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CH Kitty Club Newsletter

November 2011                                Issue #14

Tardy Peebucket

Hi everyone!


Here goes another great issue of our newsletter! Since it's Thanksgiving month, let's all give thanks for all our  wonderful CH kitty cousins all over the world and their amazing families!!


We also would like to offer these wonderful CH Kitty pins when you make a donation to the CH Kitty Club. That helps us keep things rolling! It helps the newsletter and  the website. Donate if you can; every little bit helps!




Tardy Peebucket...President of Autumn (I fall for Autumn, and everything else)







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CH Kitty of the Month...Faith

by Tammy Siers

Everyone knew that Faith was special from the minute she was born. A brown and white kitten! Not black, not gray, not orange, but brown as brown can be. Brown is a color that's only supposed to occur in highly specialized breeds, not in an ordinary housecats.

None of the shelter vets, employees, or volunteers had ever seen a brown and white
kitten. At the time, no one knew just how special Faith would turn out to be.

Faith's mother, Hope, was pregnant when she was brought to the shelter. She delivered what appeared to be four happy, healthy kittens not long after her arrival at the Kentucky Humane Society. I came and picked the family up for foster 2 days after they were born and everyone was still talking about the unusual brown kitten.

When they arrived at my home, everyone settled in quite nicely. Hope was thankful to have a safe, warm place to raise her kittens and my husband and I were looking forward to the hours of endless entertainment that foster kittens never fail to provide. Everyone was doing fine, growing by leaps and bounds, but as time went by we noticed that Faith was not progressing as quickly as her siblings. She was always the last one to do
anything. Last to open her eyes, hold her head up, stand up, and all the other milestones that newborn kittens experience. At that time, her most striking characteristic besides her coat color was a constant, slight head bob.

By the time the kittens were 5 weeks old, it was quite obvious that there was something wrong with Faith. While her siblings were already walking and beginning to run, jump and play, Faith could barely keep her legs underneath her. She would stand up and fall over. She would take a few steps then her legs would go out from under her. She also had a vey unique gait, a high step that is similar to a Clydesdale horse. But in her own mind, she was no different from her siblings. She would try her best to keep up with them. If they ran across the room, she would chase them, even if it meant falling over ten times before she caught up with them. If they jumped, she jumped, even though she invariably missed her target every time. I even named her Faith because I had all the faith in the world that she would outgrow these disabilities.

When Faith was 7 weeks old, a trip to the vet confirmed our worst fears. Faith suffers from a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia , or CH for short. It's a relatively rare condition that is similar to cerebral palsy in humans in that it affects fine motor movement and coordination. There is no treatment. The vet said that as long as she could feed herself and get to her litterbox , which she does, she should lead a normal life. The major risk with Faith is that she is highly susceptible to hurting herself by falling
down stairs, running into walls, furniture, etc.

At that point, my husband and I decided that Faith needed to become a permanent member of our family and we officially adopted her when she was 9 weeks old. We have spent our time since then trying to "baby-proof" the house. Just when we think we've thought of everything, she throws us a new challenge. She can climb things that you would never think possible. She does everything that a normal kitten would do, she
just looks a little stranger doing it. She is absolutely the happiest, most lovable kitten we
have ever seen.

I think the most amazing thing about Faith is her spirit. Since we've adopted Faith, I realize more everyday that you can overcome any obstacle that is thrown at you if you just have enough determination and spirit. I've also learned that some of the best things in life don't always come to you wrapped in a perfect little package. To most people Faith may not be perfect, but to me she's perfect in every way.

Meet the Parents...
John and Princess!

By Kristie (Riley Dean's Mommy)

I've interviewed so many special and wonderful CH Kitty Mommies, but this month I actually
thought it would be nice to hear from a CH Kitty Dad! John Christman lives in Cohoes, New York with his seven "kids": Tazz, JB, LJ, Chuckles, Mr. Martin, Lil Wiggles, and last but definitely not least, his CH kitty Princess.

Princess is a six-year-old Torti that John adopted after the death of a kitten. "I went to a Petsmart not looking for a kitten but I came home with Princess." While he has researched CH online, he has gotten most of his information right here from the CH Kitty Club Yahoo Group.

Princess has what John would call mild to medium CH symptoms. "She has head shakes but can eat with no problem," he says. He notes that her hind legs "kinda do their own thing and walk
their own path. She does wobble when she walks. When she runs, her hind legs look like they are
on ice, but if I take her outside and let her run, she runs like a deer and can do it rather well."

John has tried his best to make sure that Princes can navigate easily around the home: "I have
made "steps" around my house so she can get into windows or on the kitchen table. I have used
cat trees to help her get into the windows." He is a big believer that the climbing practice "helps
her grow muscle, which helps her with her coordination and walking."

Something that people may be surprised at is that Princess loves snow! "Last winter I took
her outside and she was rolling around on the front porch in the snow then decided to jump
off the porch. Well, she jumped into a snow bank and disappeared. Then she jumped up out of the snow bank covered in snow and wanting to play." Princess is a big fan of spirited play.

She and Chuckles, her best friend, also love to play chase around the house. However, John
admits, "When they play this, it usually ends with Princess chasing Chuckles up to higher ground
and then hiding until he comes down."

Her interactions with the other kitties in the house aren't limited to play. She also uses them
as accessories to her mischief. Princess has employed Lil Wiggles to help her out by knocking
things off the window sill and counters so she can take a closer look at them.

Princess' uneven footing does cause some issues with her litter box, "but she does climb very
well and she has no regard for her safety when she is jumping off things." John has often had
to worry and take precautions because of Princess' daredevil attitude: "Because she jumps with such reckless abandon, I have had to put chairs and a coffee table around the cat playhouse so when she jumps there is something there to jump down on."

When I ask John if he has any advice for new CH kitty owners, he says, "You must monitor your CH kitty throughout their daily lives, but you must also give them the freedom to explore on their own. Give them lots of toys to climb on and play with." Also, remember that a CH kitty needs a play buddy! "I found that having another cat in the house for Princess to play with has helped her running and walking. I was lucky in the fact that the other kids were kittens when I introduced Princess so they grew up together and bonded early on."

Adoptable Angels
gathered by Debbie Martin



After three months of networking, these kitties are now in jeopardy. Their owner is willing to transport within a reasonable distance. She will help pay for their care in a rescue group until they are adopted. 

"I would definitely give a donation to any rescue group that wound up taking them, although I would prefer to keep them here until my family moves in (rather than put them in a strange place.) We are still working on the timing of the move, but it will most likely be in the next couple of months." (TIME IS NOW UP!) 


Please Contact Kris ASAP PLEASE!!
CH Kitty Club  member needs our help!   Two CH kitties need homes!
Poughkeepsie, NY     

From Rosemary:

It is with great sadness that I need to re-home Hope and Munchkin, their story is posted on the CH Kitty Club website.

My fiance died 2 weeks ago suddenly in my arms while we were waiting to be boarded for a plane, and we were to be married in December. He was the sole provider for me and all my animals (and there are many). The 3rd CH'er who I adopted from the CH Kitty Club, Giselle will stay with me as she is so attached and needy that re-homing is not an option. Finances are the reason for re-homing them, and losing my fiance and giving up my animals at the same time is devastating. I do not know how I make it through the day, but I do.


Please help if you can. Hope and Munchkin are siblings but are not close to each other. It would be nice for them to go together but if not I will accept it.

I live in New York, am close to Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, upstate area. I can transport them if necessary.


Thank you for your help.


Honny - Orange County, CA


I'm helping to network this CH kitten rescued off the streets!

Due to his "disability" he's being overlooked and has had little adoption interest.

He needs a forever home soon, as his foster parent cannot start an urgent TNR  project until he is adopted. She wants him to find a committed, safe and forever home.


"Hi, I'm Honny, a beautiful orange marbled tabby kittn (neutered, about 4 months old). I was rescued off the streets behind an old business as a tiny young thang, just me, no siblings or Mom in sight. I've been thriving in my foster home, and am now a hearty, playful, and super affectionate love bug who loves to be held and cuddled. I have beautiful hazel amber eyes, marbled tabby swirls, and huge ears like a rabbit! Due to my rough start in life, I have a permanent condition called "cerebellar hypoplasia," which means I walk a little bit wobbly and I fall over occasionally. Don't worry, I am otherwise healthy, have been thoroughly checked out by the vets, and am great at using my litterbox. I can run like the best of them (though I'll fall and just get right back up again!).  My spirit is indomitable, and my heart is BIG! I'm equally playful, yet I have a loud purr, and love to snuggle, be carried around like a baby, and kissed endlessly!"



Itsy Bitsy - The Wonder CH BABY Kitten!


Sweet CH Kitten - Itzy Bitzy! Orange Marmalade Kitten!




Seeking an experienced kitty owner with or without another kitty, and a lot of love to give!







 Urgent! These two CH kitties can now face death in central Ohio, they need placement ASAP. Please help!











If you are in neighboring states, perhaps we can arrange transport volunteers or raise donations for transportation.

(April, the kitties' mommy, stated she may not be able to care for them any longer. They are in danger and no rescue is in sight.She may  have no other choice but to bring them to the shelter to be euthanized. Please help these two CH kitties.)    


I need to find a home for my 2 CH kitties and I would prefer they stay together.  To sum it up without going into too many messy details of my personal life, I'm going through a separation. I have to work a lot more to pay the bills as I was left with the majority of the debt. Therefore I don't have the time or the money to give them what they need.


While it is heartbreaking to give them up, as I've raised them from birth, it's what's best for them at this time. They are severe CH, unable to walk, though they do get up on their feet and try. I have been unable to find a potty training solution and "he" was very much not willing to either help or tolerate the situation while I explored options. I now do not have the resources to continue trying to help them. I won't put them in a shelter where I know they will be killed the same day. I'm continuing to take care of them the best that I can but they are simply not getting the time they need.


I currently live right outside the Central Ohio area. If you can provide a home for them and would like more details on them or please rescue them.

I don't have any recent pics, the one above is from six months ago. I'll try to get someone with a decent camera phone to take some updated ones. He (Wobbles) is bigger, she (Weebles) isn't. They are very much love bugs. They are very mild tempered, except when you try to give Wobbles a bath (he's a demon, but manageable if you keep a tight grip).


Weebles is slightly timid, she scares easily but usually not for long. Wobbles is pretty well fearless unless you turn on the vacuum. They haven't been fixed or vaccinated as I can't find a vet who knows anything about CH, and the ones I've talked to don't want to chance it because they are severe. Mommy was tested negative for everything, and they have never been outside. I'm not sure what else you would want to know. This is very hard for me, but I do appreciate the help.



Thank you,










Six month old Male Bengal Mix in  Stockton CA



(Jax was one of Kim Daugherty's CH kitties.  Please open your heart and home to Jax in memory of Kim.)  


Watch his YouTube Video:    



Jax is a special needs kitty. He was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. 


This condition does not affect his life expectancy, it just makes him rather uncoordinated.  But that does not stop this special little guy. He may jump off the sofa, land in a heap on the floor, but he just picks himself up and off he goes. He walks kind of funny, and sometimes when he sits his head bobs kind of like a bobble head toy. He is funny, sweet and very inspirational.

Jax is still a kitten with lots of kitten energy. He can be very sweet and will lay with you when he is tired, but when he has energy he wants to experience it all. He loves to explore and wants to know what you are doing and is always there with an over exuberant offer to help.

Jax loves people, other cats and even cat-friendly dogs. He actually will wrestle with his foster mom's dogs. He would do well with older children. He needs a home that will protect him, understand him, and be patient with him.


Please see more photos of Jax here.

Jax is being fostered in the Stockton area.

Contact Cyndi at (707) 301-7377 or  missteawinkie@yahoo.com 




CH kitty, Toby, available for adoption in Queensbury, NY




His name is Toby (a temporary name if need be), and he is about 4-5 months old.  He hasn't had any vetting yet because we were watching to see how his symptoms progressed (and the vet recommended that we wait).  He is with his brother, Clifford (also a temporary name if need be), who comforts him and seems to be perfectly healthy.  They must go together; they are very close.  They also need a forever home ASAP, as the person fostering them can no longer do so and we have nowhere to bring them. 


I have attached a photo that was taken a few weeks ago of Toby and Clifford. 


In order to adopt from us, an adoption application and fee is required (this is to ensure that only serious inquiries are made and pursued, as well as to help with the costs of vetting that we incurred).  Since they haven't had vetting yet, we are willing to negotiate based on our policies. 


If you have any questions about these adorable kittens, please send me an email. 





F.A.C.T. (Fight Animal Cruelty Today) 
P.O. Box 4045


Queensbury, NY 12804








CH kitten found living outside rescued Oct. 22nd.  For adoption in Wantagh, Long Island, NY!


This little kitten had been living on the streets and was just recently rescued on October 22nd by Gina Marandola (Thank you Gina!).  This little girl does not have a name yet but is available for  adoption!   Right now she will be going to the vet and neurologoist to be properly looked over medically of course.   Not certain quite yet of her age, but she still has some baby teeth.   She is the sweetest little kitten I think I have ever had, all she wants is to be loved.  She has no trouble going to the litter box, eating, or drinking!  However you must mush up her food so it is easier for her to eat.


I am currently her foster, and this little girl is located in Wantagh, NY which is on Long Island.


Please contact for more information or if you would like to meet her!

Gina Marandola


BUMBLES... is a  five week old kitten found in San Francisco and is for adoption through the San Francisco Animal Care and Control




Meet Bumbles, an adorable little five week old kitten located in San Francisco, CA. She is being fostered right now by CH Kitty Whisperer Naomi Conroy who is a volunteer with the shelter and for Toni's Kitten Rescue in San Francisco. Bumbles will be ready most likely to go to the adoption facility this month with high hopes of a fantasic adopter!


When Bumbles is available, she will be up to date with her shots and spayed of course!!!!

If you would like more information about Bumbles and how you can adopt her, please contact Naomi via email :



Tardy Takes a Stand!!

by Lizzie Holochwost

Who would have thought that after fourteen years Tardy would start standing up to poop??

When Tardy Peebucket first came into my life, eight weeks old, less than a pound, unable to eat by himself, unable to walk at all, he had no litter box manners.

Tardy's first "litter box" was under the bed, and it took me a little while to figure that out!! When I blocked the access to under the bed, and tried to teach him to use a litter box, it became apparent real fast that he wasn't going to go for that! As soon as I put him in, he would "launch" out! I tried again and again, but it wasn't going to happen. One thing we have to say about Tardy, he's a stubborn little guy!! Tardy made it quite apparent at this point that he likes newspaper on the floor. I was ok with this; it seemed very doable. My main worry was that it would soak through to the floor, so I bought a "puppy litter box" and Tardy was fine with that, as long as there was no litter in it.  
So from then on he used paper, I'd say about 95% of the time he was right on. Occasionally he would find a towel or a piece of clothing that somehow got left on the floor and use that. Tardy taught me to be a little neater.
When Tardy dislocated his hip in April of 2008, and Ziggy came to live with us in October of that year, I noticed that they both preferred using towels. So the paper trays became towel trays, keeping both our boys happy. Tardy will still search out other materials to use, so when he comes out of his room in the morning, all little rugs must be rolled up and taken off the floor.
SO, imagine my surprise when I walked into their room one morning and Tardy was standing up pooping!! Talk about an old cat learning new tricks!! I thought maybe this was just as one time thing, but he's been doing it ever since! And because he's not lying down to do it anymore, he's becoming cleaner and happier.
So what the heck caused this sudden change in behavior?? Who knows, but we are all very happy about it!!
GO TARDY!! Standing up!!
The World According To Riley Dean: Be Thankful!

By Riley Dean (With a Little Help From Mommy)

Hello, everybody! Riley Dean here, to talk about one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving!

While my family usually tries to get out of town during the Thanksgiving weekend (taking me
and the other cats with them, of course), I do so love a yummy Thanksgiving feast. So if your
family is planning a big dinner, and you're not sure what to do with all those leftovers, or you
just want your CH kitties (as well as non-CHers) to feel like part of the festivities, here is a
handy guide to what Thanksgiving leftovers are safe (and tasty!) for your fur babies!

Turkey: Most cats love turkey! We can eat it by itself, or even cut into pieces and dried in the
oven after the big day (turning your turkey into turkey jerky can make it last longer). There are
two important tips to remember. One, make sure all bones have been removed. Kitties can choke
on bones! Also, if your turkey has been brined, try and rinse a bit of the salty stuff off before
serving it to your kitties. Just like people, we shouldn't have too much sodium!

Pumpkin: If you decide to make a pumpkin pie, remember that kitties (especially us CHers, who
sometimes have sensitive stomachs and problems with digestion) love canned pumpkin! It's very
good for our tummies! However, be careful that you're giving us plain pumpkin, NOT pumpkin
pie mix. That's loaded with sugars and not good for our teeth OR our tummies!

Vegetables: Many kitties love leftover veggies, and it's actually been suggested that steamed
or boiled leftover veggies (like green beans, carrots and potatoes) can give us vitamins AND
supplement our diet when given along with canned cat food (saving you money in the process!) Not every kitty is going to like it, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Plain mashed potatoes are okay too, as long as they don't have too much butter or cream cooked into them and don't contain any skins.

On the NO-NO list:

Alcohol: This can hurt us very easily, and some people, especially after THEY'VE had a few
cocktails or beers, might think it would be funny to give us some, too. However, it's not funny.
It's actually very dangerous.  

Onions: These are VERY bad for cats, even in small amounts. Onions are toxic to our red blood
cells. It kills them, and this results in anemia. Please don't give us anything with onions, onion
salt, or onion powder in them. This includes stuffing and casseroles.

Nuts: Many types of nuts are toxic to both cats AND dogs. They can also pose a choking risk. If
you use nuts in your pies, stuffing or just as a snack, make sure we don't get any.

Raisins: Raisins and grapes are also very poisonous to us. They are often used in stuffing and to decorate tables (for example, grapes in a fruit bowl or a snack of raisins, nuts and trail mix during a football game). Please keep them out of our reach.

Chocolate: Chocolate is very poisonous to both cats and dogs. Eating it can cause nausea,
seizures, coma and death.

With a little bit of preparation and caution, you can make sure that your Thanksgiving holiday
weekend is safe, fun and full of family togetherness - for ALL members of the family!
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Jadey's Story:

 An inspiring teenager with the compassion for Cerebellar Hypoplasia    


by Jadey Simmons

I was adopted from China when I was 7 months old and brought to America where I encountered my first animal. I came home to my new family consisting of my parents, brother, grandparents, uncle, dog, and three cats. I was absolutely fascinated by the animals, according to my mom, and I would sit in my high chair and just watch them with big attentive eyes. She also said I  would slip my food to the dog who would so patiently wait under my chair. One of the cats, Kahana, loved babies so she would always present herself as a maternal figure to me by cuddling with me and licking me all the time. So this is when my love for animals first started.

As I grew older I wanted to be a veterinarian and help animals for a living. However this is before I knew what the job entailed -- seeing hurt kitties, having to give them shots, and seeing blood. Then I changed my mind and started experimenting with other professions. Then in my junior year of high school I took anatomy and physiology and we dissected frogs and fetal pigs (who died naturally, not killed for this purpose). After I had proven myself a leader when it came down to activities like this, I knew I could go back to my child's dream of being a vet.

Now I am in my senior year at Curtis High School and I am doing Running Start at Tacoma Community College working towards my Associate in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hopefully it will take no longer than a year and a half for me to have my degree and set off to Washington State University where I plan to major in Animal Science and minor in Zoology. After I have my Bachelors I will apply to the WSU Veterinary Medicine School and University of California- Davis Vet School. Wherever I am accepted I will work hard to obtain my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine then continue on to a 1-2 year internship.

Currently I am a volunteer at Harbor Hope Cat Rescue located in Gig Harbor with Laura Carlson. I selected this site specifically because the shelter has a soft spot for injured, ill, and special needs cats and I hoped to gain experience in the caring for them as well as make a difference in their lives. At the shelter, I encountered feline cerebellar hypoplasia which I had never even heard of until seeing it. And so began my passion and interest in making a difference in the community to raise awareness for this condition.


An outline of  Jadey's thesis that she is working on for a presentation she will be giving at the College:


By compiling research and true stories of happy Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats, I hope to create a report that will widen the eyes and touch the hearts of many. The purpose for this project is to create a shared tolerance and understanding for all animals, whether it have special needs or not. I plan to draw in the history of how humans were emotionally attached to animals even 10,000 years ago, and then connect my experiences with the CH cats to the present day research. Some of the topics of research I will elaborate on are the effects of CH, the causes, the accommodations recommended for the home of a CH kitty, the reasons to euthanize and the reasons NOT to murder, a comparison to cerebral palsy, and a compilation of true CH kitty stories directly from their moms. Unfortunately the information on this topic is very limited so the deaths of these cats occur much too often. Through the connection of research to real life I hope to accomplish raising understanding and awareness to prevent the completely unnecessary deaths of these sweet, strong-spirited, and playful cats.


If you should have any information in regards to Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats you feel will be helpful, please email her information, ideas and helpful information!  If you are a neurologist, DVM or work in the shelter systems your input and ideas will be most helpful to Jadey!!!!   Jadey is our upcoming future for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats!!!!  

Thank you Jadey!!!!


Her email is jadey.simmons@gmail.com    

Why's your dog looking at you like that? What's your cat really thinking?
And why do they both do THAT?!?




Listen to The Pet Project each week and find answers to the questions above. Animal fanatic and award-winning broadcaster Tammy Trujillo is joined by some of the country's top pet experts to talk about everything from the latest products and medical advances to heart-warming adoption tales and the stories about the silly/funny/amazing things our pets do!  


The Pet Project will help you find ways to become even better friends with your best friend!  Tammy Trujillo has been working in the entertainment industry since the age of 2. Her career as an award-winning broadcaster has included working as a morning co-host, sportscaster, news anchor and traffic reporter on many of Southern California's largest radio and TV stations including KNX, KFI, KEZY, Power 106, The Beat, Channel 4 News and at KFWB. She holds numerous Gold Microphone Awards, one of the broadcasting industry's highest honors. She is also a member of Long Beach City College's Hall of Fame.  


Throughout her career, Tammy has always used her position and influence to help her greatest love...animals. She has made countless radio, TV and personal appearances on behalf of animal rescue groups, pet charities and city and state agencies dealing with animals and helped raise thousands of dollars hosting various telethons and radiothons to fund pet issues. She was named a "Best Friend for Life" by SPCA, LA and received it's Philanthropy Award in 2002.  


Tammy holds a special concern for disabled animals and champions the adoption of special needs pets. She is considered an expert on CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) cats and kittens. She is also trained in animal rescue during disaster response.  


Her "common sense" approach to responsible pet guardianship and her ability to understand the world through the animal's eyes continues to make Tammy everyone's 'go-to' expert on nearly every type of pet!  Also please see write up in the Orange County Register.


Listen to the show live every Saturday at 2:00PM - 3:00PM Pacific Time  


The show can be heard all around the world on the internet!  Also you can watch the show too so please familiarize yourself with the show's website.


Also join the Facebook Page to follow as the show is on or check in to see updates and what is happening!  


Tammy adopted Clayton as seen on her first show.  Tammy and her husband adopted Clayton from CH Kitty Club member Ann Lavine, and he was featured in the shows first broadcast.


Please see the first show which spoke about  Cerebellar Hypoplasia and also see Ann's CH kitty Clayton that she rescued and fostered, He was the CH Embassacat !!!!!

Segment #1 Of the show   



The show is on every Saturday, but on November 6th Cerebellar Hypoplasia will specifically be discussed. Tammy will be talking about a new task force of volunteers whose purpose is to educate the public about Cerebellar Hypoplasia to prevent unnecessary euthanasia.  Please tune in!


****  Special Note - Inadvertently, Tammy had mentioned a few times that Deb Martin was the President of the CH Kitty Club.    As we all know Lizzie Holochwost is the Founder, and this was in error.  I just wanted to let everyone know that LIZZIE IS THE FOUNDER!   LOL!    It was an honest mistake but I am the Adoption Specialist and a networker for the group for rescue and adoptions.



Digestion dilemma? Try canned pumpkin!

by Amanda Maurer

As we all know, loose stools and CH cats can be a messy combination.

So when our kitten Ellie was having some tummy troubles, I was ready to find a solution fast. I reached out to the CH Kitty Club Yahoo Group, and their suggestions, to say the least, shocked me.


At first I dismissed it, but the responses kept coming: Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. So I knew I had to look into it. Here's what I learned:

Pumpkin is a popular solution for cats who experience diarrhea or constipation. Even the staff at my local shelter said that they'll on occasion feed pumpkin to cats with stool issues.

The reason why it's so helpful is because it has a high water and fiber content, which is great for the digestive tract. It helps the stool absorb or release the proper amount of water so it moves through the digestive tract easily. The high water content in the pumpkin helps with constipation, while the fiber helps bind up loose stools.

Let's also be clear that we're talking about 100% canned pumpkin, not the flavored pie filling. This may be a seasonal product in some stores, so keep an eye open for it now if you think you may want it in the future.

Since pumpkin has such an impact on the digestive tract, you need to be careful how much you give your kitties. After doing some research, I've seen suggested servings ranging from teaspoon a day to 1 Tablespoon per 10 lbs of body weight.

If you're just starting out, try just a tiny bit (perhaps teaspoon) the first few days to see how your cat reacts. If you notice an immediate change, like if your cat doesn't have bowel movements as often, scale back.

Of course, pumpkin won't do your cat any good if she won't eat it. Fortunately for us, Ellie gobbled it up right away. Even CG, who has a super picky palate, seemed interested and gave it a lick. If your cat is completely disinterested, try mixing it in to their favorite wet food, sprinkling a probiotic on it, or stirring in a bit of canned tuna juice.

To make sure that your can of pumpkin lasts, freeze - 1 teaspoon dollops on a cookie sheet. When they're frozen, you can break them off individually and store them in a food storage bag in the freezer. Take one out whenever you need it (let it defrost first!), and you'll be good to go.

As far as Ellie goes, we've seen a bit of improvement, which is encouraging. I'm eager to continue monitoring her to see if her new favorite treat continues to help!

Breaking News
From CH Headquarters:
New Advocacy Group
to Educate About CH
by Debbie Martin

With the recent euthanasia of a little CH kitten whose rescue at a shelter had been scheduled, the outpour of sadness, tears and rage has opened the eyes of many CH  supporters around the world.  After many phone calls, discussions, and emails, it has been determined that a Task Force will be started to educate the public about CH, including other cat owners, rescues, shelters and also vets who euthanize these kittens.

Right now there are 14 members of the task force.  We are coming up with literature distribution via internet that will include a flyer or pamphlet to distribute to shelters, adoption events and to the veterinary medical field.   

As they say, "It Takes A Village," and we are looking for volunteers to help spread the word continually to save the lives of CH cats and kittens.  All you need is a computer!  What we need are volunteers to search the internet, collecting email addresses of your local shelters, rescue groups and vets.   With this, we can start sending information regarding Cerebellar Hypoplasia hoping the information and facts will start a new wave of advocacy for Cerebellar Hypolasia cats and kittens!   


We are also looking for people who belong to other forums and groups to start discussing Cerebellar Hypoplasia, sharing the information, photos, and videos.  We also want volunteers to start participate in other forums and blogs to introduce CH to people and talking about your CH cat to draw attention to and interest in CH.   Some of you already belong to forums about breeds such as Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Tabby Cats, Calico, Siamese, etc.  There are so many forums and groups for every type of cat or groups for cats in general, and we can inform them about CH.  Of course any social media groups you belong to is a great forum too!   Theses are our public platforms for us all to get up on our "soap box" and talk about CH!


We are in the beginning stages right now but need volunteers and we are hoping that people like you who love CH kitties would like to help make a difference and save the life of a CH kitty just by sharing information!   It is not very hard and you will be making an impact on a life which is priceless!


We really need those of you who are veterinary doctors to assist us with positive information or write ups.  It will be most helpful coming from someone in the medical field.


Here is a Breaking News Bulletin I have started sending out looking for volunteers: Click to volunteer! 


Please send us an email to help CH Kitties!!!! 
Just put "HELP" in the subject line!


Come on everybody!   Let's make a difference!
Inspiring Teenager and the Rescue of her beloved CH Kitty, Jasper!!!!
One of Jasper's new sisters

Over the summer many of you probably saw the endless networking for Jasper who was a CH kitty in Eugene Oregon rescued by Elasjia  at the age of 15.  Elasjia is now 17 years old and she found herself in a challanging situation in her life beyond her control.  Elasjia had contacted me in June being the voice and advocate for Jasper her CH kitty.   Elasjia needed to find a home or rescue for Jasper by end of summer.  After over 2 months, absolutely no rescue in Oregon stepped up nor anyone interested in helping, fostering or adopting.
Jasper's other sister

Elasjia would not let her beloved CH kitty go to a shelter or be put to sleep as requested and told by her family.  She simply would not let this happen to Jasper!    She simply stood by her CH kitty and would not give up!  Poor Elasjia was in tears over what to do and where to go!  But something and someone had to help!  But who?  No luck anywhere!


Then an angel appeared in another state, and that would be Laura Carlson who is the founder of Harbor Hope Cat Rescue in Gig Harbor, WA.  Laura said she would take Jasper without a flinch!   Elasjia's prayers had been answered for her baby boy Jasper!

Jasper made his journey with many volunteers escorting him to get to Harbor Hope.  Jasper settled right in at Harbor Hope, and everybody adored Elasjias little boy. Harbor Hope and other CH Kitty Club members and volunteers have kept Elasjia in the loop so she can watch Jasper's journey and see her boy is safe and loved through photos and updates on the Harbor Hope Facebook Page!   

A wonderful family who volunteers with Harbor Hope fell smitten with Jasper and wanted to foster him.  Well, that is all it took, and Jasper is now their new loving family member.  He has 2 big sisters to love, hug, and adore him!
This is Elasjia in Oregon and her boy Jasper
Elasjia at the age of 17 being the voice and advocate for her CH Kitty really amazed many of us!   She is a very courageous young lady who can only be admired by absolutely not giving up on Jasper!   Of course there is more to this story, but the journey of Elasjia and Jasper is very heartwarming, and we are in awe of this young lady!  Thank you for your courage, Elasjia.  You certainly made a difference in the life of a CH kitty and we are very proud of you!     
Notes From Tanja

Physical Rehabilitation for CH Kitties - Every case makes some progress

By Tanja Vranic

On Oct. 7, 2011, Ms Crystal Fogg, Moki's human mummy, organized a question and answer session via Facebook, with Scout's House and Scout's Fund. Scout's House is a small animal physical rehabilitation center located in Menlo Park, CA and Scout's Animal Rehab Therapy Fund is the nation's only 501(c)(3) nonprofit that underwrites the cost of physical rehabilitation therapy for animals with special needs. To learn more about Scout's Fund please visit them online. 

Moki enjoying his therapy

We used this opportunity to ask a question, and here is the integral reply


(Martha Vitez)

For the readers of CH Kitty Club newsletter, can you please tell us about the benefits of physical
rehabilitation for kitties with cerebellar hypoplasia and if acupuncture could help them?
If you agree, we would like to publish your answer in our November issue.

Thank you,

Martha and Tanja

CH Kitty Club


Scout's House (Krista):

Thanks for the question, Martha, and yes--please feel free to use my response in your newsletter--
thanks! So, we've seen a few kitties with CH here at Scout's House with some success. As you likely
already know (but for the benefit of those reading that don't), the cerebellum is the part of the central nervous systems that's largely responsible for balance, movement coordination and equilibrium...so you can imagine the issues that arise when the cerebellum is damaged. Fortunately, we now are very aware of how the nervous system is very "plastic" (neuroplasticity) -- that it is able to learn -- and that other parts of the nervous system can be "taught" to function in place of the damaged parts. We see this especially in humans during rehab following a stroke. Essentially, through specific rehab techniques we can re-train other parts of the brain to perform similar functions, while we also work on improving the strength of stabilizing muscles, balance in general, and functional mobility--being able to sit without falling over, eating without assistance and walking. The level of progress of course varies from case to case (how severe the cerebellar damage was, any other medical issues, etc), but essentially every case makes some progress. And, it's worth noting that part of rehab therapy is also giving information to the "parent" ;-) on how they can make the home environment safer and easier for the kitty to negotiate along with exercises that can be performed at home so the progress is even faster! Please let me know if you have any other questions--thanks for all YOU do!

Marta Vitez:

Thank you!

Anna J. Shelton:

Again, just as with humans, it's something you have to continue -- there's always a "home maintenance" program. (I have for 15 years now, had a lot of experience with PT.)

Scout's House (Krista):

You hit the nail on the head, Anna. Thanks for adding that! There's always room for more improvement!

To read all questions and answers, here is the event link


 Urban Cat Relief
Spotlight on CH Kitty-Friendly Rescue Group in Ontario, Canada

Urban Cat Relief and Heather Thomas



Lately some of you may have noticed there has been help needed in Ontario, Canada.   I have been networking with Heather Thomas for a few years now.  She is a CH Kitty Club member who lives in Canada.  Heather is with a wonderful rescue group who is CH kitty-friendly called "URBAN CAT RELIEF" located in the  Downsview, Ontario area.  Heather has been a wonderful contact and resource in Canada for Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitties either for support or for rescue and she goes to great measures to help CH cats and all cats.  Thank you Heather!

About Urban Cat Relief - Urban Cat Relief is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer driven, charitable organization (Registered Charity No. 883014003RR0001) located in southern York Region, the north end of Toronto, and surrounding areas.

Their organization was created through the merger of two established cat rescue groups - Fostering Felines Cat Rescue and CATalyst Cat Rescue. In November of 2009, these two groups united to form a stronger alliance dedicated to helping people make a difference in the lives of homeless cats.

Their goal is to ensure that every cat and kitten is treated with respect, care and compassion, and their efforts are concentrated on the following areas:

Rescue, Foster and Adoption: Urban Cat Relief rescues stray, abandoned, and homeless cats and kittens, placing them in thoroughly screened foster homes, which provide socialization and a warm, nurturing environment while our volunteers seek appropriate permanent homes. During this time, all cats and kittens are provided with appropriate veterinary care, including vaccines and spay/neuter. All potential adoptive homes are carefully assessed and matched to ensure compatibility and responsible pet ownership.

Trap Neuter Return Maintain (TNRM) for feral colonies
: Our volunteers identify colonies of feral cats which are being maintained with food, water and shelter by caring individuals. We humanely trap, provide veterinary care as appropriate (including spay/neuter as well as emergency care for illness or injuries), support their recovery and then return them to the original colony, which continues to be maintained.

Public Education: Urban Cat Relief provides public education through each of our programs, interactions with the public, ongoing media exposure, our website, brochures and information handouts. (Please see our home page for links to some of our information handouts.)
All animals deserve to live with dignity and love, free from cruelty and abuse. Through our education efforts with both adults and children, we hope to make an impact on the caring treatment of stray and domestic cats and kittens.
If you live in the Ontario area and would like to become a volnteer and supporter of this wonderful organization, please contact them, and fill out their volunteer application
If you would like to donate to this wonderful organization, please do so here.

 (As I am putting this together, Heather is making a rescue of 4 CH kitties living outside at a gas station in Ontario, so any donations are greatly appreciated for her efforts and Urban Cat Relief!)
Urban Cat Relief
P.O. Box 77553
RPO Sheppard Plaza
Downsview, Ontario
M3H 6A7 

The CH Family Dynamics


by Elise Murphy


Meet the Iwamoto family!  

Family Statistics:

Humans:  3 - Kristie (35 years old), Amber (mom, 65 years old) and Brandon (brother, 33 years old)

Cats:  3 - Abbey (10 yrs/female/tortie), Gatsby (9 yrs/male/short haired orange tabby), Riley Dean (CH/8 yrs/long haired orange tabby/maincoon)

Dogs:  1 - Kip (blind/11 yrs/male/poodle, terrier, cocker spaniel mix)

Birds: 1 - Pacey (10yrs/male/grey & yellow cockatiel)


Overall interactions:    

Peaceful, with an established order

All of the furry family members in the Iwamoto family get along well. Abbey likes to be the "enforcer" of the family and occasionally needs time-outs in her own room to cool down.  The boss, though, is actually Pacey the cockatiel - he likes to land on the other animals heads when he's flying around the house.  They all tolerate him very well, although Riley Dean occasionally gets scared and flops over! 


Kip (dog) and Abbey (cat) get along really well and share a bed and bedroom!  



CH Kitty Additions:

When Riley Dean, the CH kitty, was first added to the family, the other two cats were (and continue to be) very welcoming and friendly. Gatsby and Abbey were both pretty young at 1 and 2 years old, respectively, and Riley Dean was introduced at 5 weeks old, so they all grew up together.  Riley Dean sometimes gets a case of "CH temper," and when he does the other cats politely slip away from him and let him be while he throws his tantrum.


The most recent addition, Kip, was also a very easy transition.  Even though none of the cats had ever lived with a dog before, they all get along very well and Kip is very considerate of them. 

How they help each other:

They don't really help each other, but the blind dog and the wobbly cat do an exceptional job of not running into each other! 

Interesting tidbit:

All of the furry family members in the Iwamoto family were adopted from rescues, and they are a special needs-friendly family.  Brandon, Kristie's brother, is also disabled and he loves to be a good uncle and role model for the special needs animals!


Fuzzy Tales

by Janice Branwood

Ahhhh November is the time for Thanksgiving, turkey and all the trimmings, and giving thanks for all the little CH boys and girls that have come into our lives, and continue to be saved by our wonderful friends.  Thanks to all of you, we continue to get the word out that CH is just a condition, and these little cats are the most special friends!

Our first Fuzzy Tale comes from Luke the CH kitty whose owner Ann sent me a quick note.  Ann never underestimates the ability of Luke, much like all CH cats, to progress just like any other cat.  Luke makes his way though his house as most of our kitties do with an occasional flop or
drop to get where he wants to go.  His greatest achievement thus far is climbing up and down the stairs.   This is something he has learned and perfected and its also something he loves to do, and really has alot of fun in the process.   We all know these little achievements are what we love to see, and  although there is an occasional tumble, Luke will continue to climb to new heights.   As long as he is having fun in the process Ann doesn't worry, just waits to see what his next adventure will be!

Our next story should be titled "The Great Escape", and who else but Tardy could be behind this title.  It seems that both Tardy and Ziggy have a bedroom all of their own, and each morning the door opens and they can make their way down the hallway to see whats happening, only to be stopped by the gate at the end which keeps them from the main part of the house.  As we all know our CH cats can do more than we ever imagine, and this has been the case for Lizzie and Neal, who have found Tardy on the other side of the gate......but how, you ask??? Mom decided to check out the situation, watched a very clever Tardy squeeze himself through the space between the gate and the wall.  So being the "keeper" of the castle, Mom then rolled a towel in this spot.  As would be the case, Tardy beat the odds and pulled the towel out, squeezed through between the wall and gate again, and away he went to the main house!  Finally, Liz the "counterspy" placed a tension rod in the spot, and as she said, "Boy, oh boy, was Tardy pissed!!!" 
While I re-read her note to me saying how she had stopped the "houdini cat", she dropped me another note to say "guess who is looking at me in the main house right now?"  Ziggy! While all that was going on with Tardy and the gate, Ziggy was happily figuring out how to OPEN the gate! So now Tardy and Ziggy both come out when they want, Ziggy opens the gate and holds it open for both of them. (the mommy cat can lock the gate when they shouldn't be in the main part of the house).
Ziggy and the gate
Ziggy and the gate
the day before break-out
Our last story comes from Kristie...and you may have seen her story on the CH Kitty Club website, but I will repeat it anyway.  Kristie is the owner of  Riley-Dean the CH kitty, Gatsby the Toothless Wonder Cat, and Kip the every present but blind poodle.  Their newest adventure at the house is an "unwelcomed" visitor to the garage, and now their heater room.  This visitor, though, has made the three amigos take note by its wonderful little noises that are coming from the closet.  Riley-Dean, the leader, has alerted the others to this new visitor and its amazing noises, and they have taken up residence in front of the door.  All three sit and wait, for the arrival....but Kristie wonders what the outcome may be.

Who has the best chance at "capturing" the newbie's attention.....my vote is Riley Dean!  Kip will not know the visitor has arrived, as he can't see;  Gatsby will know but can't get a good "hold" since he has no teeth.  Riley-Dean will have the best chance; his many actions can stop the visitor in his tracks.  Riley can flop on him, mezmorize him with a "bobble" of his head, or just pounce and happen to time it perfectly to grab the intruder.  Time will tell the outcome of this "tale" and this one may have to be a "to be continued" story for our December issue.  Riley-Dean and Kristie will keep us posted....best of Luck in your adventures!

I hope you enjoyed our tales for this month and let's remember to give thanks to everyone we come in contact with that has helped us in any way this year.  I look forward to your continued stories for December.  I can't wait for the snow, presents, and Blessings these seasons bring to all of us.  Until then........Happy Winter!
Adoption Update
Update on Kim Daugherty's Three CH Kitties 
I just wanted to give everyone a little update about recently departed club member, Kim Daugherty.   When Kim passed away, she had 13 animals in her care, 11 cats and 2 dogs.   I am pleased to say that in under a week after her passing all were placed immediately in rescue care, and 10 of her babies are now in furever homes.   This was an amazing group of rescue people I network with who made this all possible! I just wanted to share that the 3 CH kitties- Jonah, Jordan and Liza- have recently been adopted in San Francisco. Great thanks to CH Kitty Club member Naomi Conroy, with San Francisco Animals Control and Toni's Kitten Rescue of San Francisco  who came to 7 of her kitties rescue immediately!

I met with Brian and Kim's family and they extend a thank you to everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers , kind words and donations in Kims name to the rescue groups that came through and helped her animals!  

Jonah, Jordan and Liza are now in wonderful, loving homes!!!
CH Cat Jordan - A303399 
CH Cat Jordan

CH Cat Jonah - A303398.mov 
CH Cat Jonah


CH Kitten Liza - A308954.mov 
CH Kitten Liza


(Please see Jax under the adoptables who is Kims last remaining CH Kitty for adoption near Stockton, CA.)  


Ask Tata!



Sherree Asked:
I'll start things off, Tata! How do you get CH? Are you born with it, or is it something you can catch--like a cold?


CH kitties are born that way. Usually we get it because of exposure to distemper before birth.


Dallas Asked:
Dearest Tata- what symptoms does an owner look for in kitties to cause them to suspect CH?


CH kitties are usually pretty obvious before we are big enough to be weaned. A CH kitten may appear different from birth or certainly by the time we start walking. A CH kitten will have delays with learning to walk, or may never begin truly walking at all. They will have problems with coordination and often have head tremors that resemble a bobblehead doll.


Kimmie Asked:
Dear Tata- can CH be helped by special diets or medicine?


No, CH cannot be changed medically. A lot of CH kittens can benefit somewhat from supervised exercise but it's more about teaching us to compensate for our neurological damage than actually fixing anything.


Lynette Asked:
Dear Tata- what sort of extra care do CH kitties need and what's the best way to deal with attacks?


CH kitties have different needs based on how severe their CH is. Some CH kitties can live completely normal lives with very little special assistance or supervision. Some CH cats need to be supervised always, kept in a closed off area or room of the house and brought to their food and litter box because they cannot walk. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I can have free roam of the house, but I can't climb up on the windows like the non-CH cats can. I can get on the sofa but that is about as high as I go. We do not have "attacks", we just need to be understood as we are.


Becky Asked:
Do cats with CH live as long cats that don't have it?


Becky, the answer is generally yes, assuming what the cat has is truly CH. Some other problems can mimick CH and those cats may or may not live a full lifespan. CH cats may have other health problems that may interfere wth their lifespan but if a cat is healthy outside of having CH and is kept inside, and given all the proper care there is no reason they can't live a full lifespan.

Tata For Now,

Moo's Musings

Hello friends!  I have been so busy all month helping rescue kitties, but our best story this month might be the best story I remember ever having to tell! 


You see, friends, I was born in a driveway in Philadelphia.  I was part of a "colony" of cats.  Some of them were feral, some weren't, and Mama and Cathy caught as many of us as they could.  Some of us, like me and Tata, and more, had CH. I was one of three kittens in my family and we ALL had CH.  Tata was one of six, and she and two of the others had it too.



Then one day a horrible man decided to poison some of us who were left.  I was lucky I was the first one they caught and brought inside.  Two of the remaining cats, including my cat mommy, were found killed by that man.  Mama and Cathy never saw Tata's sister, Lexi, again, and figured she had been killed by the man as well.






A few weeks ago, Cathy called Mama and said a neighbor (Cathy still lives there, we don't) had called her to ask for help with a kitten that wandered into his basement.  Mama said we didn't have room, because all the foster spaces were taken, but that Cathy should check on the kitten, see if it had any identification and get the basic info on it so we could see what we could do for it.



Well, Cathy called back about an hour later and said "This is no kitten, it's just a very small cat and it has CH!" ... Wow!  Mama asked Cathy to send her a picture of it on her phone and when she saw the picture she was just SHOCKED.  It was LEXI!  She was skinny and dirty and had an old flea collar on (yuck!).. but it was definitely Lexi!  She looked a lot like Leah and Tata, not for color (they all look nothing alike in color), but she had the same face as Tata and Leah's goofy really long toes.



Cathy put Lexi in a box and brought her here and she was so happy to be off the streets again.  Mama's not sure how long she was outside, the collar means someone must have taken her in at some point.  But she was sooo skinny and dirty.  She's really scared, but she is starting to come around.  Dr. Bob says she looks pretty healthy but he wants to let her gain a little weight before he spays her, because she only weighed in at 3 lb 7 oz.  Now she is up over 4 lbs and is looking much healthier, and Mama has her set up for another appointment with Dr. Bob tomorrow.



Lexi will be staying with us.  It is only right that she get to be with her sisters and brother who were rescued two years ago when we all thought she had been murdered!


I'll have more rescue stories for you next time, friends.



- Moses / Momo / Moo

Bye Bye everyone!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and give your kitties lots of turkey!! (or I will come after you!)


Hope you loved this month's newsletter, we love making it happen!!!


Ziggy Wigg'n

Little Demon 

A PurrFect Face    


Tardy Peebucket

President of Gobblers




Elizabeth Holochwost

Founder of the CH Kitty Club (really)




Neal Helman

Editor and Best Daddy Cat and Ziggy's best friend 




Debbie Martin

Adoption Specialist




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