also available!



FIFA Conf  

Football Medicine Strategies for Knee Injuries

21-22 April, 2012

Stamford Bridge Stadium

Chelsea FC 



The Isokinetic FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence is proud to announce that the 2012 Football Medicine Conference will take place at Stamford Bridge Stadium, London, over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April.


This decision marks an exciting shift in the history of the International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology, having previously been held in Bologna, Italy, for the past 20 years.


Injuries to the knee are among the most common sports-related injuries, with incidence rates in football particularly high. For this reason we have designed a conference which tackles common challenges presented to football players and their support teams.


Conference President: 

Stefano Della Villa

Bryan English


Scientific Director: 

Dott. Giulio Sergio Roi





September 30-October 12

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


An opportunity not to be missed! For the first time in its history, IFOMPT is hosting its World Congress 

of Manual/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Eastern Canada. This meeting is the venue for the very best and brightest in research, clinical practice and academics to come together- and you can be there too! This Conference of the Federation is held only once every 4 years and will include clinical and scientific sessions.


IFOMPT is encouraging IFSPT members to submit abstracts for this conference. 


Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world who share the same interests as yours.


Conference Link  

Call for Submissions  



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Welcome to another newsletter and hello from Nickiyour new Executive Board


The General Meeting in Amsterdam saw a lot of changes in IFSPT. It was with sadness and much appreciation that we said goodbye to Laetitia Dekker-Bakker, Mark De Carlo and Jan Smith. We also welcomed new EB members Craig Smith (South Africa), Tony Schneiders(New Zealand) and Maria Constantinou (Australia).


The next few years will be an exciting time as we build on all the hard work of our previous EB members under the leadership of Laetitia Dekker-Bakker. The new roles of each EB member will be explained in more detail through updates on our website, but as your new president, I just wanted to say hello on behalf of the board. We are all looking forward to working together to help make IFSPT a fantastic resource and support for all PT's working in sport and exercise.


Over the next few newsletters, we will profile EB members so that you get to know your leadership well. In the meantime, send us your feedback and questions through the email addresses posted on our website!


Nicki Phillips

President, IFSPT


Welcome to the August 2011 IFSPT Newsletter!

WCPT's World Physical Therapy 2011 marked the beginning of a busy season of upcoming conferences for IFSPT members. Several members have contributed to the full report of this exciting congress. Of primary interest is the installation of our new Executive Board and committees at the 2011 General Meeting. You'll find all the details here.

Also of interest is a report by Nicki Phillips, our new IFSPT President, about the Biennial Conference in Cardiff, Wales. You'll find information about other upcoming conferences, seminars and educational opportunities both in this newsletter and on the website.

Speaking of the website, have you checked in lately? It has a new look, updated information and is organized in a fresh new way. The PR/Marketing Committee is dedicated to constant refreshing the website information to benefit our Member Organisations.

We'd like to offer another reminder to be certain you make your selection for participation in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Contact your Journal liaison or Mark DeCarlo. If you'd like to review the options, refer to the IFSPT website or the IJSPT website.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or contributions for upcoming newsletters and email blasts...you can simply respond to this email, or email Mary Wilkinson.

Member Countries:
Don't forget...each of your individual members are welcome to sign up to receive the newsletter directly. Please remind members to simply click the button in the lower left panel marked "Join Our Mailing List," fill in their email information, and they will automatically be added to our email list. The IFSPT does not share its email list with anyone.

Would you like to publicize a conference or seminar to your IFSPT colleagues? Send a message to Mary Wilkinson with details and a link to your website for inclusion in the next newsletter.


Introducing Your IFSPT Executive Board 


The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the acceptance of a new Executive Board:

President - Nicola Phillips, Wales, UK 

Secretary - Maria Constantinou, Australia 

Treasurer - Gordon Eiland, USA 

Member-at-large -  Bente Andersen, Denmark 

Member-at-large - Mario Bizzini, Switzerland 

Member-at-large - Tony Schneiders, New Zealand 

Member-at-large - Craig Smith, South Africa


In addition, the following committee assignments have been made:


Administrative Services Team

Chair, Gordon Eiland 


Audit  Committee

John DeBlasis  

Strategic Planning

Executive Board


Governance Services Team
Chair, Bente Andersen


Laetitia Dekker


Bente Andersen

Vibeke Bechtold


Bente Andersen  


Educational Services Team

Chair, Nicola Phillips

Professional Development Committee

Nicola Phillips (Chair)

Gordon Eiland

Bente Anderson

Tara O'Meara

Tony Schneiders

Research Committee

Peter McNair (Chair)

Maria Constantinou

Tony Schneiders

Erik Witvrouw

Jose Esteves

Gordon Waddington  

Robert van Cingel

Derya Ozer  

Eleni Kapreli


Scientific Congress Committee

Mario Bizzini (Chair)

Gul Baltaci

Henning Langberg

Tony Schneiders

Mike Voight

Stephen Mutch

Nikos Strimpakos   


Membership Services Team

Chair, Mario Bizzini

Awards Committee

Nicola Phillips (Chair)

David Hunter

Henning Langberg 

Terry Malone  

Membership Committee

Bente Andersen (Chair)

Craig Smith

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

Craig Smith (Chair)

Mary Wilkinson-Cummins (Marketing Director) 

Laetitia Dekker-Bakker

Jan Gildea-Smith 

Gordon Eiland

Bente Andersen

Mario Bizzini 


IFSPT Registration Board

Chair, Nicki Phillips

Jan Gildea-Smith

Henning Langberg

Karl Lochner

Colin Patterson

Teresa Schuemann

Tony Schneiders

Hans Bloo


All leadership members are accessible via email through the IFSPT website. 



Left to Right: Craig Smith, South Africa, Member at Large; Mario Bizzini, Switzerland, Member at Large; Bente Andersen, Denmark, Member at Large; Nicki Phillips, President, UK; Maria Constantinou, Secretary, Australia; Tony Schneiders, Member at Large, New Zealand; Gordon Eiland, Treasurer, USA.  

IFSPT Members in Action at World Congress! 


It was a busy few days for IFSPT members at World Congress 2011. From meetings to conference sessions to clinical visits to social events, attendees kept a steady pace.


Photographs have been flowing in from around the globe from the Congress. While we're sharing a few with you here, you can see many more at the IFSPT website.


If you'd like to capture the essence of the Congress in just a few minutes, we invite you to enjoy the Smilebox provided by Eleni Kapreli, Greek delegate.


Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremonies.


IFSPT General Meeting.

Two ladies

Eleni Kapreli (delegate from Greece) and Derya Ozer (delegate from Turkey) pose by the entrance to the Congress hall.


Nikos Strimpakos takes a relaxed approach to the inclement weather. 

Taking brochure

An attendee takes IFSPT information at the WCPT booth in the exhibit hall.

Boat 1

Yukio Urabe, Japan; Ivonne Van Vleest, Honduras; Manfred Bauer, Germany; Mrs. Bauer; Mario Bizzini, Switzerland; and Karl Lochner, Austria on the NVFS/IFSPT boat trip.

Boat 2

Rafael Rodriguez Lozano, Spain; José Antonio Martin Urrialde, Spain, former IFSP board member; Derya Ozer, Turkey; Eleni Kapreli, Greece; Nikolaos Strimpakos, Greece; and Rieko Sasaki, Japan, guest.

Boat 3

Manfred Bauer, Germany; Laetitia Dekker-Bakker, The Netherlands; Mario Bizzini, Switzerland; and Karl Lochner, Austria.


Mark DeCarlo, USA, Laetitia Dekker-Bakker, The Netherlands, Andrea Fusco, Italy, and Jan Gildea-Smith, Australia, admire artistic representations of human musculature.


Discussion Panel "Capitalising on Major Sports Events to the Benefit of the Public and the Profession" Panel, from left to right: Ella Yeung (Hong Kong), Lynn Booth (UK), Laetitia Dekker (the Netherlands), Michael Brennan (Canada), Maria Constantinou (Australia), Edwenia O'Malley (Ireland).


Satellite Programme IFOMPT and IFSPT

"Contemporary Models and Practical Tools in Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making" Speakers, from left to right: Bill Vincenzino (Australia), Karim Khan (Canada), Lenerdene Levesque (Canada), Erik Thoomes (The Netherlands).

ACPSM Biennial Conference in Cardiff, Wales is a Resounding Success!


Physios By Nicola Phillips, IFSPT President


The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine held its Biennial Conference Friday, 1st July and Saturday, 2nd July in Cardiff, Wales, UK at Cardiff University, just a few short weeks after WCPT.


The contacts made through IFSPT meant that we were able to invite a selection of excellent speakers from within UK and across Europe. This wouldn't have been possible without these relationships.

ACPSM conf 

Mario Bizzini and Henning Langberg (pictured above with Nicki Phillips ) are great examples of these connections - both gave excellent presentations that were well received by delegates.   

One of the attendees shared with us her experience at the conference in a much appreciated note:   

Great conference and an opportunity to network for research as well as clinical endeavours!  


The speakers and their presentations complimented incredibly well and sparked some great discussions! The theme of fascia, for example, mingled through many of the talks and demonstrations. James Earls presented the recent research developments and anatomical findings on the  connective tissue/fascia, followed on by a number of practical demonstrations of how we as clinicians can "tap in" to the concept of utilizing connective tissue to induce change in movement control and performance. Namely, the inspiring Andrea Fusco shared his experience and background in dance to prevent and rehabilitate shoulder sports injuries and Stephen Mutch gave an energetic demonstration of examples of groin pain prevention and rehabilitation in rugby. The evening drinks held at the great venue of the Cardiff Museum and the dinner at Tiger Tiger provided a great opportunity for networking and discussions. There was no difficulty of spotting the conference delegates who kept adopting the poses and exercises demonstrated by Andrea, followed by excited discussions of potential application in their athletes! Luckily, no one tried the shoulder roll!  


Next day, we were brought firmly back on the ground by Prof Lennard Funk presenting diagnostic assessment of shoulder injuries and examples of minimally invasive surgery and Mr Paul Rhys Davies giving us an insight into the surgical options for often catastrophic neck and spinal injuries! A great discussion on the management of chronic tendinopathy also took place with Dr. Henning Landberg presenting research on adaptation of connective tissue to exercise and loading and Dr. Anna Frohm shared her approach to patellar tendinopathy treatment from her work with the top athletes at the Swedish Confederation Centre. Mark Bennett's presentation on the role of testosterone and finger ratio in high level rugby players was fascinating as well as his overview of the challenges of strength&conditioning in top level rugby. Finally...Dr. Glenn Hunter opened our "eyes wide shut"! Not to look away but to look into ourselves and search for how we as a profession could contribute to achieving great, world-class performances in our athletes! After being mesmerised by Glenn's floating rivers analogy, questions started to float in my head: What is it that the athlete, coach and the sport overall perceive as a challenge in making a performance difference? What is it about us as physios that could make a real difference in performance of an athlete? Lots to think about and reflect on!


Overall, truly inspiring and horizon expanding conference, full of extremely high quality speakers, sparking great discussions and ideas! Highly specific to working in sport, unmissable for an experienced clinician as well as a junior physiotherapist thinking of career in sport.  Thank you ACPSM, see you in 2 years time."


Liba Sheeran, PhD, MSc, MCSP, HPC

Senior Physiotherapist in Welsh Athletics    


Andrea Fusco is also one of the many connections made through IFSPT. He is pictured below demonstrating his assessment and correction of body alignment and form, linking to shoulder injury.                                                             



As well as the international research and clinical input, Craig Bounds, Dakkar Rally competitor, gave a fascinating (and amusing!) insight into the mind set and preparation needed to compete in one of the world's toughest events. Craig is pictured below with Colin Paterson, ACPSM Vice Chair and Sian Knott , ACPSM Treasurer.



Another attendee shared their experience at the Biennial Conference via a professional blog.

As a newbie to the ACPSM bi-annual conference I was unsure what to expect. One thing was for sure though, the line up of international renowned speakers and lecturers was certainly enough of a draw to attend this conference.


Upon arrival it was clear to see the ACPSM backroom staff had been hard at work to organise such a conference, the venue was excellent and the hi-tech big screens updating us of dates to put in our diary and the timings of the breakout lectures was second to none. Every fine detail thought of and covered from copies of lecture notes to free software to assist with clinical practice.


The conference really helped me clinically and continued to fuel my fire of enthusiasm to become a high performance physiotherapist within sport and it reinforced the need for me to continue with my ACPSM CPD pathway.


The conference delivered really high level interesting lectures with well thought out and anecdotal evidence on performing excellence. The conference is also an excellent opportunity to network and socialise with physios from across the world. One thing that was clear to me is that the ACPSM was like a big family and it was clear to see that long standing members had known and worked with each other for long periods of time and had built life long friendships.


With all these aspects combined I would urge all existing members that didn't attend and all students or considering members to become members and attend the next conference, as the ACPSM is a growing organisation with clear defined goals and if the last conference is anything to go by I cannot wait until the next conference.


See you there!


Next year, ACPSM will present several single day seminars, then we will begin planning for another big two-day event in 2013...so watch this space. And don't forget that as IFSPT members, you can register at ACPSM member rates!