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CH Kitty Club Newsletter

May 2012                                       Issue #20

The May 2012 Newsletter is dedicated to our famous President, Mr. Tardy Peebucket.
             Tardy Peebucket

Hi everyone!


It is with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts that we learned of the recent passing of Tardy Peebucket, president of the CH Kitty Club and the Universe.  Tardy was, and will continue to be, a guiding light for a large, widespread, and devoted community that loves, saves, and advocates for CH kitties all over the world.  Because of Tardy, this group is together, this newsletter is being made, and we have become a community.  Through all of our actions and interactions we have made breakthroughs in our local communities, discovering and loving CH kitties, teaching others about CH, and coming together to rescue and save them when needed.  Many of us only learned about CH or were able to determine that our precious kitties have CH through the existence of the CH Kitty Club.  Because of Tardy, the world is a much better and safer place for CH kitties.  We will continue our hard work in honor of Tardy.  Rest in peace, little guy - we love you!


To help Lizzie and Neal through the grieving process, I have offered to take over coordination and distribution of the monthly newsletter until they feel they can once again take it on.  Please email all completed articles or any ideas for new articles to me at


-Elise Murphy 


Please consider purchasing a CH Kitty pin in memory of Tardy.  This helps keep the newsletter and the website rolling so that awareness about CH can continue to grow. Donate if you can; every little bit helps!


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The Passing of my Little Hero
By Lizzie, Founder of the CH Kitty Club, CH Kitty Forum and CH Kitty Newsletter
When Tardy Peebucket was born fourteen years ago, he didn't know he was different, he didn't know he was special, he didn't know he was going to change my life, and he sure didn't know he would help save the lives of thousands of other kitties like him all over the world.
Tardy was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a birth defect that makes a wobbley kitty. There is no cure, but they don't get worse.Indeed, they learn to compensate for their disability and can live long healthy lives. Fourteen years ago, a lot of vets were telling people to euthanize these kittens. There was very little on the internet about CH, so people didn't know enough to question the vets. Tardy knew that was wrong! So first we started a community of fellow CH parents from all around the world, we had a group and we all discussed the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of living with a CH kitty.  Still very active after all these years.
Next we started a website, and Tardy became the CH kitty club poster boy. Many many people wander though the CH Kitty Club, and many join and post their CH kitty's story and picture. The website has evolved a lot since the start.

In October of 2010 we started the CH Kitty Club newsletter, which is when Tardy Peebucket became the president of the CH Kitty Club (and the Universe). The newsletter solidified our CH community and has really brought our members together.


A few months ago we started a CH Kitty Club YouTube channel.  It's fun seeing everyone's CH kitty in motion : )

Tardy Peebucket is a hero in my mind, and the love I have for him is so special.         

Yesterday I went into his room and he was sitting by the door and I knew right away something was not right. I took him to the vet and the did some blood work and started him on an IV drip. He stayed the night. By morning he was in an oxygen tank and breathing badly. He died at nine A.M., April 25, 2012.
He saved so many, but I couldn't save him. My heart is broken on so many levels it's almost unbearable.
So, although he didn't know he was different, he didn't know he was special, he didn't know he was going to change my life, and he sure didn't know he would help save the lives of thousands of other kitties like him all over the world, he DID know he was loved every second of his life.

Good night my little prince, save me a spot up there.  

The Rainbow Bridge Poem


Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head. You look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...

Author Unknown

Our Condolences to Lizzie, Neal, & fur family   

Liz, this is beyond sad.


Losing someone that has been such a huge part of your life is so difficult. Please remember the love you gave to Tardy, and the huge impact he had on the CH kitties of the world.

Without you and Tardy, CH would not have evolved into the huge mission that it is today. Bless you and Tardy for all you have done to make the world a better place for all CH kitties and their families. 


- Lisa Beers Kirry 


Celebrating the life of Tardy Peebucket


I put together a slide show celebrating Tardy in the link below. (Please view it full screen as his photos are beautiful)


Slide Show Celebrating Tardy Peebucket 


I am very  saddened as many of us were when Lizzie announced the passing of her beloved Tardy PeeBucket.   I just want to again express my deepest sympathy to both Lizzie and Neal during their mourning and loss.    

I am deeply touched by the inspiration of what just one cat has done with his 14 years of life.   He touched the lives of a very special couple named Lizzie and Neal whom he was absolutely adored by.  But not only was Tardy adored, he inspired Lizzie and Neal to reach out to others who have learned about CH Kitties as they have.   But there was nowhere to go so thus became the birth of CH Kitty Club and the Yahoo Forum.   Like me and many of you,  as we learned this new condition we all went running to the computer to do research  CH. 


Well, 856 of us thru the years found one another on the CH Kitty Yahoo Forum.  It is here thru Tardy's inspiration people were able to ask questions and advice, share stories and photos, rescues and adoptions but most of all friendships and support.  With our friendships there we also went out on blogs, Facebook, Twitter finding more CH people out there.  On the day of Tardy's passing our Facebook Page,  Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens  audience hit 1000 members . 


I am extremely grateful for Tardy's inspiration and what a huge difference he has made in the world for CH Kitties.   I for one know that if it were not for Tardy and this forum thru education and understanding I would not be right now writing this nor would I have a CH Kitty sitting with me.  It is Tardy who made the difference in my CH Kitty to live and this is 8 years later!!!   It is because of Tardy and the CH Yahoo Forum that literally 100's perhaps 1000's of CH Kitties lives have been spared and rescued and have found homes.  


Lizzie and Neal, I am at a loss of words to heal your heart..   Thank you for loving Tardy as much as you two have and I appreciate all you have done for CH Kitties and for all of us. He was certainly a very lucky CH Kitty.


I am forever grateful to you Tardy PeeBucket your spirit will live in my heart forever! 


-Debbie Martin 



 Tardy's Legacy 


It was just about two years ago when my life was changed forever. It was a cool evening in spring when I noticed a new cat hanging out at my house. After watching him, I quickly realized something was very, very wrong with him. First of all, he looked more like an Otter than a cat. But even more than that, he walked and meowed funny. No, he didn't walk, he lurched and tumbled. Finally, one rainy Saturday morning, he was still on my carport, so I scooped him up, took him to my vet and claimed him as my newest cat. 


When my vet had checked him out, but could not figure out what was wrong with Otter, I turned to my Cats and Kittens group. There I found, not just an answer, but an angel to lead the way! It turns out that twelve years earlier, a wonderful angel named Lizzie had adopted a kitten who also walked funny. At this time, not much was known about these kitties who we now know have Cerebellum Hypoplasia, but Lizzie did not let that get in her way at all. She, first of all, refused to even consider having her precious Tardy Peebucket put to sleep! After also realizing that there were no online support groups for people owned by CH cats, Lizzie started her own group, with the help of Tardy, of course. 


By the time Otter found me, Lizzie and Tardy's group was well established and a heaven send! They quickly helped me feel like I was part of the family. And when Tardy started the monthly newsletter, Otter was quick to add his own article to the collection. Then, last March, tragedy struck and I lost Otter to a UTI. I was devastated. Then my angels, Lizzie, Tardy and the rest of my CH family, stepped forth, giving me comfort and love. They also dedicated the April newsletter to Otter, which made my heart swell with love and healing. 


For some reason, even after losing Otter, I just could not imagine my life without Lizzie, Tardy and the CH Kitty Club, so I stuck around. Sure enough, just over a month later, I ended up going through the group to adopt my two CH girls, Effie and Lovey (Lavinia). Now, a year later, we sit and mourn the sudden passing of the one who started all of this, our beloved Tardy! I often wonder where I would be if Tardy had not found Lizzie and they had not started this group. Would I have rescued Otter in the first place or not done so and lost out on, not just his love and adoration, but that of my sweet girls? As I read about so many others who have said the same thing as they react to our terrible loss of our Tardy, I realize that this one, very special cat has left behind a legacy that no other cat in history can claim. Because of Tardy, thousands of CH kitties will be adopted into loving homes instead being put to sleep. Because of Tardy, we are slowly but surely educating the veterinary world about how these babies should be saved and loved and cared for because they can and do live just as long as non-CH cats. Because of Tardy, many of us know there is no greater joy in life then the wobbly head bump and purr of love given to us by these amazing creatures. 


As many tears as I have shed over these past few days for Tardy, for Lizzie and Neal, for the CH community as a whole, I know that up in Heaven, at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge, sits a very proud Tardy on a very special throne. Now, more than ever, he knows the legacy he has left behind. And though I know he misses his beloved humans, he also knows that they will one day be together again, and they can sit on that wonderful throne and watch as all the CH kitties are adopted and loved and spoiled, just as they ought to be. Thank you, Tardy Peebucket, for being our ambassador! Your Legacy, Tardy, will live on forever through the hearts of thousands. 


- Melissa B. Green 



I was lucky enough to meet Tardy Peebucket in person. Lizzie had contacted me through my cat's profile page (Bob deTomaat) when she discovered that we both lived in the same town. She had previously thought that we lived in Serbia, because we were friends with Martha Vitez! Too funny! She graciously asked us to come visit her two CH kitties, Tardy and Ziggy. Bob wasn't really able to go, so I went by myself and took pictures. I had never met a cat with CH before, and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Lizzie took me into the hallway and called out for Tardy and Ziggy. Ziggy came out first, slowly working his way down the hall to meet us. What a handsome shiny fellow he was! I was sitting on the floor petting him when Lizzie said, "Here comes Tardy!" Oh my goodness, this beautiful grey boy came out of the playroom and started down the hall. I could automatically tell that he was a happy kitty in the way he carried himself and the smile on his face. He made it down to where we were, and we gave him lots of scritches. Lizzie told me the story of how she got him, and explained to me how she had to groom him as he couldn't groom himself very well. She said he hated taking baths- what self-respecting cat doesn't? Of course, it's always the ones who need help with their bathing that don't like it. The indignation... We all went back into the playroom where I was shown the special padded squares on the floor that make it easier for CH kitties to walk on, and to fall down on. Tardy had lots of beds to choose from in that room, and you could tell that he and Ziggy were quite content. We took some pictures of the handsome boys, and then it was time for me to leave. Lizzie gave me a standing invitation to come back anytime. A few months later, our schedules meshed where I was able to visit again. Tardy and Ziggy were delighted to see me, as they didn't get too much company. I was again amazed at how good Tardy looked as a 14 year old. He was a purring machine. When I got home, I showed Bob all the pictures I had taken of his friends, and he sniffed all over me. I think he was jealous that he didn't get to meet them, but I'm sure he would have just hissed at them and run away. Unfortunately, Lizzie and I both got busy, and visits were postponed... Then I read the sad news on Facebook that Tardy had passed on to his reward. It still makes me cry, because he was such a sweet sweet boy. I'm just so grateful that I got to meet him and hold him. I'll never forget his smiling face.


- Beverly Ernest Pott and Bob the Tomato


I always think about how our CH cats have changed our lives -- in big and small ways -- and I marvel at them. I'm sure we all have our own inspirational stories, but few wow me as much as everything Lizzie has accomplished because of Tardy Peebucket.  


It's not an exaggeration to say that many of us are here today b   ecause of Lizzie and Tardy. And I can only wonder where we would all be today had Lizzie had never known Tardy -- not to mention had never felt inspired to create those communities.  


Lizzie took the love that she had for Tardy, and used it as inspiration to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people and CH cats. She took simple steps to create vibrant online communities, and she devoted a tremendous amount of effort to them in order to help others.  


Most notably, she started the Yahoo CH Kitty Club group, which for a long time was one of the few places to learn about cerebellar hypoplasia, not to mention connect with other CH cat pet parents. It's been an incredible community where we can help one another, and lean on one another. At times I don't know what I would have done without it. 


But Lizzie didn't stop there. Lizzie and Neal also created the CH Kitty Club website, newsletter and YouTube channel. And they did it all for love.  


And the best part about these communities is that they'll live on long past any of us. They'll continue to grow and help thousands of more cats in the future. What better legacy can you leave? 


I know how much I love my CG and Ellie, and I can only imagine how deeply Lizzie and Neal loved Tardy after 14 years together. It's that love that inspires me to blog about CH cats, in an effort to inform and help others. And I can only hope in 14 years I've made a fraction of an impact that Lizzie and Tardy made.  


Lizzie is truly one of the pillars of this community, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for loving Tardy so deeply, and for helping other cats with that love. You and Tardy are, and always will be an inspiration to all of us. And for that, we'll always be grateful. 


-Amanda Woodhead 


I am very sorry for your loss. My babies will greet him on the other side of the rainbow bridge and take care of him until you can meet him again. *hugs* 


- Aly Cat


I'm so sorry for your loss, he was gorgeous. (((hugs))) 


- Samantha Fraser Brooks


 My sincerest condolences on your beautiful boy's passing! When I found this site I was amazed at all the info and support to be found here. Thanks to you and Tardy for helping to start this great site. And for helping people understand that CH is not a death sentence. May all your good memories of Tardy help you through the heartache of his passing... *many hugs* 


-Becky Wong Mock



Tardy says 'I can open this door'
Tardy says 'I can open this door'


(((Lizzie))) I am so so sorry. Tardy was a hero, a legend and he is the reason that so many cats are here today and so many more will forever be helped. I imagine when he got to the Bridge there were thousands of furries all lined up to honor him, all whispering "that is him, he is the reason my person loves CH kitties." I know that my own girl, Lilly Grace, would not have the same life she does now if not for your sweet little prince. 


-Jennifer Jasensky


So sorry for your loss. Stay strong with the knowledge that you gave Tardy a great home with all the love he would ever need. 


-Cindy Pavusek


I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for spreading the word and sharing Tardy with us all. 


-Victoria Radbourne


I am so very sorry for your loss. Tardy will be waiting for you at the Bridge...... He will have my babies to play with & keep him company till you get there.... ♥♥♥ 


-Pat Clow Kellarson


I am so sorry for your loss :( Having lost my stinky studmuffin, Spook, back in January, will admit to starting to cry all over again after reading about Tardy. 


-Chelsey Larson


My condolences for your loss. I lost my love, Henry, one week ago today. He was 13. He brought so much love into our home. He had a mild form of cerebellar hypoplasia. I didn't know there was a name for his "neurological disorder" until just recently. It's been kind of comforting to read about other people's experiences with CH kitties. Henry was the most special animal I have ever known. Thanks for sharing so much information regarding this disorder. 


-Zera Marvel


 I am so very very sorry for your loss. 


-Dianne Brittain


so sorry to hear. l'm sure he's waiting at the rainbow bridge. 


-Tam Mapes


Oh Lizzie, The news today has certainly has broken my heart. I keep breaking down crying. Tardy certainly is all of our hero! It is Tardy who has brought us all together on the Yahoo Forum and CH Kitty CLub it is becasue of Tardy whoe has helped so so many people all over the world and has made a difference for CH Kitties just like him by the 1000's. Tardy has brought so many of us together for the love of CH Kitties. Tardy Pee Bucket will always live on in our hearts. I know today has been the hardest day ever for you Lizzie and Neal. You know we are here for you to support you. We love you Tardy! You certainly had the best parents ever who loved and adored you as we loved and adored you from afar! You will always be my Hero Tardy, if not for you my mission to save CH Kitties would not have happened and I would not have been a CH Kitty mom of 8 years and met awesome friends thru theCH Kitty Yahoo Forum! Thank you Tardy and to your wonderful parents Lizzie and Neal! XXXXOOOO TARDY, We love you!   


-Deb Martin

Mr. Tardy Peebuclet
Mr. Tardy Peebuclet


Thank God he was put on this earth. I'm so sorry for your loss. The Many CH kitties saved will forever honor his life. 


- Tina Ferrante


 Liz, I am so sorry to hear that Tardy passed away.... my heart goes out to you and the rest of your family. This takes me back to the day when Piglet passed. ***HHHHUUUUUGGGGGG***** 


-Shannon Kelly Collar


 Lizzie, I'm so saddened to hear that our special boy has died. Tardy was a champion for promoting the handicapable cats, and the reason so many thought otherwise when faced with these special little cats. I saw his beautiful picture you posted earlier, but had no idea he had passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Is that why I ended up with a street rescued CH tom cat? Now vetted, but I'mthinking/ hoping Tardy sent the guiding Angels our way to save Franklin. Thank you Lizzie for loving Tardy so much, and creating a great resource for so many CH newbies. My heart's broken for you..I knew how much he meant to you. :-( 


-Jan Simmons


Liz, this is beyond sad. Losing someone that has been such a huge part of your life is so difficult. Please remember the love you gave to Tardy, and the huge impact he had on the CH kitties of the world. Without you and Tardy, CH would not have evolved into the huge mission that it is today. Bless you and Tardy for all you have done to make the world a better place for all CH kitties and their families. 


- Lisa Beers Kirry


So mny wonderful comments for great CH kitty parents. The impact of what you have done will last forever. Continue the work in Tardy's name and never forget what we all have accomplished thru your efforts. 


- Barbie Somers


 I'm so sorry, Lizzy & Neal.... We at CH kitty club & yahoo forum feel like we knew Tardy personally. He was a great pioneer for CH kitties across the globe... God bless you. ♥ 


-Leslee Anderson Womack


 I cried tears today for a great friend who lost her very special furry baby! Remember, he will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, with a million stories of the amazing hunters he an Otter are! I love you, dear and I know you are heartbroken right now. Just know how much love you gave him and how much good you did for him. He is a hero, now and forever. 


-Melissa Basinger Green


So sorry. 


-Tina Rempel


Oh my heart is filled with sadness and I am shedding tears for you its soo awful to lose a pet especially so suddenly .. he has changed so many lives and brought so many people together .. thank you Tardy your a Champion and he passed on a very Special day down under where we honour heroes of WW1 Anzac Day ..A true hero of the animal world .. RIP Sweet boy .. you will be sadly Missed but NEVER EVER forgotten xxx 


-Samantha Richards


I am so sorry to hear about Tardy... 


- Cindy Anderson


For never having the honor of meeting you Tardy Peebucket you sure as hell taught me and evryone else quite a bit! RIP 


- Paul Donahue


Thank you, Tardy, for giving us all a place to communicate with each other. Because of cats like you, I will ONLY adopt CH Kitties......hugs to your humans who are hurting so bad. ♥ 


-Kari Novakovich


I've been thinking about you, Neal, and Tardy all evening. I'm so, so sorry. Tardy is truly a special, special kitty who is leaving behind such a strong legacy with a TON of passionate followers. He will always be remembered, not only by you, but by all of us who never met him personally, but had our lives forever changed by him all the same. 


-Elise Murphy


 I am so, so sorry to hear about Tardy's passing. Take comfort in knowing how his and your awareness saved the lives of so, so many CH kitties and will continue to do so. Again, words cannot express the sadness we all feel tonight. Rest well sweet baby, you are loved. June 


-June Liston  


I am so sorry for your loss of Tardy! May you find peace and healing in your memories of your precious baby. 


- Michelle Canzano


I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost sweet Tardy, but what a great legend he left behind! He's watching over all the special CH kitties from above now.  RIP, sweet Angel Tardy, and comfort to your wonderful mom too. 


- Mary L. Millard


RIP Sweet Boy 


-Naomi Byers


So very sorry. He was clearly well-loved, and certainly touched many lives. Fly free, little one. 


-Jen Hendee


 My heart breaks for you and the loss of Tardy..RIP baby and I will be praying for you Elizabeth. 


-Lisa Coconougher


Fly free, sweet Tardy ...Yes, you saved so many and became a legend ...  

We are so sorry, Lizzie and Neal, ♥ Martha & Tanja 


-Martha Vitez


Sweet dreams Tardy ♥ You were indeed a very special boy and my special cats and I would like to thank you for all you did on their behalf x 


-Jules Jules


I am so very sorry for your loss :'( may he run free while he waits for you at the RB ♥ ((hugs)) 


-Heather Gonzales


 Lizzie, I pray that the pain of your loss will soon be replaced with many happy memories of Tardy. 


-Marie Smelcer


I am so sorry to hear that Tardy passed. He did a lot in his life to help other CH kitties and was very very special. Prayers for you. 


-Joyce Chiro Moyer


 I am so sorry for your loss. He was a hero, and you are a hero for caring for him. 


-Rich Bergins


 They are pure joy, sorry for your loss. 


-Andrea McCarthy


Oh Lizzie, I have tears streaming down my cheeks reading your tribute to your little boy, and I can't imagine losing my own sweet Dotty. I'm so sorry for the pain you must be feeling right now at the loss of your sweet sweet kitty. He'll be waiting for you, always. I'm so sorry. 


-Catherine Paciotti


Oh no!!!!!!!!!! Oh Lizzie, I'm so sorry *cries* That is terrible! ♥♥♥ 


-Beverly DuPuy Ernest


I am so sorry about you losing your boy! He had a fantastic life with your famliy and changed the lives for so many! 


-Dylans Legacy Dylans Legacy 


 ♥ So sorry :( Love to you and Tardy, from Cathy, Rosie and Miles ♥ 


-Cathy Fisher


I am so sorry for you to be going through the pain of Tardy's loss, which unfortunately I know too well...we lost our CH boy at only 6 years old due to a rare, genetic, incurable lymphoma and I thought the pain might kill me at the time, for he was very special, just a very happy kitty in spite of everything....the pain has subsided, though I miss him all the time, but I try to focus on the awareness that he created in every person that met him that CH kitties can live wonderful, happy, full lives, just as your Tardy did....Tardy's legacy lives on not only in your heart, but in the hearts and minds of everyone that that knew him. 


-Tara P Becker


 Beautiful tribute, beautiful baby. So sorry for your loss. He was loved and that love shone to give life and joy to many. ♥ 


-Irene Plett


 I'm so sorry to hear about Tardy. I've been following the CH newsletter for a couple of years now. You are a great mom & he was lucky to have you. (((hugs)))


-Lesley Craig 


Lizzie, I am so very sorry. He was so lucky to have you, and as you said he knew that. Apparently it was his mission to inspire you to reach out and help other kitties with CH. You have done this so well with both love and humor and Tardy has left his pawprint on all of our hearts. Love and hugs to you during this sad time.


-Anne Baldyga 


 Aww hugs to you Liz... I am so thankful to Tardy for uniting us all with a special bond... that we never would have had if it weren't for him- he is certainly having a blast across the rainbow bridge.... I can't wait until we all meet again XOXOXOOXO Thinking of you....


-Anne Marie Pizzi 


He is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen. I'm so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace and may you find peace in your heart.


-Reneda Cooper Baer


He is a Hero to many kitties! My he rest in peace! He is now healthy and running with the others at the bridge chasing butterflies!


-Terrie Tazzy's-Siamese Mohr-Forker


It is with great sadness that Im reading this. Thank you Tardy Peebucket for bringing us all together. You were and are special indeed.


-Paul Donahue  


so sorry to hear this! What a little hero he was to bring all of us crazy cat people together. What a Beautiful baby! R.I.P. Tardy Peebucket! Enjoy the Rainbow bridge.


-Angela Donahue  


I am so sorry to hear about Tardy, my condolences to all.


- Suzanne P. Hart  


 I am so sorry to hear this! But Tardy leaves behind such a remarkable legacy that he will never ever be forgotten. So many CH kitties have you and Tardy to thank for their very lives!!!!  let Lizzie know how sad we are...but still...Tardy did so much for so many other CHers!


- Tammy Trujillo 


Liz.So well spoken....truly a hero.   Janice and Jewel


-Janis Branwood  


Lizzie,  We're all so so sorry about Tardy's passing. Living with them makes them family so it's losing a member of our family.  




Awwww. So sorry to hear of the loss of Tardy. Sending you much love and light through the sadness and grieving process.


-Cody, greta and Anzo 


Some change us like no other have or ever will. I am so sorry, 




 I'm so sorry to hear of Tardy's passing. He was truly a prince among cats and his life has helped so many others. My sympathies to you.


-Beth Strand   


Ahhh, my heart is breaking with yours, Tardy was an inspiration to us all and I am so very sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))




So sorry Lizzie, I am sure he knew how much he was loved!!! No words can help the sadness Right now ...  Thanks so much for all you do!!! XO


- Barbara Newman  


I am so sorry about your sweet little angel, Tardy. He will always be a true hero and his life has left a special and wonderful impact on all of the ch kitties that own their humans. RIP sweet baby! You will be forever loved by many!  Love and purrs,


- Sherry Sinclair Przybylski


 Lizzy~I'm so very sorry. Tardy was the best, he will be missed by many, as he had touched all of us in one way or another. Bless you & Neal for giving him a 

wonderful long life. I know Tardy is saving a place for you..... & probably chasing a few butterflies on the other side if the rainbow bridge.

- Leslie Womack and Kewpie


Lizzie, I'm so very sorry for your loss. He was a very special kitty. Bless him, and bless you.


-Fallon Jones


 I am one of those who has loved Ch kitties and knows about them because of tardy, because of him i have my Luke and my wonderful Dear heart


-Ann Lavine


 So Sorry for everything your going through! We are all very gratefull for hiomas well so that all of us crazy cat people could come to gether to save kitties  like him. RIP lil one and enjoy the Rainbow Bridge.


- Angela and Paul Lots of Love Cat Rescue


You and Tardy have been a hero to many, including myself and my newly acquired CH babies, his legacy will live on. I am so sorry


-Tammy Siers


Oh Lizzie... I am so sad to hear this news. Tardy and you and Neal have put together such a wonderful community and affected the lives of so many kitties.  

You have welcomed with open arms new members who are scared of the way a new cat is acting and made them feel safe with all of the knowledge that the people of CH Kitty Club possess. Tardy was the inspiration for it all, and clearly your baby. He was so lucky to have you, as you were to have him. Words can't really help the sorrow you feel right now, only time will. Tardy is a legend who will never be far from the spirit of the CH Kitty Club and he will find a warm cozy

spot to nestle into in your heart forever. We are crying with you :(


-Karen Stevenson   


Dear Lizzie, I am so sorry! Our Beautiful Tardy was so special, and so well loved. This is a shock to all of us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Tardy has left a lasting legacy that has helped and inspired so many. I know the next time we see him, he will be front and center, President of the Rainbow Bridge.


- Kristie A Iwamoto & Riley Dean   


I have no words that can express my surprise and sadness for your loss of Tardy.  I know I never would have been given the gift of FlipperDoodle if it hadn't been  for you and Tardy making the world a better place for all CH kitties. My heart is with you both!!  Love and hugs, 


-Christy Stevens and Flipperdoodle  


My heart is sore on reading this. I know the pain you must be in. I am so very sorry. Tardy will live on and on with all the other CH kitties. I thank you and  him for allowing me to learn about CH kitties.

-Vivienne Edwards  



 I'm so sorry for your loss!  Haven't lost Madeline recently, I know that  thousands of dollars and lots of love doesn't always work to keep them here. Did the vet say what was the matter? Sometimes, we just have to remind ourselves that they wouldn't want to be here, staying only forUS, in a painful existence. Tardy's mission wacomplete, he changed so many kitty and people's lives!  He lives on in every CH kitty.  He'll be waiting for you on the other side, allhealthy, happy, and without any wobbles!


- N Brenn  


So So very, very sorry! 


- TaillessCatRescue    


So sorry to hear about Tardy. He doesn't need to save you a spot, Tardy is just keeping your spot warm! 


-Amanda Maurer, CG, Ellie & family      


Oh Lizzie, I'm so desperately sorry to hear about Tardy's passing. My words can only echoothers' and say that Tardy was truly loved, by all of us, and it's because of the both of you that we're all here today. Thank you so much for loving Tardy that much -- so much that you wanted to save and help out other CH kitties andfamilies. Truly, thank you for making the world a better place.We're all here for you. Lots of love,

- Susan Mertz  


Lizzie My email was bombarded with condolences for you and Tardy. It is apparent that Tardy was quite the popular and special cat amongst the CH group! My heart is with you during this time. You and Tardy will be together again but for now it's in spirit and memories.  I am new to this group and have just been gathering info as I am fostering a CH mom and her 3 kittens and am seriously thinking about adopting mom. Again, my sympathy is with you.


- Paulette April & 3 Babies  


A hero indeed! Tardy will be missed by many around the world. May his blessed spirit be free. Hugs to you, Lizzie. And extra hugs and kisses to my own kitties today.

-Kimberly McCloskey   


What beautiful words and a great tribute to him! As the mom of a very senior ch kitty I dread the time that will come sooner rather than later now. My kitty is also my 12 year old daughters best and closest friend which will make this even harder. Our silly cat has been the babysitter as we call her from the first moment we brought the baby home from the hospital.

So heres to the special kitties that don't know that they are special.

Thank you for all you have done. Both of you.


-Liz Nowak


Lizzie, my heart is broken for you. We CH parents live every day with the subconscious fear of losing these beautiful little beings (I know I do!). They are so, so special, rescilliant, determined and so many other things. Tardy was obviously a very special, wonderful boy, and he will always hold that special place in your heart. Again, I grieve for your loss and dread the day I will have to say good-bye to my sweet Mazel, our CH of 6 years.  

God bless you, and Tardy, and I hope you will be with him again.


-Richard Rogers (& Mazel)  


He was a true Hero and will always have a place in my heart.  His work will continue through those he helped over the years My tears are flowing as is my love to you and to Tardy.


- Karen Severson  


Oh, Lizzie, I am so sorry about Tardy. I've been hearing about him since 2001, when I joined the group for Mikey. My thoughts and prayers are with you...........


- Karen  


Thank you Tardy Peebucket and thank you Lizzie Barrett. Tardy for being born and in the care of a wonderful woman named Lizzie, who had the thoughtfulness and know how to get the word out about CH kitties. Two years ago, I found your website out of desperation while searching for information to help four kittens of my own, that were not quite right. I took in a pregnant stray and ended up with 4 ch kittens. They are moderate to severe and the severe one is also blind. The vet said to put them to sleep, as did the next four vet's that I took them to, I refused! Then I found the chkitty club and a wealth of information to help them. I do not participate with the website but I read it everyday for any bit of advice or information. Tardy is not gone, his spirit is in my four special kittens and thousands more, that you are helping without even knowing it, like me. I had to let you know and again, Thank you. Our sincerest sympathy.  


- Melissa Strobel and Moses, Tubbie, Rocky and Susie Q. 


 I'm so sorry to hear about your precious little peebucket...he was a great ambassador for CH and neuro kitties everywhere. I'm sure many kitties owe theirlife to the knowledge you both imparted. Rest in peace Tardy. 


- Janette, D'Arcie-Dodger, Angels Poppy & Thor 


Lizzie, Our heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you. We so sorry to learn this. What a special boy - and a special mommy you were to this sweet, beautiful kitty. Thank you again for all that you have accomplished and all that you do for CH kitties everywhere. It is in Tardy's memory that we forge on. Godspeed Tardy Peebucket...   


- Jennifer, Miles, Dali & Arabella


Lizzie and Tardy brought me here when My little ms flipper came into my life and guided me through all of my other ch babies lives, thankyou izzie 




I am soooo sorry to hear of your loss of Tardy. She has been a fixture in this group. I know she knows you loved her very much. I believe she knew she wasspecial. All our kids are special right? Happy memories will heal your broken heart. There are many you have saved because of you 2 finding each other and many more in just keeping up the work you have done. She is right beside you always sharing your love of CH kids. I cannot even think about loosing litte Cassies' Dream. I joined this group because of her and found help around every corner. Thank you and Tardy for that. I my not post much but I lurk alot. Prayers are with you at your time of loss.  


- Sherry of Cassie D and Me


Good bye sweetheart. You were one of a kind and made big footprints on our hearts. Safe travels. We'll see you again some day. ♥♥♥


-Kathleen Grube


Awwwwww.... My condolences. Sorry for your loss.... 14, that is way too soon.... RIP sweety.

-Wilhelmina C. Wasik


tears and hugs


-Margie Taulbee 




-Leanore Sansone


 I am so so sorry! He was a very handsome and special guy. :*(


-Melanie Zenor


So sorry for the loss of this beautiful kitty, thinking of you all and thanking Tardy Peebucket for being who he was and bringing awareness


-Mona Milford


Rest in peace sweetheart! I am very sorry for your loss.


-Mary Ann Smale


Oh no! He was how I first learned about CH when we took in our first CH foster. I fell in love immediately. RIP little wobbler.


-Tammy Frahman Neumeister


God takes the best! Will Be with Him again one day! Taught the world So much. Thank You Sweet heart.


-Hope Shepherd


My heart breaks for your loss and the loss to the CH Kitty world! He was obviously a very special kitty. The only way to honor his memory is to keep the pages going and helping people by giving them an outlet and a place to gather. God bless you and God bless Tardy Pee Bucket!


-Ann Marie Abrahamsen Podskalan


Yes, memory will be best served by keeping the pages going! So sorry for your lost! :(


-CaroleJean Willis


I'm so sorry. ♥

-Linda Stanley Dalton


♥ what a sweetheart kitty


-Sarah Freeh Rogers


Awww. RIP, Tardy Pee Bucket. Fly free at the Bridge! You ansa your family will be together again. The rescue world thanks you for your contributions. You are a very special baby and will never be forgotten!


-Pearl Magee


RIP Tardy Pee Bucket.. You have touched so many lives and brought many of us ch families together. Condolences to you Lizzie and Neal..


-Deanna Koens


RIP Tardy Pee Bucket now you can welcome all the CH kitties who cross the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless!


-Michele Moyes


Rest in peace little one and thank you for helping so many... I'm sure lots of them welcomed you at the bridge!


-Jane Bautista Olawoye


Rest in Peace sweet baby; sleep well knowing you helped so many.


-June Liston


What a gorgeous boy. Don't forget that because of Tardy many people will no longer be afraid to own a CH Kitty which means many more cats will get homes that normally would not. His life has shined the way for others to accept CH Kitties as just as great of a cat as any other.


-Cathie Penalagan


Thank you and Tadry for helping to bring CH cats into the mainstream. RIP, Tardy.


-Brian J. Coffey


My deepest sympathies for you I know this is so hard. For you, Tardy and your other kitties are not just pets, but so much more - inspiration, joy, & just plain family. Love you so! Peace be with you....


-Pj Leslie

Tardy, Thank You for Everything

by Amanda Woodhead


From the Life with CH Cats Blog


It's with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Tardy Peebucket.  Tardy was an extraordinary CH cat who inspired his pet parent Lizzie to make tremendous progress within the cerebellar hypoplasia cat community.


My heart goes out to Lizzie, her family and her other CH cat, Ziggy. After being together for 14 years, I can only imagine the pain she must be feeling. However, Tardy has left quite a legacy.


Tardy was the reason why Lizzie started the CH Kitty Club Group on Yahoo. Later, when the CH Kitty Club website was created, Tardy was the natural mascot. Similarly, Tardy was the driving force behind the CH Kitty Club newsletter and YouTube channel.  Those resources have been invaluable over the years. It's because of Tardy and Lizzie that so many of us CH cat parents know one another. It's because of Tardy and Lizzie that people can become more familiar with this condition, and discuss their worries, questions and success stories with one another.


All of our CH cats have inspired us in one way or another. But Tardy truly helped progress CH awareness unlike any other. While Tardy's passing was a surprise, we can be thankful that he didn't suffer for too long. Lizzie discovered something wasn't right with him on April 24th, and promptly look him to the vet. Tardy passed away yesterday morning.


Lizzie posted a touching note about Tardy's passing. I thought you'd enjoy reading part of it:


"When Tardy Peebucket was born fourteen years ago, he didn't know he was different, he didn't know he was special, he didn't know he was going to change my life, and he sure didn't know he would help save the lives of thousands of other kitties like him all over the world...Tardy Peebucket is a hero in my mind, and the love I have for him is so special."


We all love Tardy, Lizzy - and you. And thank you so much for changing all of our lives and saving so many more.

Meet the Parents:
Meet Kimberly and Weaver!

By Kristie (Riley Dean's Mommy)

Kimberly J. McCloskey lives and works in Murphy, North Carolina. She is a virtual assistant and copy editor for life and business coaches as well as works on other virtual assistant teams. She runs her business online ( and has written a book, called Permission is Granted: Be a Better You. She is also a passionate animal lover and mommy to Weaver the CH kitty, a 2 year old gray and black tabby who wants to rule the world ("Think Stewie from Family Guy").

"I would say that Weaver has a mild case of CH," Kimberly says. "When he was just three months old, he literally walked in little circles to get from point A to point B. Then we found out he was also deaf so we brought him home from our friends' barn."

They weren't sure why Weaver walked the way that he did. Then about a year ago, Kimberly was at friend's house and met one of her severe CH kitties. "I told her about Weaver and she thought he sounded CH. She eventually met him in person, and seeing how he wobbles when he walks (and walks more like a bull dog than a cat), and also how his head doesn't stay still, she 'confirmed' it was a mild case. From there I did some research and eventually joined your forum."

Weaver lives with Kimberly and her six other kitties: Big Bad Buford (age 3), Roxanne (4), Fluffy (14), Amy (4), Cassie (7) and Holly (7 months), a foster who was once attacked by a dog and is now a paraplegic: "I do therapy with her in an attempt to help her walk again."

"Once Weaver got inside the house and became friends with Buford, his symptoms seem to have eventually improved over time," Kimberly notes. "We feel that the exercise and practice he had getting around with Buford were instrumental in his development. He now can jump onto sofas, chairs and to other short heights. From there he uses furniture to get to higher points in the room. He can't jump onto a kitchen cabinet or kitchen table, but he can jump down from them. He weaves (hence his name) when he walks - picture video of a shark moving through the water, and is easily knocked off balance and falls. His head swings from side to side a lot and it's not always intentional. When he eats, he's head bounces, sometimes more than others, and he generally makes a mess with his dry food."

Regular bowls and plates don't work well for Weaver. His head bounces when he eats, and his chin and nose push food out while he tries to eat. The bowl also gets moved around. Kimberly tried several different options and now uses a bowl with rubber to keep it from sliding. "The shape of it isn't too flat and isn't too concave and doesn't have any corners, so he generally can keep most of his food in the dish while he eats."

Kimberly admits that while Weaver is a sweet boy, he can also have quite a temper. He also knows exactly what he likes (and what he doesn't):

"There used to be a wrought-iron-based table lamp in our living room, and he would knock it off the table. The lamp never broke, but we must have changed out the switch eight to ten times before we finally gave up and relocated it. In the beginning, we thought he was just losing his balance on this table and accidentally knocking it off. But as time went by, we came to realize that, as this table is one of the 'high points' in the room, Weaver considered that table top HIS SPACE. And by golly, that lamp didn't belong there!"

Kimberly volunteers and fosters for a local rescue called Castaway Critters Pet Rescue located in Blairsville, Georgia ( She also creates and publishes their monthly e-newsletter ( She believes that one of the greatest gifts we can give our CH babies is the gift of just a little independence.

"I think it's important to remember that a CH kitty is a whole lot like any other kitty - they want to run and play and do things they see other cats do - don't protect them so much that they don't have an opportunity to learn, grow and adapt. Yes, they need protection on some level and you need to exercise common sense, but let them be cats."

The World According to Riley Dean:
A Day in the Sun!

By Riley Dean (with a little help from Mommy)

Hello, friends! I don't know about you, but here in Northern California, the clouds and rain have made me feel like winter is taking an extra long time turning into spring. However, last weekend the sun finally came out! Because it was so nice outside, my mommy and Auntie Shannon decided to take me out for our first kitty stroller walk of the year!

We often walk at Pinole Shores, a walking trail near our house. It's right along the Bay and very pretty! The trail is always full of butterflies, lizards, and lots of other fun things for me to look at. We had such a fun time.

In case you're thinking about pulling out the old stroller and taking a nice walk, here are my spring tips for fun in the sun:

1. Before you set out, make sure that your furbaby's flea prevention is up to date. Spring and summer are high flea seasons, and we don't want any stowaways! My mom likes to use Advantage, which works very well for me. However, there are many other topical and oral flea preventatives that work just as well. Please stay away from Hartz and other grocery store brands! They can be very dangerous, especially if your CH-er likes to lick him or herself.

2. Brush your CH-er more often in spring! We are losing our thicker winter coats and shedding more. Without a good brush at least once a day, spring becomes hairball season. Yuck! Also, a good brushing before a walk will remove some of that excess fur and keep us cooler in the warm weather.

3. Bring plenty of water. We get thirsty too, even if we're riding in the stroller the whole time. You can use the bottle/bowl combos made for dogs, or just a regular bottle and bowl (my mommy sometimes beings a paper bowl used for salads because it's easier for me). It's nice to bring treats too (hint, hint, heh, heh, heh)!

4. Put a blanket or a pillow in the stroller with us. Not only will it make us more comfortable, but if your kitty is like me, it takes him or her a little while to realize we're not being taken to the vet and actually start to enjoy the view. We like something to hide under/behind until we're a bit for confident and curious!

5. Choose a good location. Whether it's a walking trail, a park, or a picnic area, try and find a place for your CH kitty to explore that's relatively quiet. If children or dogs make your kitty nervous, keep that in mind and find a quieter spot.

6. Keep checking in. You know your CH-er's body language better than anybody. If he or she seems overheated, over-stimulated or agitated, it may be time to head home. Also, please remember to NEVER leave your CH kitty (or NON-CH kitty, or puppy, or child) unattended in the car for any amount of time. They can be at risk for hyperthermia in minutes. Let's all be safe!
It's important to note that outdoor playtime isn't for everybody. If simply lounging at the window, sunbathing and birdwatching is all the outdoors your CH kitty wants or needs, that's okay too! Well, enjoy the rest of spring, everybody, and have fun out there!
The CH Family Dynamics
by Elise Murphy 
Meet the Larson family!

Family Statistics:
2 - Chelsey and Dave

3 - Fiona Fuzzybutt (12yrs/female/long haired Siamese mix), Dammit Fuzzybutt (4yrs/female/long haired Siamese/Himalayan mix), Fungus Trouble Meathead (11 months/male/medium hair orange tabby/CH)  
FungusOverall interactions: Integrated, but separate

The cats all live together somewhat peacefully and do not need to be separated, but they all tend to do their own separate thing.

Fiona and Dammit don't get along very well. Fiona is the alpha and Dammit is the "wannabe" alpha. Chelsey suspects that Dammit would be happiest as an only cat, though she did get along with Spook, Chelsey's previous cat, once he stood up for himself.

Generally, Fiona grumbles around being ornery and crotchety, Dammit is perpetually upset over the fact there are two other cats in the house, and Fungus putters about "singing" (he has the habit of chattering, chirping, and trilling as he does things). There are random howling, hissing, and shrieking fits, but mostly from Dammit when Fungus torments her or when she sees Fiona on the bed.    Fiona

Fiona and Fungus are bonding more and more as time goes on. Chelsey is hopeful that they will eventually snuggle and groom each other.

CH Kitty Additions:    
Fungus was adopted after Spook, Chelsey's 9 and a half year old, orange tabby, rescued feral (he was extremely shy and skittish his whole life), had to be put down in January. Spook and Fiona were very bonded - Chelsey described him as Fiona's "partner in crime." Fiona was extremely depressed over losing her partner in crime and Dammit was causing more trouble than usual. They figured Fiona needed a new partner in crime and that another male cat was needed to offset Dammit's attitude issues, thus they adopted Fungus two days later.

DammitThe dynamics of the house were not changed by the introduction of Fungus to the family. Fiona hasn't been exactly welcoming to Fungus, but she will hang out with him until his kitten antics kick in and he decides to pounce on her or play with her tail. When Fungus is calm, Fiona is happy to be around him. Dammit spent the first while upset about another cat being in the house and tried to show Fungus she was the alpha. Fungus never recognized her as the alpha, and instead deferred to Fiona from the start. After Dammit tried to beat Fungus up a few times, he decided it was fun to chase after, stalk, pounce on, and swat her. Even though Fungus is much smaller than her and has his CH to throw him off balance, he tends to win the battles as Dammit tends to get upset and leaves. Chelsey and Dave are allowing them all the time they need to work everything out on their own.

How they help each other: 
Fungus does not receive any help from either Fiona or Dammit. This suits him just fine as he seems to be offended if he gets help doing anything - he knows he can do things on his own! Chelsey reports that in the beginning, Fungus would just fling himself down the stairs, climb on the bed, and climb the tall perches all the time. Now that he's a getting older, however, he has realized some of his limitations and does not "kamikaze" so much. He does still prefer to do things on his own, when he can, but he also wants Chelsey to pick him up and carry him up the stairs or put him up on the bed. Chelsey isn't certain if he prefers to have the help, or if he knows that it takes a lot less energy to just yowl for help.    

Fungus2Interesting tidbit: 
When Fungus was adopted, the Larsons didn't know that he was "special needs," he just seemed really klutzy. After the first two weeks, they noticed more and more coordination issues coming out and the vet noticed that Fungus had a 'unique walk'. The vet wanted to check him out more, but before the visit, Chelsey found the CH group while researching 'wobbly kittens'. Their vet agrees that he probably has CH due to his walking style and coordination issues, but Fungus also doesn't have the head bob, or "tremors," that many CH cats have. He's also the first CH cat their vet has dealt with. Chelsey reports that the vet is amazing in how she treats Fungus and has been a wonderful resource in increasing the knowledge in the community about CH cats/kittens and their quality of life. Fungus has been taken to one of the local veterinarian schools as well as to the vet tech program to raise awareness that he is perfectly happy and healthy, just otherly-abled.

Follow up: [I had to know how Dammit got her name...anyone else curious? ;)] 
Dammit was adopted the month Chelsey and Dave got married because Chelsey thought they needed a cat that liked Dave. Since she was "Dave's" cat, he got to name her. Knowing his proclivities, Chelsey had a list of names he couldn't use, so he came up with Dammit. The worst bit is that it fits her personality perfectly!

Weeble the CH Kitty from Waco Texas 
Once again another happy ending from Waco Texas!  Weeble the CH Kitty was left on the steps of a clinic in Waco Texas.  He needed rescue to ensure his life to be saved!   Fallon Jones CH Kitty member and also in the rescue community  in Waco once again reached out for help to save a CH Kitty!    With networking for safety for this guy, once again All About Animals Rescue in Phoenix Arizona came to the rescue!!!!   But not only the rescue but our dear and wonderful friend June Liston  volunteered to make this happen.   June flew to Texas meeting Jennifer Garvey and the Dallas Airport the day after those Tornados!   The flights were tight and being bumped off 3 times in Dallas and a very long day, June and Weeble finally  were able to fly out of Texas!!!!  
                WeebleRescue               WeebleJune
Weeble is safe!!!   Thank you again All About Animals Rescue, Phoenix Arizona and June Liston for yet again successful CH Kitty Rescue Airlift!

Thanks to this wonderful group in Phoenix!  They are truly lifesavers and so grateful for their passion for CH Kitties!!!
The Story of Miss Winnie rescued and Adopted by me!
Miss Winnie was a CH kitty that was rescued from a shelter right before she was scheduled to be put down by Lots Of Love Cat Rescue. Before she came to join our family, she lived with Angela and Paul Donahue - rescue workers for LOL and good friends of our family. Since they knew that we are cat lovers and that we were looking for a really special cat to join our family, they gave us a call as soon as she came to stay with them.

We agreed to go over an meet her, knowing that she had CH. Miss Winnie is lucky in the sense that her case is very mild. At times you can't even tell she has it! Needless to say, we fell in love with her after spending all of 30 seconds around her. First of all, she is beautiful!! We've tried taking pictures, but none of them do her any justice. She also has the cutest chirp/purr/meow that she makes whenever you walk into the room with her, or pet her for that matter!

She came to live with us about two weeks later - we couldn't wait to take her home. For the first couple of nights she stayed in our room alone. We have three other cats and didn't want her to feel overwhelmed. That first night, she purred and started kneading away. Then she came and settled down for the night on my pillow and at that moment we knew that she was the perfect addition to our family.
She came to live with us about two weeks later - we couldn't wait to take her home. For the first couple of nights she stayed in our room alone. We have three other cats and didn't want her to feel overwhelmed. That first night, she purred and started kneading away. Then she came and settled down for the night on my pillow and at that moment we knew that she was the perfect addition to our family.

It's been almost a month now and she has fully integrated. She spends hours playing with our seven month old kitty Lynn and when she's not playing she naps on her favorite spot on our sofa. She still sleeps with us every night. Even in such a short time, we all love her so much! Its like she was always meant to be with us.

As I've mentioned, her CH is pretty mild, and she sure doesn't seem to know that she has a disability. Sometimes when she runs she'll get a little wobbly, she'll also wobble and occasionally lose her balance completely when walking on an unstable surface, such as the bed or on the back of the couch. But every time she falls, she gets right back up and tries again. She certainly doesn't let her CH stop her from doing anything she wants to do!

We haven't really had to make any special considerations for her - we did put a number of regular litter boxes around the house until she becomes more comfortable with the litter robot, but aside from that she's just like any other "normal" cat.

To think that the shelter was going to put her down breaks my heart. I'm so grateful to Angela, Paul and all the wonderful people at LOL Cat rescue for saving her and bringing her into our life. Miss Winnie is such a love bug, an amazing little girl and taking her in has been a wonderful experience for all of us. If adopting a cat with CH has taught me anything, its that all cats deserve a chance to live in a loving environment - even if they are a little "different".

 I really believe that Winnie knows she's been rescued. The amount of love she shows us each and every day is proof of that!!
Wee the CH Kitty rescued by Dawn in Illinois and adopted by me!


By Marie Smelcer, Georgia

This is the story of a girl named Wee. I can't remember how I stumbled upon the CH kitty website, divine intervention I suppose. When I first saw Wee's picture, it was love at first sight. Then I went on about my daily life. We were expecting our first grandchild at the time and the baby was to live with us. So there was plenty to do to get ready for the new arrival. Still the picture of Wee was stuck in my head... Just could not forget that face.

WeeSo I finally sent an e-mail to Wee's mommy, not having a clue as to how we could get this precious girl from Indiana to Georgia. That is when everyone rallied for the cause. Debbie, Dawn and Susan all played a big part in making this dream a reality. We did a road trip to Virginia and back in one day. Despite the fact that we were driving in and out of tornado warnings and watches! We were also able to help Susan get her Trooper from Janis in North Carolina. We met a very nice lady named Janis that was fostering Trooper. I guess my point is, don't let distance stop you from adopting one of these special babies. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Wee has been with us for almost a month now. She stays in our bedroom and isn't Buddycurious like most other cats. She just yesterday wobbled out of the bedroom into the hallway. She looked around and promptly turned around back to her bedroom.  I am attaching a baby picture of my first CH baby. His name was Buddy and he was a sweetheart. Words cannot express how thankful we are to everyone that played a part in this dream becoming a reality. That empty spot in my heart is happy and full again.
Multi State and Multi CH Kitty Hand off!


Photos By Marie Smelcer (Please see Marie's write up above on Wee)


Trooper who was rescued by CH Kitty Member Janis Weybrew in North Carolina and adopted by CH Kitty Member Susan Mertz in Ohio!

Driving from Georgia, Marie picked up Trooper from Janis in North Carolina and met in Virginia where she swapped CH Kitties with the Mertz's! The Mertz's brought Wee from Chicago where Dawn had rescued and brought Wee from Illinois Trooperto the Mertz's to get to Marie!

So these are 2 photos of Trooper who is know The Mertz's new CH Kitty!  He traveled in the car in style!!!!


Hope you all followed that!  
SLots of Love Rescuepotlight on
Lots of Love Rescue
Wilmington, MA
(CH and Special needs friendly) 

Paul and Angela Donahue, Founders

Mission Statement
Lots of Love Cat Rescue was founded on the belief that no animal should have to go hungry, be homeless or live in fear or pain.
Lots of Love Cat Rescue is a group of volunteer animal lovers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, re-home abandoned, stray and neglected cats.
Our animals are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, to ensure the numbers of unwanted cats be kept to a minimum. and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes.
We are dedicated to finding permanent and loving families for the homeless cats and are dedicated to providing the best service possible to the animals in our care and the families who adopt from us. We take pride in adopting healthy animals and go to great lengths to pair each pet with the perfect family.
Lots Of Love Cat Rescue
 P.O. Box 396,
Wilmington, MA 01887
Adoptable Angels

gathered by Debbie Martin (CH Kitty Club Adoption Specialist)

Tenderfoot, CH Kitty in Little Rock Arkansas for Adoption                    
Tenderfoot is a loving, sweet orange and white cat who needs a very special home.  He is a "wobbly cat": he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. That means that his mother got a common cat disease during the latter part of her pregnancy and his cerebellum did not fully develop.  The disorder looks like cerebral palsy in a human.  


Tenderfoot needs a forever home as an only cat or perhaps with one other, possibly with someone versed in physical therapy, or someone with a child with a similar disability.  Other things that relate to his condition are problems with his paw pads - all 8 front claws were ingrown and his pads badly infected.  He lost muscle tone before he was found and can't compete with the other cats during playtime. 

His foster mom would also be delighted to have some assistance - perhaps someone with a physical therapy background would be willing to assess this loving cat and find exercises that would help Tenderfoot develop to his maximum capacity.  To find out more about Tenderfoot,



contact Tracy at


Feline Rescue and Rehome, PO Box 250567, Little Rock, AR 72225  501-661-0956


2 CH Kitties for adoption near Santa Cruz, California - Simba and Wren
          Simba & Wren
I have the 2 CH boy kitties available for adoption thru our rescue. .  . They are getting around pretty we ll. Both can now climb up my carpeted stairs and one can even climb the cat trees in my living room...and navigate down! . Both are purrbugs and quite amusing when playing with toys.They love to play with wand toys and anything else that moves. Best of all they are both purr and snuggle bugs!

 Simba       Wren

 (They are about 6 months old)

Please contact both:
Debbie -
Rebecca - (Foster for Simba and Wren)
Tilty, extremely mild CH Kitty with slight head tilt looking for a home in S. California!  
TiltyMeet Tilty!  Tilty was just rescued from the shelter as they wanted to put him down because he has a slight tilt to his head and a little sway to his walk!   We are now lead to believe he has an extremely mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia!!!  He is just a love bug, so sweet and perfect in many ways and extremely handsome!   I am a volunteer at the shelter and could not let him be killed so I grabbed him but need to find him a home!   Tilty is located in Southern California just North of  the Los Angeles area!!!!  

If you would like to meet or learn more about Tilty please contact me!

              Tilty2            Tilty3

Youtube Video


Mild CH kitty ! He is a love bug !! Still looking for his forever home !! Please call me for a meet and greet ! 661-803-1842. Wonderful with everyone !!! Gotta see this kitty to believe !!
Debbie at

Loopy CH Kittiy For Adoption in Long Beach California 
Loopy (Gray)  and Ahdri (Diluted Torti)  Very mild  female CH Kitties For Adoption in Long Beach California who will melt your heart
Loopy is mildly effected by Cerebellar Hypoplasia and gets around just great and uses the liter box. 


She is  located in Long Beach California.


She is spayed and up to date with her shots!


For more information on our CH Girls  please contact us via email or call us at (562) 453-7377

Reese, CH Kitty in Southern New Jersey for adoption! 
A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned on December 23. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not chose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. She does use the litterbox but needs a box that she can step into (no lids or doors). Reese sways and circles and cannot get herself aimed through a cat door on a litterbox so I am using a corner box without a lid and that seems to be working out well. She can do stairs but I would not put a litterbox on a different level than she is living on. She likes to sit on my lap and she likes to be picked up. The reason I am telling you all this is because I am hoping that you can help me to find her a home. I am no longer doing adoptions out of Petsmart and do not have a way of placing her.( the people were going to take her to a kill shelter) 


Do you know of anyone looking for a nice CH kitty? 
By the way, we are located in Southern NJ. I would be willing to have someone come here to meet her and/or I could deliver her to an approved family. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much. 
Kim and Reese

CH Kitten in Maryland needs a home, Family moving to Thailand!!!  
(He is the gray and white Kitty)
Some people I know rescued a group of feral kittens...they are now about 6 months old but one of them doesn't walk well...keeps falling over and it looks like he may have cerebellar hypoplasia.
marylandHe is a total love muffin and a sweet sweet boy and loves other kit ties and uses the liter box!!!!   They are moving back to Thailand and need to find a home for this sweet, sweet, kitten...( I do rescue so I have my limit now) you all have a place or know of a local place here in Maryland that could  take in this kitten?


 Victoria Willits

Claire - CH Kitty for Adoption in Chicago! 
Claire is an adorable, sweet, talkative, gentle, friendly, and loving, one-year-old, female, grey tabby looking for a loving guardian. Claire was relinquished to Chicago Animal Care and Control by her family. They explained that as a kitten Claire sustained a head injury. So, while Claire is healthy, she is hearing, vision and motor impaired. She has a slightly funny way of walking but she gets around just fine. She has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She can still live a long, happy and healthy life. She just needs to be reminded where her food is. Claire loves people of all ages including children; she follows you around and rubs on your legs. She also loves other cats as well as dogs. Claire has excellent litter box habits and will make a wonderful family pet. Claire is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormed and virus-tested.

To meet and possibly adopt Claire, please call, e-mail or text her foster mom Katye at or 815-603-1157. Her adoption fee of $75 benefits the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control.


Bye Bye everyone!  Enjoy the May flowers and sunny spring weather! 









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