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Latest range of Constant Voltage/ Constant Current LED drivers available now.


Driving LEDs: How to choose the Correct LED Power Supply Article.  


Excelsys Launch New-Look Website.




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                                                   May 2012


Welcome to our new LED Customer Newsletter. There are a lot of exciting things happening at Excelsys, and our newsletters will update you on key developments, such as New Product Releases, Technical White Papers and Application Notes going forward. 


We are delighted to announce the release of the latest range of Constant Voltage/Constant Current LED drivers.  In our newsletter, we also highlight an
article on How to choose the correct  LED Power Supply


Your feedback on our newsletter is always welcome. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, opinions and suggestions for specific future feature topics. 


Grace Mulqueen
Marketing Executive

Excelsys Technologies Ltd


Release of the latest range of Constant Voltage/Constant Current LED Drivers
Excelsys LDB series LED Power Supplies
Excelsys Technologies is delighted to announce, the release of the latest range of Constant Voltage / Constant Current LED drivers. Initially available in power levels of 75W and 100W, the LDB series offers best-in-class efficiency and reliability in the smallest package sizes in the industry. These market leading products have been designed to be commercially very competitive, and we are confident that these products will enhance our reputation as the quality provider, offering the lowest total-cost-of-ownership in the LED driver market. 
Click here for datasheets and more product information
Driving LED's: How to choose the correct LED Power Supply.
LED Lighting
This white paper discusses how LED's are fast replacing Fluorescent light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs in many lighting applications.In the past these sources could be driven directly from the mains voltage, but this is not possible with LED's. We examine what an LED is, how to drive it, and also how to choose the right power supply for this requirement.


Click here to read the full whitepaper..
Excelsys Launch New-Look Website.
Led homepage 2
We are delighted to announce the we have released our new-look website on Wednesday the 16th of May which includes:
  • Enhanced Product section, allowing simpler navigation and easier access to the latest Xgen and LED product information.As well as new product information and releases it includes all support documentation and Safety Reports
  • Our Technical Resources section contains a wealth of new support information to assist you in choosing the right power supply. It includes in-depth Application Notes and Technical White Papers providing solutions to the most common, and challenging, issues associated with Power Supply integration. 
  • Don't find what you need? Then use our new Consult an Engineer feature to help identify the best solution for your application.

 Take a look for yourself at  www.excelsys.com.