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 May 2012




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            April showers, bring May flowers. For some, the flowers came early this year. For others, the weather prevented some flowers from budding. Even though it has been a year of tempestuous weather thus far, we are looking forward to what summer has to offer all of us.

            The month of May is always a time to take a moment and celebrate Mother's Day. It is a time to share with those still with us, and those who remain a bright memory. We all have strong and loving women in our lives deserving of such recognition.

            This time of year is also a time to remember the men and women of our armed forces. These individuals have sacrificed so much on our behalf to preserve and advance the ideas of freedom. This tradition has been a part of the United States of America since the mid 1800's as a result of the American Civil War. Memorial Day specifically, commemorates the men and women who have selflessly given their lives for their country, her ideals, and to preserve the relationships we share with our allies across the globe. Let's be sure to keep this day special as well for many years to come.

As summer nears, the conclusion of the second quarter is upon us. Data compiled to date is already being reviewed for third quarter forecasts. The second quarter has brought some realistic insight into the markets throughout the world. Valuation in the market indicators such as the DOW and S & P 500, have surfaced elements of the truth. The debt crisis in the U.S.A has been put on the back burner for the time being but is by no means out of sight. Every day, reports of the European debt crisis flood the news outlets in an attempt to drown out the serious complications we have ahead of us as a whole. Business men and women continue to make tough decisions as we find our way through this ongoing fragile recovery. Others are using these conditions to innovate and identify opportunities.

Let's finish this quarter strong!


Jordan Muns, M.A.

Trends in an Election Year


The Dow Jones in it's long term existence (since 1882) reveals an almost absolute trend. Markets will trend up in an election year. Out of the last 44 elections years only 15 have been losers for investors. In an overall analysis the market trends nearly 6% higher over non-election years.


What does this mean to creditors?  It means some losses may be recovered in the market which could mean better cash flow for business.  It could also boost consumer confidence and create opportunities to increase manufacturing.  It may also allow some venture capitalists to get back in the game.


The 2012 election year so far has been an anomaly, showing negative effects that may point to lack of optimism in the candidates.   Which means it has erased all profits made since the first of the year. With this fact, anxiety among voters/investors is high and politicians become less appealing even in an election year. This sends a signal to the market to "hold off" until after the election. Stagnation or continued decline/regression is sure to remain the status quo.







News Update


*Accretive Health Defends Itself.

            After weeks of critical analysis from the press, Accretive Health has decided to defend itself and its business practices. After allegations that Accretive Health shows no mercy to hospital patients, the field has been leveled to allow the truth to be understood. The allegations made Accretive Health look like a bully in the debt collection industry. 

Once this information became mainstream, Accretive Health quickly lost value in its stock price." Since Accretive Health helped the public understand their company, they were able to recover the value lost. They even reported positive earnings this month. The media is quick to batter debt collection agencies without knowing the full extent of what it entails. It is no secret that unprofessional practices exist among some debt collection agencies. Those particular agencies typically do not stay in business. That is the beauty of the natural selection in the marketplace. To read the full article, click here...


*J.P. Morgan Chase & Co Suffers Tremendous Losses.

            The main fear of investing is the risk involved. This recent mistake by J.P. Morgan's hedging unit could cost shareholders over $3 billion dollars. Which has also greatly affected its shares outstanding. This is a bet that moved Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew to leave the firm. Quickly to fill the void was Matt Zames.

            The root cause of the losses, stem from the bond portfolio. This has caused an outcry for yet more regulations in the financial industry. Other bank stocks were soon to follow considering J.P. Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States of America by assets. The White House and financial regulators are sure to critique what happened. More will be heard about this and we should see if effects reflected in the markets. To read the full article, click here...



*The European Crisis Looms.

            Problems with the Euro have been going on for some time now. There have been talks about certain countries within the European Union breaking from its currency as a result of the European debt crisis. Each country in Europe is different in its own way. The Euro requires all participants to work in the best interest of the Union as a whole. Sharing the currency has been great for some countries and devastating for others in the European Union.

            Great Britain does not use the Euro as its countries main currency. With the political turmoil, austerity, and debt that continue to sweep Europe, the pound has emerged as the safe haven currency. There has also been capital flows to the United States which has raised the value of the dollar. With both Europe and the United States in the election cycle, it should be interesting to see how the currencies and economies react. Read the full article here...                

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