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CH Kitty Club Newsletter

June 2012                                       Issue #21

June 2012
             Tardy Peebucket

Hi everyone!


As we all have mourned the loss of Tardy Peebucket, it seems like May has just flown by.  We can't believe it's already been more than 1 month!  Tardy has continued to inspire us all to help more CH kitties and lots of CH kitties found new homes or were rescued and are up for adoption this month!   


We also have a fellow CH kitty in need of a big surgery - so please be sure to see the section at the bottom about Pixie and the online auction benefit for her!               


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CH Kitties of the Month: Otis & Mandy 
by Kelly Fischer

Otis and Mandy, born April 14.  They were just the kittens to "the old barn cats"  This was their mama's 3rd litter and the only litter to live. I had no intentions on taking any of the kittens as I already have my own 2 special needs kitties. One (Daphne) we rescued from a prolapsed rectum.  It took 2 surgeries to correct.  The other we found in the middle of the road and brought him home.  He has a condition where he gets sores on his mouth.  They are like cold sores in humans but not contagious.  Anyway, we saw the kittens at  3 days old and I fell in love with Otis. We talked them into letting me have him right away.  I didn't want to leave him (or the other kittens for that matter but we could only get one) in the barn with the other animals.  I was afraid of something getting to him.  But they only let us take one.  And we did.  I noticed he had this twitchy head thing.  But ignored it.  It was cute and didn't seem to be a problem.  Then we noticed he was a bit wobbly on his back legs at 4 weeks old and again thought maybe it was just that he wasn't getting enough exercise.  So we started making more of a conscious effort to get him walking.  Then we were over to pick the kids up from their friends house and got a peek at the kittens.  That's when we saw Mandy.  She couldn't walk at all.  As we were talking to them, they were talking about shooting her down because she has a neurological problem.  It was heart breaking to me.  Both the realization that Otis did have something wrong and then to see his sister in far worse shape than him.  I immediately started researching on the internet and found this yahoo group.  It was comforting to see that he and she could live a healthy life.  So we took Otis to the vet and got the confirmation that it is indeed CH and that there was nothing else wrong with him.  We then called the owners of the barn cats and asked them to let us take Mandy as well.  We explained what it was and that this was her best chance for survival.  They let us take her.  The 3rd kitty to the litter has a very very mild case of CH.  So mild that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it.

Otis has been such a gift to us.  We fell in love instantly and he continues to steal our hearts.  The vet we talked with tried to talk us into putting him down but when he watched Otis interact with us, he quickly realized how special of a kitty he is.  He is a mild/moderate case I would say.  He has the head shake.  He can hold himself up on his front legs well, but his back legs seem to not know what his front legs are doing.  He does a lot of falling over.  This hasn't slowed him down a bit.  He runs (and falls).  He jumps (and falls).  He is just funny as ever to watch.  He doesn't want to give up his bottle.  He prefers it for his eating method over any other and that's fine with us.  We cut the hole bigger to allow for the gruel to get through the nipple.
Mandy is the sweetest little thing you will meet.  We didn't know if she would even survive when we first brought her home at 4 weeks.  Her CH is moderate/severe. She hadn't been eating well.  She was very dehydrated and weak.  After a full night of feedings every 30 min she quickly recovered.  She is gaining strength every day.  She is just a cuddle bug.  She asks to be held often.  She can not walk at all.  She tries to get up but just flops from side to side.  Right now that's about how she moves.  If there is carpet or a towel she will use her nails to pull herself along.  She has gotten very good and quick at moving with her claws.  She loves to eat from a saucer.  She flattens herself out with the table, puts her front 2 feet in the saucer and chows.  She doesn't have a lot of head control so it's a lot of bobbing but she does well.  We have had her for a week now and cant imagine her not being here.
Otis and Mandy have 2 kitty siblings (mentioned above)  Their names are Fred and Daphne.  They also have 4 chihuahua playmates that love them.  In the pictures you will see Dixie, one of the chihuahua's just watching them.   
Birthday Blurbs

Happy 9th Birthday, Riley Dean!

By Kristie (Riley Dean's Mommy)


My beautiful CH kitty boy, Riley Dean, will be nine years old on June 20th of this year. I'm sure by now all of you have heard the story of how we met at a vet's office, and how he was my first experience with CH. How he stopped eating twice as a small kitten and almost didn't make it, but in the end, he persisted and fought. How he loves to write his monthly article, "The World According to Riley Dean." So to honor my special birthday boy, I thought I'd write a little ode to him in the form of a short story:


I have a non-CH 10 year old tortie cat named Abbey. Abbey is, to put it nicely, a little bruiser. She's kind of a bully to all the boys in the house, including Kip the 22 lb. poodle. All it takes is a smack of her paw on his nose, and he has been sufficiently put in his place. He puts his head and tail down and backs into a corner. My other non-CH boy kitty, Gatsby, has been terrorized by Abbey's moods since he was a small kitten, so he knows to turn tail and run! However, Riley Dean, my feisty CH boy, refuses to take any of her attitude. Even when she's in her most foul mood and pushes him to the ground for no reason, the first thing he does is stumble back up to his feet and charge back at her, as if to say, "You can't scare me, lady! It may take me awhile to catch you, but when I do, you'd better watch out!"


Happy birthday, my strong, determined, proud Riley Dean! Your mommy loves you!

The Gift From Tardy Peebucket
by Lizzie Holochwost
Did Tardy look down from his new home and see us crying and decide to send us something to help with all this pain we are feeling? Who really knows the answer to this question? Well, I guess Tardy might, I don't, but I'd like to think so. It's been a month since Tardy left, I still cry every day, I feel confused and dazed, I have a pain in my chest where the hole in my heart is. I'm sure that will never go away.

But, when I saw the picture of "Bernice" on the CH Cats and Kittens page, I swear I heard Tardy say, "Hey mommy, there's a baby me!". Yea, she sure does look like him. I asked him, "But, isn't it too soon, sweetie?". He said, "No mommy, you need to go get her."     I kept looking at the Petfinder page about her, and then I saw her sister "Gatsby" also, a lookalike of my first CH'er, Shiloh. Hmmm, what was the chance of that happening?

A few emails back and forth with Debbie (Our adoption specialist) and Stacy (the lady who had the babies), and it was decided that Neal and I would adopt both of these girls. They tried to arrange transport, but nothing was working out. So, I decided to clear my schedule, rent a car, and book a hotel for the night in the mountains!

I was scared! Was I doing the right thing? Could I possibly love these babies as much as my Tardy boy? Would they really use a litter box??? Would Ziggy try to eat them?

Stacy arrived late afternoon with my babies. They were teenie tiny, and Bernice was a boy!! I named him Spike!! And Gastby became Luna Süna. The lyrics for both songs are below this little article. I made a few videos right there in the motel room (horrible room!!!) and took pictures, I fed them and gave them toys and a litter box and water. I set them up in the bathtub for their safety. They are as cute as can be. Then I went to have some dinner.

I slept with them in the carrier next to my head, waking up often during the night to look at them. At one point I reached in to pet them and they both started purring wildly! That made me feel good. At five they started screaming so back to the tub they went, I fed them before going back to sleep myself.
At eight in the morning, we headed out, leaving the mountains of Virginia heading back to our home in South Carolina. They were so good, they slept most of the way, only woke up a few times to chat with me, then went back to sleep. We arrived home in five hours (I'm an excellent driver!), and I set them up in my bathroom so they could get use to the house smells and sounds, and be safe. Now they are in my studio, a larger room, getting use to that. Next step is leaving that door open an hour here and there so they can meet other kitties and roam a little, supervised. (So Ziggy doesn't eat them) Eventually they will have half the house all day and share a room with Ziggy at night.

How do I feel? Lost, lonely without my Tardy boy. Have these babies helped me cope? I'm not sure, I don't know how different I would feel if they weren't here. Do I love them? I will love them, my heart isn't open  enough yet. Neal just thinks they're the sweetest little things ever : ))

They love attention, they love playing, they love being loved on. They have wonderful personalities, and we are glad they are here with us. They are slowly wobbling their way into my broken heart.

Luna (Tom Petty)
White light cut a scar in the sky, thin line of silver
The night was all clouded with dreams, wind made me shiver
Black and yellow pools of light, outside my window

The clouds are all silver and black, floating around me
Luna come into my eyes, Luna surround me
With black and yellow pools of light fall by my window
Luna come to me tonight, I am a prisoner
Luna glide down from the moon
Luna come to me tonight, I am a prisoner
Luna glide down from the moon

The clouds are all silver and black, floating around me
Luna come into my eyes, Luna surround me
With black and yellow pools of light fall by my window
Luna come to me tonight, I am a prisoner
Luna glide down from the moon

Spike (Tom Petty)
Oh, we got another one, just like the other ones
Another bad ass, another troublemaker
I'm scared, ain't you boys scared?
I wonder if he's gonna show us what bad is
Boys, we got a man with a dog collar on
Think we oughta' throw ol' Spike a bone

Oh, here's another misfit, another Jimmy Dean
Bet he's got a motorbike, what do y'all think?
Bet it would be good we'll get a ride on it
If he ain't too mad about the future
Maybe we oughta help him see
The future ain't what it used to be

Listen, hey Spike what do you like?
Hey Spike what do you like?

Oh, hey Spike what do you like?
Hey Spike, you're scarin' my wife
Hey Spike, tell us 'bout life
Could you tell me about life?

The World According to Riley Dean:

How to Keep Things Clean...In Bed!

By Riley Dean (with a little help from Mommy)


Hello all, it is your friend Riley Dean! Lately I've been having a little problem in the bedroom. That is, I've been peeing in it! My mommy bought me a beautiful kitty bed so that I could stretch out and get some zzzs, but it turns out I'm a bed-wetter! Therefore, this month, we will explore the issue of CH kitty bedwetting. She and I have come up with some ideas to solve the issue, and hopefully they can help others, too!


Why Does it Happen?


My mommy wasn't sure at first why I started bed-wedding, but now she thinks she has a theory. The issue actually starts where the pee is SUPPOSED to go: in the litterbox! Sometimes we CH-ers, especially the long-haired kitties and those who have to use the litterbox lying down (and I'm both!), spill a little on our fur. After we're done, we climb into our beds, and over time, the smell collects there. After awhile, it becomes difficult for us to distinguish that it's not okay to just go ahead and GO there. One way to possibly solve this is to wipe us off with a wet paper towel or a baby wipe after we use the box. You may not get to us every time, but it may help (at least for awhile).


The Perfect Bed


My mommy has figured out three possible ways to help the problem. It all has to do with bed selection. When choosing a bed for your CH kitty, here are some things you might want to consider:


1. Is it small enough to throw in a washing machine? The easiest way to keep repeat incidents from happening is to throw the whole bed in the wash and get that pee smell out. Smaller beds are easier to wash and don't stop up the machine. Then the bed will smell like clean linen instead, and maybe there won't be as many problems.


2. Can it be easily covered? Does your bed have a deep enough groove for your kitty so that maybe you can throw a small blanket or even a soft towel over it? This way, as long as you keep a couple on hand, you may be able to get away with washing the blanket/towel instead of having to wash the bed itself each and every time. This, of course, depends upon the severity of your kitty's CH, and if he or she may get tangled in said blanket or towel while struggling to get in and out of bed. If he or she has milder CH, this tactic may work better.


3. Does it have a removable cover? Beds that have higher quality covers which can be removed with zippers are generally more expensive, but they can be worth it! The secret weapon? Plastic wrap! You can triple wrap and tape up the inside cushions. This way, if there's an accident, the cover can be thrown in the wash while the insides stay high and dry!


The Cleaning Agents


Urine Gone has worked very well (and often!) in my house. There are other easier to find and slightly cheaper brands that work nicely, too. Right now my mommy is using a pretty good brand from Arm & Hammer. It doesn't hurt to soak pee spots with one of these agents before throwing them in the wash. The enzymes break down and reduce the smell. But remember not to spray it on the bed and leave it! If your kitty lies on it, it can cause rashes. They may also lick it! Bleh!


So there you have it! With a few tricks and tips, you can make sure that your CH kitty doesn't accidentally start turning his or her bed into a second litterbox. Until next month!

The CH Kitty Club Website Features:
Pet Diaries

By Lizzie Holochwost

At first glance, the Pet Diaries seem like a cute little addition to our website ( A nice little place for our kitties to share their stories and fun stuff. It is that, for sure, but we see it as a much more important tool for CH parents!

New CH parents have lots of questions and concerns, we all know that. We remember how that was! With the pet diaries, new parents can see how kittens progress and make strides. They will be able to see an actual time frame of the trials and tribulations of CH parenthood.

How does this work? Well, we need a few people to become dedicated diary posters. People who have CH kitties of any age. Then just a few times a week maybe, or daily if you're motivated, log into the Pet Diaries and let your CH kitty talk about her/his daily goings on. What fun!! And your kitty will feel so special!! And also be teaching new CH parents so much!
So...go ahead, go start your Pet Diaries today!! Email me if you have any questions or need more information.
Media Release from Bolton & Bury Cat Rescue, United Kingdom - Smokey CH Kitten Rescued from Burning Building in Manchester England
Photos by: John McGibbon
Written by: Anja Blahova              

Bolton and Bury Cat Rescue - United Kingdom

April 5, 2012
Firefighters in Manchester England rescue a Smokey a 2 week old CH Kitten from a burning building and given oxygen to revive at the scene
Please read this release and photos here:     
April 13, 2012 
Firefighters are reunited with Smokey now the 3 week old CH Kitten
Please read article and see photos here:  

May 18, 2012 

Smokey the CH Fire Fur Baby!


As you may all may remember, a beautiful 3wk old CH kitten came into our rescue (Bury Bolton Cat Rescue, Manchester, England) after having been saved from a fire in central Manchester. The firemen who arrived at the scene resuscitated the kitten with oxygen, who, was promptly named Smokey, and brought him into our care. Luckily for us our cat mammy and welfare officer, Vivienne Davies, had a young mum and her brood already with her. The lovely mum, Cupid, immediately took him as one of her own and he bonded with his new family instantly. The vet recently classed him as a mild CH now.

In his time with us he went from strength to strength. The little rascal has had no problems at all regarding his so-called "disability" and it certainly hasn't bothered him running round with his new brothers and sisters! As you can imagine, he's been very popular with our team and members and is now the ultimate diva!  


In the purr-fect happy ending, one of the firemen fell in love with him and adopted Smokey and his best buddy, Mercury, (a tabby boy from Cupids litter)! They left us on Monday to start their new adventurous life together and we can't wait to hear of their escapades!

As an extra piece of good fortune, we were privileged enough to have another CH kitty in our care! A beautiful tabby and white 12mth old boy called Boo Boo, who was rehomed within days!


Its such a pleasure to look after these wonderful cats and more so to educate people about them especially as they are relatively rare in the UK.

Our Big Outdoor Adventure

By Effie and Lovey



Hi, again, this is Effie! We have been with our family over one year now, can you believe it! Life is SO interesting here! I have Fifi, my best friend, who I spend the days playing with. We especially love to play Got You around the shower curtains! Today, though, I had an adventure without Fifi! Lovey and I got to go outside! I don't know why they left Fifi in, though I think my boy Jonnie said something about her moving too fast to go out front. Anyway, we went outside to a part of the yard that I had never been in before, called the side yard. There I found a very comfortable bush to lie under. Then my wonderful big brother, Tiger, came and visited me for a while. He then climbed into the back yard to play with the dogs. He is so big and strong and he climbs that fence like it is nothing!


I also got to peek over into the neighbor's yard. They have these big birds that don't fly and are taller than me! They call them chickens. They are fascinating. In fact, Mommy says that we eat like chickens, with that bob and peck method. Maybe that is why Lovey and I don't walk real well, maybe we are part chicken! Anyway, even though it was hot out, I had a really great time! Long before I was ready, Jonnie came and took me back inside. Now, I am going back to Mommy's room to hang out with Fifi.



Oh, my, BIG adventure that we had today! Let me tell you about it! First, I know why we went out there. Mommy went to her doctor earlier this week and he told her that her Vitamin D levels are low. I don't know what Vitamin D is, but he told her to get out in the sun more often. So, Mommy, Jonnie and Jason took a blanket outside and they played a game called Uno while we got to explore! It was SO scary and exciting and fun, all at the same time! I wanted to lie beside Mommy, but it was really too hot, so I made my way over to the shade of the house and lay there. I was even joined by Buddy, the old man cat who sometimes comes in at night. He doesn't say much, just grumbles to himself a lot, but he did lie close to me.


Our doggies were even outside; though they were in the fenced in back yard. My favorite doggie is Snickers, the brown doggie. She is so sweet and she licks me and lets me rub up against her and doesn't even make fun of me when I fall or tumble. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Mommy cleared up the game stuff and her camera and came and took me inside! Now I am SO sleepy, so I am going to curl up here on the sofa with Mommy and take a nap! Maybe she will take us on some more adventures soon! If so, I promise to tell you all about them, too!

Often times I receive emails and see postings within the CH Forums and social media groups of people who have kitties with Paralysis, some maybe CH and sometimes we feel there is another issue that falls under the category of Paralysis/Paralyzed.   A few months ago Holly notified me thru my SpecialNeeds InNeeds Facebook page about her kitty Ropa and the Facebook group to share with my followers for those who are seeking help, questions and conversations about thier cats who have paralysis.    I really thought this group who have a Facebook Page and also a Yahoo Forum will be helpful to the CH Kitty Community as most often people who have a CH Kitty also have other special needs kitties too and sometimes the information for severe CH Kitties can be helpful thru the groups mentioned below.  I find the group wonderful just as ours is and thank Holly for sharing this wonderful group to share.
-Debbie Martin


Cats with rear end Paralysis: Story of Ropa and Support for owners with Cats with Paralysis

By Holly Fahey

My name is Ropa. I am a cat that has rear paralysis. My mom found me at three weeks old in a convenience store parking lot. She was told that I was slammed in a door and thrown out into the street. My mom had no experience, or even knowledge that cats like me existed, and took me to the vet on a Sunday morning to be euthanized. She was concerned that I was suffering. Dr. Lisa thought I might have a chance to use my hind legs again and over the course of the week, mom came back and took me home, even though she knew Dr. Lisa was wrong.


My name is Holly, and I am Ropa's mom. When I brought Ropa home from the vet in Guam she was tiny; so full of worms that she had to be treated three times, she had constant diarrhea, her bladder needed to be expressed every 4-5 hours, she started developing UTI's almost immediately. It all seemed insurmountable.


What I couldn't get past was Ropa's love of life. She was a food hound, wanted to play, wanted attention, and purred like crazy when you gave it to her. It was quickly clear that even with impairment and illness, this girl wanted to live! It became apparent to me that the issues were: I found a damaged kitten who wants to live, I am in love with this kitten, she is going to require a lot of care, and I have no idea how to provide her with the care she needs.


So I got on the computer. I asked a friend who is an animal lover, if she could help. She found the Yahoo Group for Cats with Paralysis ( The members there guided me through expression, diet, and UTI advice. Finally, I found food that resulted in her having regular bowel movements, I learned how to express her properly, her UTI's decreased, and I received advice on diapers (thank you to Barbara J. Hipps who walked me through so much of this!).


Ropa flourished! She grew, became healthier, climbed the furniture, played, followed me everywhere, chased our other cat around the house, and stole beds from the dogs! She quickly became my angel.


I brought Ropa back home to Florida with me in July of 2011. I kept in touch with Barbara, who had created a Facebook page for Cats with Paralysis. I quickly joined. We had 20 members.


I recognized that it was the members of these two groups that saved Ropa's life. I loved her and followed through by asking the questions, but these people were the ones that gave me answers. I realized more and more that I wanted to give back to those that helped me. I wanted to create a voice for these bewildering and marvelous cats. I started soliciting members of the Facebook group and the Yahoo Group to send me photos and videos of their kitties. All while continuing to learn about care from their respective members. Three Facebook members; Barbara, Robert Walton, and April Ng, submitted their information and photos and the first CWP video was created.

Cats With Paralysis
Cats With Paralysis


Over 16,000 people have seen our first video. Our Facebook members grew to 174. We have members with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, amputees, blind kitties, kitties that were born with no rear knee caps, spina bifida, and on and on. Barbara changed our Facebook name to Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges. It became apparent that the name needed to reflect the evolution of the group. I continue to learn from our members every day. All of us work together to share information about diapers, bathing, UTI's, every other kind of care, finding homes that will foster, and fur-ever homes for these miraculous and wonderful cats.


We recently worked together to create a new video. This video features 15 of our stunning and astounding cats. Our membership is continually growing.

Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges
Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges


When vets advised us to euthanize, our members rose up and said "No, we choose to give these extraordinary and spectacular cats the chance at life that they deserve."


I am one of the members of Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges. We know that these wonderful and amazing cats can live tremendously happy, fulfilled lives with an owner who is prepared to make a true commitment to provide them with a good quality of care. Our FB page was created for owners of these wonderful cats to trade information, experience, and offer support. If you have questions, we want to help. You can find us at:!/groups/97187439038/  Please join us, in sharing information and working together to save the lives of these wonderful cats.  


I need to ask you to excuse me, I need to try to catch my Ropa, she just went soaring by me and it is bed time. She needs a squeeze.........


Holly, Ropa, and all of the committed members of Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges

Ropa The Paraplegic Cat has a  Facebook Page too if you would like to join:!/RopaTheParaplegicCat
"Who Determines What "Normal" is, Anyway?" 

By: Stacy M. Baker - Wise, VA


In early March 2012, I drove to our local animal shelter to pick up a VERY pregnant gray and white momma cat on behalf of the animal rescue group I work with, PAWS of Southwest Virginia. The cat, who I dubbed "Sadie", was very lucky to have scored a foster spot with a local family. In 2011, 64% of the cats at this shelter were euthanized, with 80% euthanized in 2010. The babies in her belly made their debut a few days later - five adorable kittens, a mix of black, white, and gray.


At four weeks old, the foster parents started noticing that the kittens were all a little wobbly - more so than would be expected of kittens at this age. They were the first kittens born in the foster parents' care, though, so they thought that perhaps the kittens were just developing a little slowly. At six weeks, however, it was apparent that the kittens were not "normal". The kittens were unable to hold their balance, walk properly, and even move in a forward motion. Several of them could only back-up instead of going forward.


After a visit to a veterinarian, the kittens were diagnosed with CH, something neither the foster parents, the rescue group, nor I had ever heard of.  I drove to visit the kittens the weekend following the vet visit, and it was with a heavy heart that I watched the little darlings struggle to get around. My husband, who has multiple sclerosis, went with me, and I asked him, "Do you think they get frustrated because they have such difficulty moving?" He looked me very deliberately in the eye and explained how his own difficulties with balance, coordination, and movement were similar to theirs - how it was frustrating but that it didn't mean we should give up on them - how they were more than just what we saw.


I kept my composure during the visit, but on the drive back home, I started crying. "Had I done the right thing by saving them? Did I intervene when I shouldn't have? Would they be able to have a good quality of life?" and "Who would adopt them?" were all questions that were running through my head. I felt such guilt and sadness.


But, when I arrived home and started some research on CH, I learned that the kittens were not suffering and that they would not progressively get worse. They were just "different". Who determines what "normal" is, anyway? Through Facebook and web searches, I found the CH Kitty Club and learned that it was going to be a challenge, especially in our rural area, but that with patience, love, and educating the potential adopters, our little kittens could be stars and could find the loving homes they deserved.


And almost instantly, it seemed, we had our first adoption application for the black and white boy named Tom Carraway. While we always screen our applicants, I made an extra special effort to make sure that the prospective owner was prepared for a special needs kitty. I asked him, "Why do you want to adopt a special needs cat versus one that is not?" His answer - very simply - was that just because the kitten was different didn't mean that it didn't deserve to be loved. Very well said, I think.


Once approved, we set up a date for the new owner, Gage, to come and meet Tom. But when he arrived, Tom's brother, Mort, also captured his heart, as the two kittens lay on a blanket in the floor bathing each other and playing. He adored them both, and so it was - they found their forever home. Tom and Mort, now Matrix and La Amour (who turned out to be a girl), are doing wonderfully.


The runt of the litter had died not long after the kittens were diagnosed with CH (unrelated to the diagnosis), and so that meant that there were now 2 kittens that were looking for a home, a fluffy gray/white little girl named Bernice, and a solid gray girl named Gatsby. As you know, Lizzie had just recently lost her precious Tardy Peebucket, but there was something about Bernice that she fell in love with as she viewed her Petfinder photos and video. I was so ecstatic when I learned the news that Lizzie wanted to adopt her, I cried as I read the email from Deb Martin. What a lucky little girl - going to a CH expert who could give her the best quality of life and all the love she deserved.


From there, it was a whirlwind of trying to make plans to get Bernice to Lizzie in South Carolina. We worked toward a transport by car, plane, or whatever means we could, but the anticipation finally got to Lizzie, and she arranged to drive from Columbia, SC to Wise, VA. A 5-1/2 hour drive to pick up not only Bernice but little Gatsby as well!!!!


Bernice actually turned out to be a Bernie, so Lizzie gave him the manly name of "Spike". Gatsby became "Luna Suna", aka "Luna-tic". And so that's our story - all our little CH kitties were blessed with loving families. I can't thank the CH Kitty Club enough for cross-posting the kittens and educating our rescue group about CH. I don't regret for a minute saving them, and I cry when I think about how loved they are. If only all the kittens euthanized in our shelters could enjoy such a fate.
Bambi's First Catch
Tina Ferrante - California
This past weekend Bambi was out in our protected courtyard and look what he caught!!!!   Bambi is not the most graceful kitty by all means but he managed to catch a bird!!!  We feel badly about the bird but boy was Bambi excited!!!  He brought it in and placed it down and meoowed like crazy!!  He was so proud.  I thanked him and put it on a plate and he kept meowing.  His first catch certainly made him happy and very excited.  
Just thought I would share!   Poor little birdie.
Flip the CH Kitty goes Camping
Proud Mom Christy Stevens - California

Flip had another great time RV camping. He was up and outside at 9am on Saturday and didn't go inside until 5pm. He didn't miss anything that was going on. When I took him inside around 5 and put him on the bed he fell asleep before his head hit the pillow, lol. He was exhausted watching and listening to everything going on....birds, dogs (not at all afraid of them), people, even a plane. 
The interesting thing is that he doesn't like strangers (when people come into the house) but, several people went up to him and he didn't flinch at all. We educated a whole bunch of people who found him to be very interesting...and of course a real handsome guy!! It was great to fill people in on CH. He was a total hit!!
Spotlight on Harbor Hope Cat Rescue - Gig Harbor, WA
(Also very very CH Kitty friendly)

Harbor Hope 

Harbor Hope Cat Rescue -
Gig Harbor, Washington

"Enter with a Happy Heart" reads the sign over the door to Harbor Hope Cat Rescue. As a nonprofit, no-kill shelter, we give every cat the opportunity and encouragement to be healthy and happy in a loving, secure environment while awaiting adoption. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home ill, injured, disabled and special-needs cats. We promote the fact that every animal, human and otherwise, deserves understanding and respect.


In 2000, I told my Dad I'd been "fired" as a volunteer foster-home for our local shelter for refusing to allow euthanasia of a litter that only needed antibiotics. He said, "Congratulations." No sarcasm. He knew how this would motivate me to make a difference. It was all the incentive I needed to establish the 501©3 shelter.


Volunteers ages 6 to 18 learn that everyone deserves a chance. They witness the fact that these compromised animals are accepting of their conditions and have exceptionally strong wills to thrive. Volunteers know they make a monumental difference in each life. The animals, no matter what they have been through, have an amazing capacity to rebuild their trust. There are no disabilities, only special abilities.


When we lose an ill animal, we at least know we did everything humanly and humanely possible. Our angels are laid to rest with a headstone and memorial service. Every cent of proceeds from my book on  pet loss, Parting Words/Parting Ways: Saying Good Bye to Your Pet, goes to the animals.  (Laura is the author of this book, please see additional write up in this months Newsletter)


There will always be one more needy little face looking into your eyes. One more that touches your heart. One more that you'll never forget for as long as you live.  I teach the motto: Saving one animal may not change the world, but surely the world will change for that one animal. I remind myself of that every day as I enter the shelter with a happy heart.

 Laura-Harbor Hope

If you would like to contact Laura Carlson and you are in the Gig Harbor Area in Washington State and would like to volunteer or meet her adoptable angels, her email is
With the recent loss of Tardy Pee Bucket and also so many CH Kitties this year learning of 2 more last night.   It is so so hard losing our beloved fur children and we often search within ourselves to find ways to cope with our losses.  I thought with this months spotlight on Laura Ritter Carlson's Harbor Hope Cat rescue that I share with you a book that she wrote about losing your pet.  Recently my friend Kerri lost her beloved cat and I had Laura send book to her to help her heal. Laura is a wonderful person whom I am thankful to know for about a year now who has the love and compassion for animals and especially her CH Kitties of her own and all that she has rescued.  
-Debbie Martin



Parting Words/Parting Ways: Saying Good-Bye to Your Pet
Also founder of Harbor Hope Cat Rescue, Gig Harbor, Washington.

It's always hard to say good-bye to one we love. When that loved one is a pet, intense feelings of responsibility and guilt can make our good-byes even more painful. Laura Ritter Carlson offers creative, comforting methods for coping with the loss of animal companions, as well as imaginative ways to honor and memorialize them. Parting Words / Parting Ways features a collection of heartfelt letters showing the boundless love people feel for animals. These letters share the heartbreak of the loss of beloved pets, joining the grief-stricken in a circle of compassion and assuring them that they do not suffer alone. While offering understanding and consolation, this caring guide through the grieving process encourages people to help heal themselves by writing their own letters to their special lost friends.


From her many years of experience in pet-loss counseling, pet-assisted therapy, pet behavior counseling, and animal rescue, award-winning newspaper reporter and columnist Laura Carlson offers creative, comforting methods for coping with the loss of animal companions, as well as imaginative ways to honor and memorialize them.


Parting Words/Parting Ways: Saying Good-Bye to Your Pet can be purchased on Amazon -
(100% of the proceeds of this book goes directly to Harbor Hope Cat Rescue, Gig Harbor Washington)

Washington Rescue needs our support to help Pixie rescued from Hoarding situation in Oregon
Back in February you may recall the rescue efforts of CH Kitties Pippa and Pixie from Oregon who both went to rescue in Washington.   One of the kittes, Pixie, has really had a bad go and at this point needs intense urgent surgery to help her as she is in great distress and pain.  She is a young cat, under 1 year old, and she really has had a rough start on life.  The rescue group loves her and really wants to help her survive and live a happy life.    
But like most rescues, donations are down and by the time fully vetting a rescue and adoption fee the rescues sometimes break even and most times not.  The rescue group Pixie is with is in great need of donations in order to help her.  There is a chip-in set up where all your tax deductible donations go straight to the rescue group, also included is their website where donations can be made in addition to their mailing address!  

There is also an auction going through Deb's SpecialNeeds InNeed facebook page - all money collected will be donated for Pixie's surgery.  To view the auction album and start bidding on some fabulous products, see the link below.  If you cannot comment, friend SpecialNeeds InNeed (aka Deb) to start bidding! 


Direct donations for Pixie can be made here: 
May 17, 2012 (New current situation and quite urgent)
:( PIXIE had raging infections in both ears with polyps with pus in the ear canals when first seen. My Vets feel there are more polyps behind her ear drums which they can not get to this is why she has to go to a Specialist now. She was given an injection today for infections and sent home pain meds. She still having problems. They took cultures from her ears she still has bacteria and liquid in the both of them. She had her spay recently on top of having a hernia repair plus the ear surgeries in both ears. She is only 7-8 months old.  We are looking at $2500-$3000.00 for Pixie to have the surgery and additonal $250.00 for a CT Scan if done by the Specialist.


April 30th, 2012 (This procedure was done and these polyps were non cancerous)
Rescued from hoarder CH Kitty Pixie with Wobble and Head Tilt Emergency Surgery needed now!!!  URGENT: This is about my poor little girl PIXIE after having her updated on all vaccines, being spayed, and her hernia surgery. I did mention that she would see a specialist to get her checked over. Well, she is back in the hospital and staying the night. She will be having emergency surgery first thing morning on both her ears. She has polyps in both and swelling below the ear canals with yellow pus. My Vets are going to clean her ears below the canals and take as much as the polyps they can. The polyps will be sent in for a biopsy. This is to check for cancer. This may explain the head tilt and being wobbly. Hopefully she will be able to come home tomorrow. Poor baby girl she has gone through hell her first 7 months of life! My Vet bill will be huge estimated around $700.00 but she is worth it. Either way I will try an round up the funds for her. Please pray and hope she does not have cancer! :(
This operation was done at this doctor
Alpine View Veterinary Hospital
16408 161st Ave. SE
Snohomish, WA. 98272
 Dr. Schultz will be doing the surgery in the morning.
Pixie is under Tazzys Siamese Rescue and Terrie Mohr Forker


Here is the story of the girls. I was called by a neighbor about an awful house she had been asked to clean. There were cats running everywhere, none fixed. Pippa was inside the house. The renters were moving out and not taking her. They were going to 'do away with her'. Jen, my neighbor, said she was huddled in a cupboard and could not walk properly. I went with a carrier and got her out and into carrier. House was DISGUSTING! On the way out, the renter mentioned that he had caught a kitten (Pixie) too and it was in huge box. I put box in car and brought them home. Renter thought Pippa was about 5. I did not know about CH kitties but found your website on line and confirmed it with my vet. The kitten was Pixie and she is part Siamese. She was very tiny and terrified. She bonded with Pippa and gradually I have been able to handle her. I think she is deaf or partly deaf. Also she has a wobble sometimes. Not at all bad right now. I think she must be about 4 - 5 months old.
Pippa is very friendly and loves to be loved. She is very active and can climb and jump.
All the other cats at the same house were trapped and rescued .
Non-Profit Organization 
Dedicated to the welfare of animals. 
Copyright © 1999-2012 All rights reserved. 
(Terrie's Email

Adoptable Angels

gathered by Debbie Martin (CH Kitty Club Adoption Specialist)

Jack CH Cat and Gaby for adoption in Bulgaria (Can move anywhere in Europe!!!)

Here comes a special request all the way from Europe and without Quarantine in United Kingdom!!!!
From Amanda's Blog "Life With CH Cats"  

Denitsa, a reader from Bulgaria, emailed me the other day and said she needs help finding her CH foster and his kitty friend, Gaby, a home. While I know most of you are in the U.S., I also know that many of you know folks in Europe - and of course, I can't forget Martha and Tanja!
Anyway, here's their story and a bit more about them:
Denitsa has been fostering Jack, a lovely male CH cat, for three years, and she loves him dearly. Unfortunately, he bullies one of her cats to the point that Denitsa decided it's time to find Jack's forever home. While Jack may act out with Denitsa's cat, he's befriended another one of her fosters, Gaby. Denitsa would like them to be adopted together since they're so bonded.
A while back, Jack and Gaby were transfered to another foster home in Austria; however, the other foster family had four dogs and their own foster cat bully, which resulted in Jack and Gaby living in a bathroom.

Now the two are back with Denitsa, and she wants to find them a forever home in Europe. Here's how Denista described them:

Jack: 4-years-old, very active, playful, extremely affectionate to people. He comes like a dog when called, and it does not matter what he is doing at the moment - when you call him by name, he comes immediately. He has a great affection for people. That is his greatest advantage. I am not exaggerating. The most important thing for him is really the person. He is castrated, vaccinated. Towards other cats his behavior cannot be predicted. He is not aggressive, but tends to be bossy. Also, he likes to play with other cats, but his play is very, very rough, and other cats refuse to play with him. When that happens, he gets musical - he roams the room and sings.

He is a cat that needs intellectual entertainment all the time. I have 3 more cats and Jack has issues only with one of them. His CH is mild; he can jump on the sofa, but cannot climb on the cupboard. He uses his box without any problem, but he eats mainly by taking his meal on the floor or just lying beside it.

Gaby: 2-years-old. She has a permanent limp in her back foot. She was found in a hole in the ground, where she stayed for several days. She had a trauma and the limping will be forever.  The problem with her is she is not social with people. She prefers to keep a distance from people. She is never aggressive, never! This is the strangest thing with her. She sleeps next to me, but does not allow me to touch her. When I pick her up in my arms, she just waits for me to finish. No one wants such a cat, but she loves Jack and imitates him. They are very funny.

If you're interested in these two beauties, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Denitsa. Thanks! 

Please contact Amanda by email to inquire please!

Reese, CH Kitty in Southern New Jersey for adoption! 
Dear Debbie-
I got your email address from a friend who passed along the Yahoo group information. A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned on December 23. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not chose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. She does use the litterbox but needs a box that she can step into (no lids or doors). Reese sways and circles and cannot get herself aimed through a cat door on a litterbox so I am using a corner box without a lid and that seems to be working out well. She can do stairs but I would not put a litterbox on a different level than she is living on. She likes to sit on my lap and she likes to be picked up. The reason I am telling you all this is because I am hoping that you can help me to find her a home. I am no longer doing adoptions out of Petsmart and do not have a way of placing her. (The people were going to take her to a kill shelter) Do you know of anyone looking for a nice CH kitty?

By the way, we are located in Southern NJ. I would be willing to have someone come here to meet her and/or I could deliver her to an approved family. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much. 
Kim and Reese ( email
CH Kitty Claire for Adoption in Chicago with Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control!

Claire is an adorable, sweet, talkative, gentle, friendly, and loving, one-year-old, female, grey tabby looking for a loving guardian. Claire was relinquished to Chicago Animal Care and Control by her family. They explained that as a kitten Claire sustained a head injury. So, while Claire is healthy, she is hearing, vision and motor impaired. She has a slightly funny way of walking but she gets around just fine. She has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She can still live a long, happy and healthy life. She just needs to be reminded where her food is. Claire loves people of all ages including children; she follows you around and rubs on your legs. She also loves other cats as well as dogs. Claire has excellent litter box habits and will make a wonderful family pet. Claire is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormed and virus-tested.
To meet and possibly adopt Claire, please call, e-mail or text her foster mom Katye at or 815-603-1157. Her adoption fee of $75 benefits the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control.
2 CH Kittens who needed rescue from Ann Arbor are now for adoption in Chicago Ill. Area
Remember a few weeks ago networking these 2 CH Kitties who needed rescue in Ann Arbor Michigan?   Well the 2 kittens are safe along with their mom with rescue and they will be needing a home!     All that needs to be said is that they are adorable and learning to stand up, they are 5 weeks old so they are still learning!   8)
All adoption inquiries should go thru Ann. 
Ann Persenaire
Bobby CH Kitten in Deerfield Beach Florida now safe and for adoption 
Last month you may remember me pleading for help for a CH Kitten in Boca Raton, Florida as the doctor was determined to put him down.  Well, Bobby had a guardian Angel in Deerfield Beach, Florida who took him to help him to safety!  Bobby is not very severe at all and Bobby is a fun and happy loving kitten who can eat, drink and use his potty box!  He also is a lover boy too and will make a wonderful addition to any loving home!  
Facebook Videos:¬if_t=share_comment#!/photo.php?v=3793452757791&set=o.181495576436&type=3&theater¬if_t=share_comment#!/photo.php?v=3793410196727&set=o.181495576436&type=3&theater

Please open your heart and home to Bobby!!!!  
To find out about Bobby and fill out adoption application please contact Nicole: 
4 CH Kittens and their mom for adoption in Ocosta, Washington
Mom is not a CH Kitty but she is cute and for adoption too!  Her kitties are adorable and they all need homes and are located in Washington State in the town of Ocosta!
If you would like to find out more about these sweeties please contact
Email Donna:   
12+ CH Kitties for adoption in NYC area and fosters are desperately needed as K9Kastle cannot rescue any more CH Kitties without your help by fostering.
We don't want to lose another CH Kitty like Mick (above) who was euthanized at the shelter.

Please email: Tara at , Emily at  or Nancy at  for an application for adoption or fostering.
K9Castle in Brooklyn New York has many CH kitties for adoption here are a few who are available!!!

Contact Tara Ciabattari for more information
Penelope, CH Kitty rescued from the streets needs a home! Northern New Jersey
JerseyCats is a foster based rescue in northern New Jersey. We have just taken in a cat that we believe has mild to moderate CH. She is gorgeous, and the sweetest thing you've ever met.

She has just had her first vetting, received vax and dewormers and tested FeLV and FIV negative. She is safe in foster care and is not yet ready for adoption. However, I wanted to make you aware of her in case you might know of any potential adopters in the metro NYC area looking for a CH kitten.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or I can provide any further information or if you would like to meet Penelope.


JerseyCats -
Need Rescue or adoption for CH Kitty in Barrie Ontario
Other cats are beating the crap out of her

My kitty Portia has CH pretty moderate. I've had her for 5 years now. She's so sweet, and I love her to pieces. Here's the issue I have, my other cats are beating the crap out of her, before it wasn't too bad but its gotten worse and worse over the years. Now poor Portia flinches every time someone touches her cause she's so afraid that she's going to get beat up. Its not fair for her at all. Ive tried keeping them separated but I live in a very small space so that doesn't help. I'm looking for a rescue for Portia - someone who understands CH and would be able to take care of her, but being from Ontario I cant seem to find any in this province, do you know of any?  


Contact Jenn -
Three CH Kitties for adoption in North Carolina but can be transported along the South East Region to approved Adopters 


Check out Mr. Hansel! He is a beautiful, 5 year old Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat, which means he wobbles a little when he walks, but isn't in any pain. He is a moderate CH cat, who loves hanging out on the second story of his cat tree. He is the sweetest gentleman, who adores chin scratches, lounging on the couch, and hanging out on the cat tree. He does great with other cats, as well as dogs, and is seeking a loving home to call his own. He is fully vetted, including neutered and FIV/Felk negative.
 This is Bishop, a sweet 6 month old male, who is fully vetted (neutered, FIV/Felk negative, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated). He has mild CH, which is a non-degenerative neurological conditions that causes him to wobble a bit when walking, however, he is excellent in every way - no health problems, can jump onto couches, and uses the litter box like a champ. Best of all, he ADORES people, and loves nothing more than friendly scratches while he purrs wildly.
Wren is an adorable, 6 month old kitten with moderate to severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). CH is a neuro condition that causes her to wobble when she walks. It causes her no pain, and she is a happy, healthy kitten who loves to play with other kittens, get ear scratches, and nap on the couch. She is laid back and does well with other cats as well as dogs.
If you are looking to adopt one of these sweet CH kitties, please email They are currently located in Chapel Hill, NC but transport is available to approved adopters up and down the East Coast and surrounding areas.
Thumper, a paralyzed kitty at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary looking for a home of her own
By Patty LaQuay, Best Friends Volunteer
(Patty has been wonderful with giving us updates on the CH Kitties with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary but since we are doing a piece with Paralyzed Kitties and Patty just returned from Best Friends and a sleep over with Thumper who is paralyzed thought it would be nice to share Patty's recent visit and sleep over with Thumper.  Thank you again Patty for a special needs update) 
Once in a lifetime opportunity!!!! You'll never get another chance to bring sweet Thumper into your heart & home if you don't scoop her up soon. Though whoever adopts this sweet baby will surely be special in my book, it really will take an "extra" special person to give Thumper the forever home she so deserves. You see, her back end was paralyzed due a dog attack when she was younger, resulting in not only the loss of use of her back legs, but also incontinence. She had a home before the attack, but they gave her up. She doesn't let that get her down though & manages to get herself around just fine. She can even climb up on things if she wants. Born in 2000, she is a sweet petite black beauty who came to Best Friends Animal Society (located in Utah) in 2002 & lives in Quincy House. I volunteer at BFAS at least once a year & the last two times I've visited, I've had the distinct privilege of taking miss Thumper on sleepovers.
Yes, sleepovers even though she has some special needs. She did so wonderful with this experience both times. Thumper is a very special girl who would love to finally have her own home & person again. She does receive medicine daily & needs to have her bladder expressed however, she can do #2 on her own & it's no problem cleaning it or her up. She loves people & gets along great with other cats though she'd probably be happiest in a home without children, since she can't move very quickly. Won't you take this once in a lifetime chance to give this princess the home she has been waiting for??
Best Friends Sanctuary
5001 Angel Canyon Road Kanab, UT 84741
(435) 644-2001

Meet Seth & Spencer in Ontario Canada!  Urgent home needed!
These moderate CH boys are full of life and they never stop purring!!
They are just under 1 year old and have been fully vetted. Both are short hair, black, and Seth has a bit of white and is also a polydactyl...just makes him that much cuter!!

Seth (left) is the goofy, fun guy and Spencer is the more serious and observate of the two. They make an amazing and funny pair and are bonded
brothers...they must stay together!! They have been socialized with a friendly dog and both boys love to be held and cuddled.
Seth has the loudest purr and he starts as soon as he sees you! SO SWEET!

They are moderate CH and perfect litterbox users and eat and drink with no problems.  They are perfect for a loving family. You will need to do very little in order to have these kittens live happily in your home.
The biggest thing they need to kept away from is stairs, although is they were carpeted, we are sure they would give it a go!

Seth & Spencer (right) were rescued from outside. Born into a feral colony that resided around an old gas station they are so lucky to be alive. Rescued by an amazing woman, they then came to join Urban Cat Relief in Toronto, Ontario Canada. They are currently available for adoption. If needed, we will travel to get the right permanent home for Seth & Spencer.
Please email with any questions
Heather ~  - 905-924-2312 ~ Lots of pics and video 
Happy summer, everybody!  Enjoy the warm, sunny weather!


Bye Bye everyone!  









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